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No : PENG.530/PEN-PPP/XI/2014 

Diberitahukan kepada Calon Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (TKI) bahwa yang telah memenuhi syarat dokumen, telah di entry dan di sending ke HRD Korea sebagai berikut  :

  1. CTKI Korea dari nomor urut 1 (satu) nama AAN PRIYANTO tanggal lahir 1988/04/24 sampai nomor urut 218 (Dua Ratus Delapan Belas) nama ZAINAL ARIFIN tanggal lahir 1987/09/07.
  2. Nama dan tanggal lahir CTKI yang tercantum dalam pengumuman sending adalah nama dan tanggal lahir yang sesuai dengan nama pada sertifikat kelulusan EPS-TOPIK (nama dan tanggal lahir di sertifikat adalah nama yang ditulis oleh CTKI pada saat pendaftaran ujian). BNP2TKI sama sekali tidak mengedit atau dapat mengubah data identitas CTKI berupa nama atau tanggal lahir pada berkas sending yang dikirimkan oleh CTKI.

 Demikian pengumuman ini untuk menjadi perhatian. Terima kasih.
Jakarta, 28 November 2014
a.n. Direktur 
Pelayanan Penempatan Pemerintah
Kasubdit Penyiapan Penempatan

Mochammad Fauzan AR.
NIP. 19600723 198303 1 004

Lampiran Pengumuman Nomor : PENG.530/PEN-PPP/XI/2014


No EPS-TOPIK ID Name Hope Industry Birthday
1 0122014C90800439 AAN PRIYANTO Manufacturing 1988/04/24
2 0122014C90800536 AAN SUSILO Manufacturing 1975/03/30
3 0122014C90800774 ABDUL KALIM Manufacturing 1984/06/06
4 0122014C90800501 ABDUL ROSID Manufacturing 1987/12/13
5 0122014C90800616 ABDULLAH ROSID Manufacturing 1983/06/15
6 0122014C90800708 ACHMAD LAHURI Manufacturing 1975/04/03
7 0122014C90800400 AGUNG Manufacturing 1983/07/24
8 0122014C90800735 AGUS DWI SANTOSO Manufacturing 1980/02/07
9 0122014C90800512 AGUS PRIYONO Manufacturing 1982/04/22
10 0122014P10020802 AGUS SANTOSO Fishing 1980/02/01
11 0122014C90800629 AHMAD DUDIN Manufacturing 1978/07/02
12 0122013P10027095 AHMAD MUSLIHIN Manufacturing 1991/03/23
13 0122014C90800081 AHMAD MUTHOHAR Manufacturing 1986/04/28
14 0122014C90800713 AHMAD SYAHRUL MUNIR Manufacturing 1974/12/22
15 0122014C90800214 AMAT MUKLAS Manufacturing 1978/07/29
16 0122014C90800057 ANANG BASUKI Manufacturing 1987/03/20
17 0122014C90800405 ANDAYANI BUDI LESTARI Manufacturing 1982/07/01
18 0122014P10011239 ANDI SUSANTO Manufacturing 1990/08/12
19 0122014C90200232 ANDREAS WIBISONO Manufacturing 1986/01/04
20 0122014P10024468 ANDRI BUDIMAN Fishing 1995/11/16
21 0122014C90800204 ARI ANDRI WIBOWO SUNARSO Manufacturing 1980/12/30
22 0122014C90800076 ARIF PRASETIYA Manufacturing 1986/09/25
23 0122014P10022299 ARIF RIFAI Fishing 1990/08/12
24 0122014C90800640 ARIF USMAN Manufacturing 1980/04/01
25 0122014C90800003 ARIF WIDIANTO Manufacturing 1984/10/21
26 0122014C90800696 ARIFIYANTO Manufacturing 1983/12/02
27 0122014C90800137 ARRIS Manufacturing 1984/03/04
28 0122014C90800557 ARWAN Manufacturing 1976/04/15
29 0122014C90800267 ATIK RUSENDA Manufacturing 1983/06/03
