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Lampiran 2 Daftar Lokasi Pembagian Sertifikat Kelulusan Ujian EPS-TOPIK CBT 7 Tahun 2013

201 0122013C90300680 KARYONO 12/16/1976 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
202 0122013C90300136 KHADIRIN 8/7/1978 BP3TKI SEMARANG
203 0122013C90300186 KHOIRUL HADI 6/16/1979 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
204 0122013C90300379 KODIRIN 8/17/1983 BP3TKI BANDUNG
205 0122013C90300578 KOSASIH YAHYA 10/1/1974 BP3TKI BANDUNG
206 0122013C90300347 KRISDIANTO ABDUL MANAN  4/25/1983 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
207 0122013C90300012 KUNARTO 4/22/1982 BP3TKI SEMARANG
208 0122013C90300107 KURNIAWAN 11/20/1981 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
209 0122013C90300098 KUSMAN SUCIPTO 3/14/1985 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
210 0122013C90300043 LASNO 2/19/1978 BP3TKI SEMARANG
211 0122013C90300760 LELONO EKO JOKO 5/5/1976 BP3TKI SEMARANG
212 0122013C90300612 LENI ARYANI  4/1/1985 BP3TKI BANDUNG
213 0122013C90300111 LIDYA SISKA 8/28/1984 BP3TKI BANDUNG
214 0122013C90300409 LILI SANUSI 5/3/1986 BP3TKI BANDUNG
215 0122013C90300588 LILYS WIDAYANTI 11/18/1979 BP3TKI SEMARANG
216 0122013C90300455 LUSIANA KARTIKA 9/30/1983 BP3TKI BANDUNG
217 0122013C90300094 MALIK 2/3/1982 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
218 0122013C90300010 MARDI 8/29/1985 BP3TKI SEMARANG
219 0122013C90300070 MARIANTO 10/6/1985 BP3TKI SEMARANG
220 0122013C90300138 MARJUKI 5/5/1983 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
221 0122013C90300462 MARSONO 12/25/1980 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
222 0122013C90300269 MARWANTO 2/25/1979 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
223 0122013C90300385 MARWOTO 5/16/1975 BP3TKI SEMARANG
224 0122013C90300008 MARYADI ABUBAKAR 2/9/1979 BP3TKI MATARAM
225 0122013C90300176 MARYANTO 3/10/1983 BP3TKI SEMARANG
226 0122013C90300342 MASDIONO 1/1/1982 BP3TKI SEMARANG
227 0122013C90300472 MASHURI WARDANI 6/1/1974 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
228 0122013C90300416 MASPUDIN 8/16/1981 BP3TKI BANDUNG
229 0122013C90300254 MASRUKAN 1/29/1979 BP3TKI SEMARANG
230 0122013C90300066 MAURI 4/15/1977 LP3TKI LAMPUNG
231 0122013C90300476 MAWAN EKO CAHYONO 12/4/1986 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
232 0122013C90300020 MEME SUPARMA 12/9/1979 BP3TKI BANDUNG
233 0122013C90300504 MIFTAHUDIN 11/24/1976 BP3TKI SEMARANG
234 0122013C90300298 MOCH ALI IMRON  4/6/1977 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
235 0122013C90300599 MOCHAMMAD NATSIR  8/17/1978 BP3TKI MATARAM
236 0122013C90300435 MOCHSAID 1/19/1985 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
237 0122013C90300325 MOH SAIFUDDIN JUHRI 1/1/1984 BP3TKI BANDUNG
238 0122013C90300102 MOH SAPARIH 5/16/1979 BP3TKI BANDUNG
239 0122013C90300585 MOHAMAD ALI IMRON 8/16/1973 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
240 0122013C90300529 MOHAMAD FAHRUROZI 3/26/1985 BP3TKI SEMARANG
241 0122013C90300041 MOHAMMAD IBNUL MUBAROK 12/15/1985 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
242 0122013C90300253 MOHAMMAD SODIKIN 3/25/1988 BP3TKI SEMARANG
243 0122013C90300329 MUHAFID 7/10/1985 BP3TKI SEMARANG
244 0122013C90300193 MUHAJIRIN IHSANI 4/12/1986 BP3TKI SEMARANG
245 0122013C90300110 MUHAMAD 5/12/1982 BP3TKI BANDUNG
246 0122013C90300278 MUHAMAD NASRI 1/1/1981 BP3TKI MATARAM
