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No : PENG.550/PEN-PPP/XII/2014
Diberitahukan kepada Calon Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (TKI) bahwa yang telah memenuhi syarat dokumen, telah di entry dan di sending ke HRD Korea sebagai berikut  :


  1. CTKI Korea dari nomor urut 1 (satu) nama ABDUL GHOFUR tanggal lahir 19884/09/14 sampai nomor urut 141 (Seratus  Empat Puluh Satu) nama ZANDRA GUNAWAN tanggal lahir 1987/04/08.
  2. Nama dan tanggal lahir CTKI yang tercantum dalam pengumuman sending adalah nama dan tanggal lahir yang sesuai dengan nama pada sertifikat kelulusan EPS-TOPIK (nama dan tanggal lahir di sertifikat adalah nama yang ditulis oleh CTKI pada saat pendaftaran ujian). BNP2TKI sama sekali tidak mengedit atau dapat mengubah data identitas CTKI berupa nama atau tanggal lahir pada berkas sending yang dikirimkan oleh CTKI.

Demikian pengumuman ini untuk menjadi perhatian. Terima kasih.
Jakarta, 11 Desember 2014
Pelayanan Penempatan Pemerintah
R. Hariyadi Agah, S. IP
NIP. 19590607 198803 1 002

Lampiran Pengumuman Nomor : PENG.550/PEN-PPP/XII/2014

No EPS-TOPIK ID Name Hope Industry Birthday
1 0122014C90800652 ABDUL GHOFUR Manufacturing 1984/09/14
2 0122014C90800676 AGUNG PRASETYO Manufacturing 1983/02/03
3 0122014C90800435 AGUS EKO SAPUTRO Manufacturing 1981/08/12
4 0122014C90800170 AGUS RIADI Manufacturing 1986/01/25
5 0122014C90800103 AGUS SUTRISNO Manufacturing 1980/08/22
6 0122014C90800430 AHMAD FAOZI Manufacturing 1986/04/13
7 0122014C90800280 AHMAD SYARIFUDIN MANAF Manufacturing 1987/08/12
8 0122014C90800770 AIK ANTON Manufacturing 1982/01/28
9 0122014C90800753 AKHMAD MUSTANGIN Manufacturing 1983/07/29
10 0122014C90800739 AKHMADI SANJAYA Manufacturing 1980/12/27
11 0122014C90800078 AMINUDDIN Manufacturing 1984/12/08
12 0122014C90800300 ANDIKA AGUSTYA Manufacturing 1988/08/28
13 0122014C90800559 ANDRI DODHY PRASETYO Manufacturing 1985/06/24
14 0122014C90800660 ANTO SLAMET RIANTO Manufacturing 1975/10/23
15 0122014C90800277 ANTONI PANGESTU NUGRAHA Manufacturing 1980/04/04
16 0122014C90800590 ANWAR FATHONI BIN ILYAS Manufacturing 1985/01/09
17 0122014C90800693 ARFAN Manufacturing 1978/06/25
18 0122014C90800491 AYISYUDDIN MOCHAMAD RIDWAN Manufacturing 1979/05/13
19 0122014C90800866 BUDIYONO Manufacturing 1980/05/10
20 0122014C90800311 BURHANUDIN Manufacturing 1989/10/29
21 0122014C90800101 DANAJI BIN WARDIYAH Manufacturing 1983/12/15
22 0122014C90800459 DARYANTO BAMBANG Manufacturing 1985/12/02
23 0122014P10012269 DETI NURANI Manufacturing 1993/06/23
24 0122014C90800431 DIDI SUHENDI Manufacturing 1988/01/26
25 0122014C90800177 DIDIK HERIAMAN Manufacturing 1980/11/11
26 0122014C90800238 DULGANI Manufacturing 1978/02/21
27 0122014C90800095 ED SUYOTOI Manufacturing 1983/12/15
28 0122014C90800080 EDDI Manufacturing 1985/12/20
29 0122014C90800778 EDI HARYANTA Manufacturing 1977/01/07
30 0122014C90800672 EDI HERMANTO Manufacturing 1978/06/20
31 0122014C90800448 EKO HARDIANTO NUGROHO Manufacturing 1987/11/26
32 0122014C90800658 EKO SUMARTO Manufacturing 1986/04/23
33 0122014C90800788 ENDANG SUKENDAR Manufacturing 1987/07/20
34 0122014C90800328 FLUORI ARBI ENDANG SUWARSA Manufacturing 1981/10/11