30 0122014C90800592 BUBIYONO Manufacturing 1977/03/20
31 0122014C90800643 BUDI SANTOSO Manufacturing 1975/11/24
32 0122014C90800062 BURHANUDIN Manufacturing 1976/09/29
33 0122014C90800398 CECEP HENDRA Manufacturing 1988/12/29
34 0122014C90800075 CECEP SUKIRMAN Manufacturing 1977/07/03
35 0122014C90800085 CHOLIB Manufacturing 1975/07/16
36 0122014C90800425 CUCUN SONJAYA Manufacturing 1985/05/21
37 0122014C90800486 DADANG SUHENDAR Manufacturing 1978/12/07
38 0122014C90800545 DARWAN Manufacturing 1982/05/28
39 0122014C90600195 DEDI SUTRISNO Manufacturing 1979/05/29
40 0122014C90800246 DEDIK PURWANTO Manufacturing 1986/06/17
41 0122014C90800535 DEWI MAYA SYAROH Manufacturing 1986/05/19
42 0122014C90800441 DIDIK BUDIANTO Manufacturing 1981/01/10
43 0122014C90800247 DIDIK HERLIANTO Manufacturing 1982/03/02
44 0122014C90800333 DUDIAWAN Manufacturing 1987/12/03
45 0122014C90800331 DWI SUPRIYONO Manufacturing 1981/03/06
46 0122014C90800140 EDI YULI KURNIAWAN Manufacturing 1977/07/21
47 0122014C90800139 EDISON RUDY GUNAWAN Manufacturing 1978/03/30
48 0122014C90800509 EDY PURWANTO Manufacturing 1980/12/01
49 0122014C90800624 EDY SURYANTO Manufacturing 1981/04/19
50 0122014C90800615 EKA HERMAWAN Manufacturing 1986/08/28
51 0122014C90800034 EKA WAHYUDI Manufacturing 1980/08/20
52 0122014C90800027 EKO BUDIANTO Manufacturing 1980/07/16
53 0122014C90800266 EKO PRAYITNO Manufacturing 1987/01/27
54 0122014C90800287 EKO SRIWAHYONO Manufacturing 1976/06/05
55 0122014C90800056 EKO SUDARMANTO Manufacturing 1989/06/08
56 0122013P10019193 ENDANG NOVITASARI Manufacturing 1991/11/19
57 0122014C90800192 ERVAN MUJAHIDIN Manufacturing 1982/09/15
58 0122014C90800168 ERWANTO Manufacturing 1986/11/12
59 0122014P10007131 FADILAH Manufacturing 1993/08/16
60 0122014P10009493 FARIDL KHAERUL ANAM Manufacturing 1987/02/15
61 0122014C90800446 FEBRI SETIAWAN ZAH Manufacturing 1990/07/15
62 0122014C90800664 FIHADI Manufacturing 1987/01/15
63 0122014C90800048 GALIH RUDIANSYAH Manufacturing 1986/07/13
64 0122014C90800471 GANJAR JUNIADI Manufacturing 1976/04/16
65 0122014C90800378 GITO PRIYONO Manufacturing 1978/04/12
66 0122014C90800695 GUGUM GUNTUR GUMILAR Manufacturing 1985/08/31
67 0122014C90800655 HADI SUPRIYADI Manufacturing 1980/12/27
68 0122014C90800324 HAMAM WARSONO Manufacturing 1979/05/16
69 0122014C90800525 HARI AGUSTONO Manufacturing 1984/09/13
70 0122014C90800237 HARSONO Manufacturing 1977/05/06
71 0122014C90800574 HARTANTO CHOIRULLOH AL AMIN Manufacturing 1983/08/27
72 0122014C90800651 I KETUT ARTANAYASA Manufacturing 1977/11/21
73 0122014C90800601 IKROM Manufacturing 1977/04/11
74 0122014C90800005 IMAM PURWANTO Manufacturing 1975/03/03
75 0122014P10010321 IMAM TOBRONI Fishing 1985/07/21
76 0122014P10025372 INGAN SOPINGI Fishing 1991/06/11
77 0122014C90800633 IRFAN EFENDI Manufacturing 1978/08/18