247 0122013C90300498 MUHAMAT NUR CHOLIS 9/19/1989 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
248 0122013C90300306 MUHAMMAD MUNIF 5/25/1986 BP3TKI SEMARANG
249 0122013C90300381 MUHAMMAD SAHID  8/1/1977 BP3TKI MATARAM
250 0122013C90300207 MUHAMMAD ZAMROJI 6/16/1976 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
251 0122013C90300284 MUHSIN ADITAMA 6/22/1984 BP3TKI SEMARANG
252 0122013C90300052 MUJAYADI 4/21/1976 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
253 0122013C90300424 MUJIONO 11/5/1980 BP3TKI BANDUNG
255 0122013C90300398 MUSBIKHIN 2/26/1987 BP3TKI SEMARANG
256 0122013C90300414 MUSOHIB 4/9/1980 BP3TKI SEMARANG
257 0122013C90300240 MUSTOFA 1/5/1979 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
258 0122013C90300370 NAJMUL FASYA 5/27/1983 BP3TKI BANDUNG
259 0122013C90300621 NANANG SUGIANTO 2/27/1985 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
260 0122013C90300090 NANANG SUHERMAN 5/24/1988 BP3TKI BANDUNG
261 0122013C90300028 NANANG WIBOWO 6/9/1986 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
262 0122013C90300231 NATAMA SUWANDI DJATA 2/26/1977 BP3TKI BANDUNG
263 0122013C90300050 NGABAS SUTIKNO 5/24/1981 BP3TKI SEMARANG
264 0122013C90300304 NIKI PURWOKO SISWOYO 4/17/1979 BP3TKI CIRACAS
265 0122013C90300616 NONO PURWONO 2/27/1984 BP3TKI BANDUNG
266 0122013C90300273 NOOR TANDHO 7/1/1977 BP3TKI SEMARANG
267 0122013C90300726 NUR KOLIK 6/30/1980 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
268 0122013C90300137 NURJAMAL 10/13/1979 BP3TKI BANDUNG
269 0122013C90300538 NURJATI DARI 7/5/1985 BP3TKI BANDUNG
270 0122013C90300027 NURUL BAHRUDIN 7/19/1983 BP3TKI SEMARANG
271 0122013C90300195 NURYAKIN 3/12/1985 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
272 0122013C90300206 ONY GUNTORO 1/28/1988 BP3TKI SEMARANG
273 0122013C90300270 PAIDI 10/25/1980 BP3TKI BANDUNG
274 0122013C90300482 PARDANI 5/27/1975 BP3TKI SEMARANG
276 0122013C90300019 PRANOTO 4/24/1981 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
277 0122013C90300620 PUJI AGUS 4/11/1979 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
278 0122013C90300353 PUJI KARYOSO 3/7/1976 BP3TKI SEMARANG
279 0122013C90300774 PUJIONO 1/12/1984 BP3TKI SEMARANG
280 0122013C90300236 PURNOMO 7/21/1982 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
281 0122013C90300452 PURNOMO HADI 4/21/1981 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
282 0122013C90300225 PURWANTO 2/27/1977 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
283 0122013C90300259 PURWANTO 5/23/1983 BP3TKI SEMARANG
284 0122013C90300289 PUTRAWAN HARIADI 1/27/1987 BP3TKI MATARAM
285 0122013C90300260 RAHMAT 2/26/1982 BP3TKI BANDUNG
286 0122013C90300190 RAKAM 8/13/1983 BP3TKI SEMARANG
287 0122013C90300062 RAMDONI 5/1/1981 BP3TKI BANDUNG
288 0122013C90300386 RANO 9/20/1986 BP3TKI BANDUNG
289 0122013C90300074 RASIAH RASIM  10/23/1979 BP3TKI SERANG
290 0122013C90300248 RATNO LAMONDJONG  10/3/1974 LP3TKI LAMPUNG
291 0122013C90300334 RAYE 8/7/1982 BP3TKI MATARAM
292 0122013C90301420 REBIN 5/9/1981 BP3TKI SEMARANG
293 0122013C90300454 REDI SUTRANGGONO 5/28/1973 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
294 0122013C90300134 RIMAN 12/7/1973 BP3TKI SEMARANG
295 0122013C90300180 RINA ASMAWATI 10/24/1975 BP3TKI BANDUNG
296 0122013C90300602 RISMANTO 6/19/1980 BP3TKI SEMARANG
297 0122013C90300065 RISNO 7/14/1986 BP3TKI SEMARANG