35 0122014C90800053 FRANKY AUGISTA WICHAKSONO Manufacturing 1977/08/17
36 0122014C90800631 HAERUL WAJNI Manufacturing 1987/03/21
37 0122014P10022334 HAFIF DWI ANTONI Manufacturing 1990/11/11
38 0122014C90800144 HANDOKO Manufacturing 1981/04/16
39 0122014C90800777 HAROMAIN AL ABROR Manufacturing 1979/10/02
40 0122014C90800455 HARTONO Manufacturing 1976/01/23
41 0122014C90800312 HENDAR WIGUNA Manufacturing 1976/08/04
42 0122014C90800642 HENDRO GUNAWAN Manufacturing 1979/10/19
43 0122014C90800343 HERI AGUS SULISTIONO Manufacturing 1984/02/04
44 0122014C90800690 HERU PRASETIYA Manufacturing 1987/05/18
45 0122014C90800362 IDA LESTARI Manufacturing 1984/06/27
46 0122014C90800519 IMAM ROBAI Manufacturing 1979/09/27
47 0122014C90800479 ISBANDI Manufacturing 1988/02/18
48 0122014C90800494 ISMANTO Manufacturing 1984/06/15
49 0122014C90800044 ISTIYONO Manufacturing 1980/03/23
50 0122014C90800030 ISTIYONO MUKTI Manufacturing 1979/09/05
51 0122014C90800218 JOKO TRIONO Manufacturing 1985/02/16
52 0122014C90800105 JUMAR ARDIANTO Manufacturing 1980/10/20
53 0122014C90800307 KUSMAYADI Manufacturing 1976/09/12
54 0122014C90800320 KUSWOYO Manufacturing 1975/01/30
55 0122014C90800334 LAILI MASFUK ZAINURI Manufacturing 1987/01/05
56 0122014C90800589 LIA MARGARETA Manufacturing 1989/03/06
57 0122014C90800460 MARGO Manufacturing 1978/09/12
58 0122014C90800029 MARJUNI Manufacturing 1975/09/04
59 0122014C90800369 MISWANDI Manufacturing 1975/09/25
60 0122014C90800268 MOH ICHWANUDIN Manufacturing 1976/03/24
61 0122014C90800193 MOHAMAD HAMJANI Manufacturing 1986/07/23
62 0122014C90800520 MOHAMAD SOBIRIN Manufacturing 1984/03/12
63 0122014C90800467 MUDASIR Manufacturing 1986/03/01
64 0122014C90800132 MUH TAUFIQ Manufacturing 1986/08/22
65 0122014C90800198 MUHAMMAD ARIFIN Manufacturing 1985/10/15
66 0122014C90800143 MUHAMMAD KADIS Manufacturing 1979/07/14
67 0122014C90800473 MUJI KUWATNO Manufacturing 1976/08/10
68 0122014C90800454 MUKLIS ANWAR Manufacturing 1988/11/01
69 0122014C90800429 MUSLIM Manufacturing 1981/06/26
70 0122014C90800662 MUSTAKIM Manufacturing 1977/01/25
71 0122014C90800515 MUSTILKAR Manufacturing 1978/06/16
72 0122014C90800492 NANANG AMRUDHIN Manufacturing 1985/01/07
73 0122014C90800505 NANANG MULYANA Manufacturing 1983/10/02
74 0122014C90800119 NANING HARIANI Manufacturing 1977/03/17
75 0122014C90800275 NUROHMAN Manufacturing 1987/01/12
76 0122014C90800014 NURSALIM Manufacturing 1987/03/30
77 0122014C90800379 NURWANDI Manufacturing 1980/06/15
78 0122014C90800744 PANUT BUDIYONO Manufacturing 1976/01/01
79 0122014C90800585 PRIMA PARYONO Manufacturing 1977/06/30
80 0122014C90800162 PRIYANTO Manufacturing 1985/11/08
81 0122014C90800373 PRIYANTO Manufacturing 1977/07/26
82 0122014C90800488 PRIYONO Manufacturing 1986/03/11
83 0122014C90800061 RATMIN Manufacturing 1975/12/01
84 0122014C90800390 RENI RATNASARI Manufacturing 1982/10/20
85 0122014C90800282 RIKI SYAMSUDIN Manufacturing 1989/12/21
86 0122014C90800530 RIO HERMAWAN Manufacturing 1987/06/24
87 0122014C90800528 ROKHMAT Manufacturing 1987/03/03
88 0122014C90800364 ROMLAN Manufacturing 1979/06/30
89 0122014C90800737 RONI PASLAH Manufacturing 1983/03/13
90 0122014C90800384 RUDI HARTONO Manufacturing 1988/06/26