78 0122014C90800659 IRWAN SISWANTO Manufacturing 1986/03/12
79 0122014C90800368 ISMAIL Manufacturing 1977/10/20
80 0122014C90800236 ISNEN Manufacturing 1979/03/25
81 0122014C90800694 IWAN SETIAWAN Manufacturing 1982/11/26
82 0122014C90800627 JAFAR AMIR Manufacturing 1977/07/01
83 0122014C90800555 JOHAN STANLY TUELAH Manufacturing 1975/09/04
84 0122014C90800233 JOKO WALUYO Manufacturing 1984/02/28
85 0122014C90800548 JUNEDI Manufacturing 1986/06/06
86 0122014C90800037 KARJONO Manufacturing 1987/06/08
87 0122014C90800626 KARNA Manufacturing 1978/04/07
88 0122014C90200897 KHOIRUL TAMAM Manufacturing 1983/12/10
89 0122014C90800121 KOLIDIN Manufacturing 1979/01/09
90 0122014C90800584 KUSNARI JAFAR SADIQ Manufacturing 1980/06/05
91 0122014C90800335 KUSPENDI Manufacturing 1980/08/06
92 0122014C90800464 LANJAR SUTOPO Manufacturing 1984/09/18
93 0122014C90800179 MAHFUD SETIAWAN Manufacturing 1984/11/26
94 0122014C90800417 MAMAN SUDARMAN Manufacturing 1982/06/16
95 0122013P10020115 MARDIYANTO Fishing 1992/01/17
96 0122014C90800151 MARJITO Manufacturing 1977/10/09
97 0122014C90800385 MARYANTA Manufacturing 1985/09/21
98 0122014P10017657 MARYOTO Manufacturing 1982/12/31
99 0122014C90800067 MAULANA ROIS Manufacturing 1989/07/29
100 0122014C90800023 MAULANA ROSA Manufacturing 1981/04/24
101 0122013C91200697 MEGA YUNIWATI Manufacturing 1983/09/26
102 0122014C90800130 MOH YUYUN ARIANTO Manufacturing 1984/06/16
103 0122014C90800260 MOHAMAD SOBIRIN Manufacturing 1986/02/02
104 0122014C90800219 MOHAMMAD FATKURROHMAN Manufacturing 1982/06/12
105 0122014C90800109 MUCHSIN Manufacturing 1986/10/05
106 0122014P10013857 MUGI PRAYITNO Manufacturing 1986/03/22
107 0122014C90800169 MUH KISWANTO Manufacturing 1976/03/16
108 0122014C90800481 MUHAMAD AKHMADI Manufacturing 1977/01/01
109 0122014C90800345 MUHAMAD ANDHI INDRIYANTO Manufacturing 1986/07/09
110 0122014C90800018 MUHAMAD IRFAN MAULANA Manufacturing 1989/07/09
111 0122014P10020971 MUHAMAD SUGIYANTO Fishing 1987/01/28
112 0122014C90800135 MUHAMMAD ALI FATKU Manufacturing 1986/06/26
113 0122014P10010403 MUHAMMAD SYAHLAN Manufacturing 1995/10/24
114 0122014C90800399 MUHDHORI Manufacturing 1980/10/10
115 0122014C90800759 MUHNI Manufacturing 1976/05/03
116 0122014C90800699 MUJIONO Manufacturing 1984/11/24
117 0122014C90800604 MUKHLASIN Manufacturing 1981/11/10
118 0122014C90800083 MULADJI WULANTARA Manufacturing 1976/03/01
119 0122014C90800011 MULYADI Manufacturing 1984/09/15
120 0122014P10031122 MUNAWAR HADI Fishing 1986/08/07
121 0122014P10021450 MUSLIKHUN Manufacturing 1989/12/12
122 0122014C90800107 NANANG FATHUR Manufacturing 1982/08/22
123 0122014C90800045 NANO SUGIATNO Manufacturing 1978/02/09
124 0122013C91200505 NATHALIA FRANSIN KOWAAS Manufacturing 1985/04/25
125 0122014C90800769 NGINDARTO DWI HARSONO Manufacturing 1979/04/28
126 0122014C90800270 NORIS SETIAWAN Manufacturing 1981/10/28