298 0122013C90301463 RISTADI SYAMSUDDIN  8/25/1983 BP3TKI BANDUNG
299 0122013C90300458 RISTAHLISIN 3/20/1981 BP3TKI SEMARANG
300 0122013C90300234 ROCHADI 7/30/1986 BP3TKI SEMARANG
301 0122013C90300128 ROHADI 11/27/1984 BP3TKI SEMARANG
302 0122013C90300506 ROHADI 5/5/1983 BP3TKI SEMARANG
303 0122013C90300623 ROHIM 3/15/1974 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
304 0122013C90300547 ROKHIM BADRIYAH 7/21/1983 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
305 0122013C90300168 ROKIM 2/18/1975 BP3TKI SEMARANG
306 0122013C90300159 ROSIKIN 2/2/1979 BP3TKI SEMARANG
307 0122013C90300230 ROY WIDYO 10/5/1984 BP3TKI SEMARANG
308 0122013C90300202 RUDI EKA SETIAWAN 11/11/1986 BP3TKI BANDUNG
309 0122013C90300242 RUDI HARTONO 10/6/1976 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
310 0122013C90300548 RUDI SETIYAWAN 7/7/1977 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
311 0122013C90300505 RUDIAN 5/25/1976 BP3TKI PALEMBANG
312 0122013C90300317 RUDIANTO 8/25/1979 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
313 0122013C90300598 RUDIYANTO 6/4/1985 BP3TKI SEMARANG
314 0122013C90300262 RUHYAT 5/10/1984 BP3TKI BANDUNG
315 0122013C90300377 RUSNO 9/14/1980 BP3TKI SEMARANG
316 0122013C90300042 RUSTANTO 5/30/1980 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
317 0122013C90300072 SAEFUDIN 5/2/1984 BP3TKI SEMARANG
318 0122013C90300037 SAKAM SANDI MULYA 2/10/1982 BP3TKI SEMARANG
319 0122013C90300425 SANDIMIN 1/28/1978 BP3TKI SEMARANG
320 0122013C90300604 SARIMAN 10/9/1984 BP3TKI SEMARANG
321 0122013C90300149 SARIPAH 3/11/1973 BP3TKI BANDUNG
322 0122013C90300208 SARJONO 12/20/1978 BP3TKI SEMARANG
323 0122013C90300201 SARNO 10/19/1983 BP3TKI SEMARANG
324 0122013C90300194 SASONGKO SUKYAD 4/20/1982 BP3TKI SEMARANG
325 0122013C90300567 SATONI 6/11/1975 BP3TKI BANDUNG
326 0122013C90300677 SAYIDI 2/16/1976 BP3TKI BANDUNG
327 0122013C90300537 SAYIDIN 6/12/1976 BP3TKI SEMARANG
328 0122013C90300670 SENO WIDODO 3/20/1985 LP3TKI LAMPUNG
329 0122013C90300300 SIGIT HANUGROHO 6/13/1983 BP3TKI SEMARANG
330 0122013C90300412 SISWAN PURWOKO 10/4/1976 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
331 0122013C90300299 SISWANTO EDY 10/11/1984 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
332 0122013C90300058 SITI KALIMAH 10/1/1980 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
333 0122013C90300267 SITI ROCHYATI 12/8/1975 BP3TKI SEMARANG
334 0122013C90300724 SLAMET MARYONO 5/12/1975 LP3TKI LAMPUNG
335 0122013C90300251 SLAMET RIYADI 5/8/1983 BP3TKI SEMARANG
336 0122013C90300470 SLAMET SUPRIHNO 5/27/1975 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
337 0122013C90300395 SOBARYANTO 12/1/1983 BP3TKI SEMARANG
338 0122013C90300519 SOHIBUL HUDA 5/7/1978 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
339 0122013C90300764 SOPHIAN ERYEN  7/20/1982 BP3TKI CIRACAS
340 0122013C90300099 SRI MORO 9/21/1980 BP3TKI SEMARANG
341 0122013C90300022 SRI WAHYUDI 9/19/1974 BP3TKI BANDUNG
342 0122013C90300555 SRI WINARTI 2/3/1979 BP3TKI MATARAM
343 0122013C90300271 SRI YANTO 5/27/1980 BP3TKI SEMARANG
344 0122013C90300238 SUARDIAWAN 12/3/1989 BP3TKI SEMARANG
345 0122013C90300727 SUBAGIO 8/17/1983 BP3TKI SEMARANG
346 0122013C90300426 SUBITA 11/15/1977 BP3TKI BANDUNG
347 0122013C90300451 SUDARTO 7/7/1976 BP3TKI BANDUNG
348 0122013C90300029 SUDARWAN 7/27/1980 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