91 0122014C90800224 RUDI PRAYUGO Manufacturing 1982/04/20
92 0122014C90800032 RUDIANTO Manufacturing 1980/02/03
93 0122014C90800511 RUMANTO Manufacturing 1988/04/25
94 0122014C90800745 RUSWANTO YATIRAN Manufacturing 1979/07/27
95 0122014P10023159 SADEWO AJI Fishing 1980/08/11
96 0122014C90800206 SAFINGUL ANAM Manufacturing 1989/06/14
97 0122013C91200269 SAHRUL MUTOHIR Manufacturing 1985/05/20
98 0122014C90800116 SAMARUDDIN Manufacturing 1979/07/21
99 0122014C90800780 SAMSUL MAARIF Manufacturing 1986/09/02
100 0122014C90800254 SANTO DWI ASMORO Manufacturing 1980/04/26
101 0122014C90800211 SETIYARNO Manufacturing 1979/11/28
102 0122014C90800068 SISWANTO Manufacturing 1982/09/30
103 0122014C90800710 SLAMET ARIYANTO Manufacturing 1985/06/02
104 0122014C90800620 SLAMET PUJIONO Manufacturing 1986/09/22
105 0122014C90800276 SLAMET WAHYUDI Manufacturing 1983/02/15
106 0122014C90800174 SOLIKIN SANTANA Manufacturing 1976/06/06
107 0122014C90800724 SRI WIDODO Manufacturing 1976/12/11
108 0122014P10009239 SUGENG KIYAYAT TENGIWAN Manufacturing 1993/06/09
109 0122014C90800059 SUGI DWI YANTO Manufacturing 1981/12/26
110 0122014C90800194 SUGIARTO Manufacturing 1982/04/28
111 0122014C90800706 SUGIMANTORO Manufacturing 1982/10/20
112 0122014C90200106 SUMAWATI TJU Manufacturing 1979/11/18
113 0122014C90800404 SUMIRAN Manufacturing 1983/04/03
114 0122014C90800152 SUNARDI Manufacturing 1981/12/27
115 0122014C90800420 SUPARJO RUSTAM Manufacturing 1985/01/28
116 0122014C90800026 SUPRAYITNO Manufacturing 1983/06/12
117 0122014C90800154 SUPRAYITNO Manufacturing 1981/10/17
118 0122014C90800330 SUPRIATNO Manufacturing 1979/04/06
119 0122014C90800052 SURIP Manufacturing 1980/03/07
120 0122014C90800171 SUTAHAL Manufacturing 1975/07/25
121 0122014C90800210 SUTRISNO Manufacturing 1983/06/13
122 0122014C90800305 SUWIGNYO Manufacturing 1981/09/15
123 0122014C90800468 SUYANTO Manufacturing 1976/10/14
124 0122014C90800458 SYAMSURIL SIDIK Manufacturing 1986/06/13
125 0122014C90800220 TOIB Manufacturing 1977/09/26
126 0122014C90800478 TOTOK ARIYANTO Manufacturing 1986/01/03
127 0122014C90800517 TRISTIYANTO Manufacturing 1981/08/15
128 0122014C90800465 UUD BUDI IRAWAN Manufacturing 1985/07/08
129 0122014C90800365 WAHYUDI Manufacturing 1984/10/01
130 0122014C90800017 WARID SLAMET Manufacturing 1983/01/25
131 0122014C90800354 WARNEDI Manufacturing 1982/01/02
132 0122014C90800748 WARSITO Manufacturing 1983/03/07
133 0122014C90800412 WAWAN SETIAWAN Manufacturing 1987/04/14
134 0122014C90800309 WAWAN WAHYUDI Manufacturing 1984/07/14
135 0122014C90800228 WELSON Manufacturing 1979/04/07
136 0122014C90800123 YANDI Manufacturing 1976/03/06
137 0122014C90800593 YATIM Manufacturing 1980/09/19
138 0122014C90800487 YAYUK SUMARSIH Manufacturing 1981/12/29
139 0122014C90800239 ZAENAL AMININ Manufacturing 1975/11/26
140 0122014C90800090 ZAINUDIN Manufacturing 1984/04/02
141 0122014C90800691 ZANDRA GUNAWAN Manufacturing 1987/04/08

Pelayanan Penempatan Pemerintah
R. Hariyadi Agah, S. IP
NIP. 19590607 198803 1 002


Alamat: Jl. Babaran No. 21 Batikan, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta. 55167    DENAH  

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