127 0122014C90800419 NUR HAMID Manufacturing 1980/01/17
128 0122014C90800718 NURSAHID Manufacturing 1984/05/29
129 0122014P10011343 NURUL AINI Manufacturing 1988/03/26
130 0122014P10010206 NURYADI Fishing 1991/09/09
131 0122014C90800450 ORBITA SWANUGROHO Manufacturing 1984/10/01
132 0122014P10026158 OSA ARDIANSYAH ILHAM Manufacturing 1993/07/01
133 0122014C90800581 PAIKUN Manufacturing 1982/02/06
134 0122013C91200170 PICHA SETIAWAN Manufacturing 1988/03/07
135 0122014C90800322 PRIYOGO Manufacturing 1982/02/13
136 0122014C90800163 PURNOMO Manufacturing 1983/03/20
137 0122013P10031713 PURWANTO Fishing 1977/01/04
138 0122014C90800120 PUTUT IRWANUDIN Manufacturing 1984/05/15
139 0122014C90800705 RASIDI Manufacturing 1985/11/28
140 0122014C90800145 RASIDIN Manufacturing 1982/02/14
141 0122014C90800269 RIBUT RIANTO Manufacturing 1985/06/26
142 0122014C90800346 ROFII Manufacturing 1978/10/17
143 0122014C90800165 ROHIBUN Manufacturing 1980/09/02
144 0122014C90800337 ROHIDIN Manufacturing 1979/09/07
145 0122014C90800489 ROHMAT KARTONO Manufacturing 1983/11/17
146 0122014C90800475 RUBIANTO Manufacturing 1982/04/20
147 0122014C90800613 RUDI AGUS TRIONO Manufacturing 1983/05/15
148 0122014C90800008 RUSDIANTORO Manufacturing 1986/08/19
149 0122014C90800625 SAEKONI Manufacturing 1976/12/04
150 0122014P10025690 SANTIKA RIMBANINGTYAS Manufacturing 1993/10/21
151 0122014C90800292 SANTOSO Manufacturing 1984/02/14
152 0122014C90800094 SARONI Manufacturing 1981/04/02
153 0122014C90800242 SARWANTO Manufacturing 1985/04/23
154 0122014C90800433 SATIMAN Manufacturing 1978/05/07
155 0122014C90800129 SISWANDONO Manufacturing 1980/03/07
156 0122014C90800191 SLAMET BUDIYANTO Manufacturing 1980/09/04
157 0122014C90800122 SONI INDRAWIJAYA Manufacturing 1976/06/18
158 0122014C90800110 SRIYANTO Manufacturing 1980/11/29
159 0122014C90800563 STEPANUS RIANTO Manufacturing 1982/01/18
160 0122014C90800296 SUBAWI Manufacturing 1982/04/26
161 0122014C90800493 SUDARYO Manufacturing 1980/05/05
162 0122014C90800047 SUGIYANTO Manufacturing 1977/09/07
163 0122014C90800763 SUGIYO Manufacturing 1980/07/25
164 0122014C90800386 SUKAMTO Manufacturing 1976/04/05
165 0122014C90800428 SUKARMAN Manufacturing 1979/08/20
166 0122014C90800504 SUKARNO Manufacturing 1977/07/14
167 0122013C91200544 SUKEMI SANITA Manufacturing 1984/07/20
168 0122012C91200262 SUMARSO Manufacturing 1974/03/03
169 0122014C90800539 SUMEH SUSILO Manufacturing 1976/02/11
170 0122014C90800148 SUNAR ARIFIN Manufacturing 1983/06/14
171 0122014C90800079 SUNARDI Manufacturing 1981/08/30
172 0122014C90800038 SUNARDI NOTOSUWARNO Manufacturing 1976/07/27
173 0122014C90800108 SUNARI PURWANTO Manufacturing 1985/08/10
174 0122014C90800767 SUNARKO Manufacturing 1976/06/19
175 0122014C90800306 SUNARTO Manufacturing 1979/10/29
176 0122014C90800291 SUPARMAN Manufacturing 1984/03/30