349 0122013C90300082 SUDIRMAN 1/6/1974 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
350 0122013C90301466 SUGENG 9/10/1988 LP3TKI LAMPUNG
351 0122013C90300543 SUGENG MUJIANTO 9/7/1973 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
352 0122013C90300556 SUGENG WIDODO 4/30/1983 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
353 0122013C90300446 SUGIANTO 3/31/1974 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
354 0122013C90300051 SUGIARTO 8/10/1985 BP3TKI SEMARANG
355 0122013C90300624 SUGIARTO 4/15/1985 BP3TKI SEMARANG
356 0122013C90300558 SUGIARTO KARSIM 7/11/1981 BP3TKI BANDUNG
357 0122013C90300713 SUGIMAN 6/10/1981 BP3TKI SEMARANG
358 0122013C90300227 SUGIRI 9/18/1977 BP3TKI BANDUNG
359 0122013C90300544 SUGIYANTO 3/15/1981 BP3TKI SEMARANG
360 0122013C90300784 SUGIYANTO 3/1/1976 BP3TKI BANDUNG
361 0122013C90300326 SUHADI 7/5/1977 BP3TKI SEMARANG
362 0122013C90300539 SUHAEDI PRAYETNO 7/25/1989 LP3TKI LAMPUNG
363 0122013C90300161 SUHARMAN 4/4/1981 BP3TKI MATARAM
364 0122013C90300688 SUHARYANTO HARDI  10/27/1981 BP3TKI BANDUNG
365 0122013C90300541 SUHELI 9/25/1977 BP3TKI BANDUNG
366 0122013C90300114 SUHERMAN 4/4/1982 BP3TKI SEMARANG
367 0122013C90300337 SUJARNO 7/30/1979 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
368 0122013C90300339 SUKARDI 3/21/1974 BP3TKI SEMARANG
369 0122013C90300244 SUKARMAN 10/2/1978 BP3TKI SEMARANG
370 0122013C90300346 SUKISNO 8/16/1979 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
371 0122013C90300214 SULIS 2/12/1974 BP3TKI SEMARANG
372 0122013C90300024 SULTONI 5/20/1982 BP3TKI SEMARANG
373 0122013C90300540 SUMARDIN 9/30/1985 BP3TKI MATARAM
374 0122013C90300613 SUMARNO MISNA  1/1/1984 BP3TKI BANDUNG
375 0122013C90300151 SUNAR 2/4/1978 BP3TKI SEMARANG
376 0122013C90300673 SUNARDIANTO 5/14/1978 BP3TKI BANDUNG
377 0122013C90300198 SUNARTO 12/16/1981 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
378 0122013C90300340 SUPARJAN 1/25/1982 BP3TKI SEMARANG
379 0122013C90300722 SUPARJI 9/5/1979 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
380 0122013C90300768 SUPARNO HENDRA JAYAHANUM 1/29/1979 BP3TKI BANDUNG
381 0122013C90300490 SUPRAPTO 5/6/1981 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
382 0122013C90300054 SUPRIONO 1/10/1981 BP3TKI SEMARANG
383 0122013C90300003 SUPRIYADI 10/10/1978 BP3TKI SEMARANG
384 0122013C90300118 SUPRIYADI 8/10/1989 BP3TKI SEMARANG
385 0122013C90300104 SUPRIYANTO 10/5/1982 BP3TKI SEMARANG
386 0122013C90300333 SUPRIYANTO 2/5/1987 BP3TKI BANDUNG
387 0122013C90300597 SUPRIYONO 9/17/1983 BP3TKI SEMARANG
388 0122013C90300765 SUPRIYONO 4/5/1984 LP3TKI LAMPUNG
389 0122013C90300542 SUPRIYONO KASWADI 3/5/1974 BP3TKI BANDUNG
390 0122013C90300562 SURIANSYAH 9/28/1982 BP3TKI BANDUNG
391 0122013C90300021 SURYO NUR SAHID 1/29/1978 BP3TKI SEMARANG
392 0122013C90300367 SUSANTO 10/5/1983 BP3TKI SEMARANG
393 0122013C90300162 SUSANTO SAFUTRA 8/10/1985 BP3TKI BANDUNG
394 0122013C90300388 SUSIYANTO 2/14/1984 BP3TKI SEMARANG
395 0122013C90300016 SUTARYO 12/13/1976 BP3TKI SEMARANG
396 0122013C90300776 SUTIKNO 7/17/1978 BP3TKI SEMARANG
397 0122013C90300103 SUTORI 5/24/1976 BP3TKI BANDUNG
398 0122013C90300315 SUTRAN HAFID 9/29/1987 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
399 0122013C90300061 SUTRISNO HADI 6/7/1981 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
400 0122013C90300550 SUTRISNO SUGANA 10/14/1976 BP3TKI BANDUNG



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