177 0122014C90800060 SUPARMIN Manufacturing 1980/05/11
178 0122014P10009978 SUPARTO Manufacturing 1989/04/22
179 0122014C90800407 SUPENO Manufacturing 1982/05/06
180 0122014C90800253 SUPRAPTO Manufacturing 1984/01/25
181 0122014C90800775 SUPRIYANTO Manufacturing 1984/05/12
182 0122014C90800623 SURADI Manufacturing 1982/10/27
183 0122014C90800289 SURATMIN Manufacturing 1977/08/29
184 0122014C90800231 SURDI PRATAMA Manufacturing 1985/02/10
185 0122014C90800410 SURONO Manufacturing 1985/09/10
186 0122014C90800188 SUSANTO Manufacturing 1982/11/04
187 0122014C90800041 SUWANDAR Manufacturing 1976/12/16
188 0122014C90800290 TASRINAH WARPAN Manufacturing 1981/07/25
189 0122014P10002461 TAUFIK ROKHMANI Manufacturing 1987/02/04
190 0122014P10025448 TEGUH DWI SYAPARDI Fishing 1986/10/29
191 0122014P10019517 TIAS MIRANTIKA Manufacturing 1990/09/09
192 0122014C90800746 TISWANTO CALIM Manufacturing 1980/11/28
193 0122014C90800156 TOFIK Manufacturing 1976/06/24
194 0122014C90800183 TOIF NUR HASAN Manufacturing 1989/11/22
195 0122013C50200222 TONY ERIXSON SINURAT Fishing 1982/11/02
196 0122014C90800164 TRI HANDOKO Manufacturing 1981/11/06
197 0122014C90800549 TRIYONO KARNO Manufacturing 1983/04/12
198 0122014C90800022 TUTUT BAMBANG PURWANTO Manufacturing 1984/03/19
199 0122014C90800553 UNUNG TRI NUGROHO Manufacturing 1987/05/19
200 0122014C90800516 UUS SUTANTO Manufacturing 1978/11/25
201 0122014C90800332 WAGIMIN Manufacturing 1982/06/26
202 0122014C90800259 WAGIMIN Manufacturing 1986/12/04
203 0122014P10002620 WAHYUDI SAPUTRA Fishing 1995/06/14
204 0122014C90800401 WARJONO Manufacturing 1983/08/11
205 0122014C90800317 WARLI FEBRIYANTO Manufacturing 1983/02/07
206 0122014C90800565 WARSO Manufacturing 1982/09/25
207 0122014C90800348 WASTAKA Manufacturing 1985/10/10
208 0122013C91200277 WATI SUSILAWATI Manufacturing 1988/01/16
209 0122014C90800285 WAWAN WARDIYANTO Manufacturing 1985/03/29
210 0122014C90800208 WIKARSONO Manufacturing 1980/07/04
211 0122014C90800124 YAENAL ARIFIN Manufacturing 1983/11/12
212 0122014C90800411 YAHYA PRANOTO Manufacturing 1978/06/05
213 0122014C90800128 YASMURI Manufacturing 1980/05/03
214 0122014C90800302 YOHANNES PAULUS EDDI PRIYANTO Manufacturing 1985/04/26
215 0122014C90800403 YULIANTO DEVI Manufacturing 1981/03/30
216 0122014P10024262 YUNITA Manufacturing 1992/02/26
217 0122014P10009607 ZAIM Fishing 1982/02/24
218 0122014C90800281 ZAINAL ARIFIN Manufacturing 1987/09/07

Jakarta, 28 November 2014

a.n. Direktur 
Pelayanan Penempatan Pemerintah
Kasubdit Penyiapan Penempatan

Mochammad Fauzan AR.
NIP. 19600723 198303 1 004 


Alamat: Jl. Babaran No. 21 Batikan, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta. 55167    DENAH  

Telp. 0274-414506 / HP-WA. 085 29 290 2900 / Pin BB. 5A55E2C3


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