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Pengumuman Kelulusan Tes EPS-TOPIK ke-8 2011

 Nomer tes 10000001 s.d. 10001518

Primary Key Registration No. Name Remark Industry
0122011P10000001 10000001 MUKHAROMAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000002 10000002 KASTA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000005 10000005 HERMANTO Passed Fishing
0122011P10000006 10000006 JAMALUDIN Failed Fishing
0122011P10000007 10000007 SYAHRUL WIDIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000009 10000009 DIDI MASJUDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000011 10000011 WARJAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000012 10000012 TAUHID Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000013 10000013 INDAH FAIS Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000014 10000014 MUHIBUN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000015 10000015 WARENI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000017 10000017 RADI Failed Fishing
0122011P10000018 10000018 MUSTOIP Failed Fishing
0122011P10000019 10000019 SLAMET MUNTARNO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000021 10000021 VUGGI MEYRU Failed Fishing
0122011P10000022 10000022 DARMINTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000023 10000023 ASEP KAMALUDIN BIN MISTARI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000024 10000024 BASKORO Passed Fishing
0122011P10000025 10000025 ERI IRWANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000026 10000026 AMRUL SIGIT SARTONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000027 10000027 CASNADI Passed Fishing
0122011P10000028 10000028 NISAM Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000029 10000029 HUDI PRAYOGA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000031 10000031 ABDUL UDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000032 10000032 DEWI YULLIANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000034 10000034 SUSANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000035 10000035 RASDIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000036 10000036 MUHTAR Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000037 10000037 JAMHURI HIDAYAT Failed Fishing
0122011P10000038 10000038 KHUSNENDAR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000039 10000039 SUSANA DWI SUHARYATI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000041 10000041 NAELUL AUTSAR JAHROH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000042 10000042 SEPIYONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000043 10000043 SUGENG MARYONO Passed Fishing
0122011P10000044 10000044 IWAN SANTOSO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000045 10000045 DEVI SUSI SUSANTI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000046 10000046 SUKIRNO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000048 10000048 NURKASAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000049 10000049 ANDRE HENDRAWANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000050 10000050 TOWIL SUPRIYO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000051 10000051 SUREDI Failed Fishing
0122011P10000052 10000052 MUKHAMAD YUNUS Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000055 10000055 AMIN SYARIFUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000057 10000057 AKHSIN UBAEDILLAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000059 10000059 AGUS SASONGKO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000060 10000060 DAIP NUDIN Failed Fishing
0122011P10000061 10000061 KUSERI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000062 10000062 AGUS RIYADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000063 10000063 NURANTO BIN KARNILA Passed Fishing
0122011P10000064 10000064 TASMA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000068 10000068 RUSLANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000069 10000069 AGUS BUDI SETIAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000070 10000070 WANIPAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000071 10000071 KADESIH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000072 10000072 SURATNO Failed Fishing
0122011P10000074 10000074 AHDI TRI OKTALISTIANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000075 10000075 ERYANTO Passed Fishing
0122011P10000076 10000076 MUKASIM Passed Fishing
0122011P10000077 10000077 WARTONO Passed Fishing
0122011P10000078 10000078 NANA SURYANA B WARDITA Passed Fishing
0122011P10000079 10000079 WARDINAH Passed Fishing
0122011P10000081 10000081 ENDRO PURNOMO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000082 10000082 SUMARDIONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000083 10000083 RIFKI AFRIANTO Passed Fishing
0122011P10000084 10000084 KURWANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000086 10000086 DEDI RUNEDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000087 10000087 SUGIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000088 10000088 USMANUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000089 10000089 DIDIK MARYONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000091 10000091 SUYUB Passed Fishing
0122011P10000093 10000093 JEJEN JAENURI BIN HADIS Passed Fishing
0122011P10000094 10000094 EDI SETIYADI Passed Fishing
0122011P10000095 10000095 ADE IRWAN SURYADINATA Passed Fishing
0122011P10000096 10000096 MUSBIKHIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000097 10000097 SAIPUL HADI Passed Fishing
0122011P10000098 10000098 PAOJI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000099 10000099 EKO RIYADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000101 10000101 AGUS HERMAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000102 10000102 AHMAD HAMDAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000103 10000103 MUSLIHIN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000104 10000104 TARYADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000105 10000105 NUFUS SANJAYA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000107 10000107 SUPRIYADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000108 10000108 DAMAN Failed Fishing
0122011P10000110 10000110 SUNTANA Failed Fishing
0122011P10000111 10000111 BAMBANG SUKISNA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000113 10000113 LALU WIRMA SISWANDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000115 10000115 WINANI PRATIWI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000117 10000117 ANISYAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000118 10000118 SAEPUROHMAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000119 10000119 LUTFI ALI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000122 10000122 SUHENDRA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000123 10000123 SUCIPTO Failed Fishing
0122011P10000124 10000124 HERU KARIYANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000125 10000125 KHAPIDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000126 10000126 WINANDAR Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000127 10000127 AMRONI Passed Fishing

0122011P10000128 10000128 SRI WAHYUNI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000129 10000129 KARUDIN DRAJAT Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000130 10000130 HARI APRIYANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000131 10000131 KANUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000134 10000134 TRISNA ENI HARTI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000135 10000135 TASIMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000136 10000136 MALIK ABDILLAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000138 10000138 ROHMAT Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000139 10000139 WAHYUDIN BIN ROYANI Failed Fishing
0122011P10000140 10000140 AMIN SYAIFUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000141 10000141 SUPRIYONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000142 10000142 SAROJI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000145 10000145 HERIYATNO Passed Fishing
0122011P10000146 10000146 ADI JATMIKO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000147 10000147 ABDUL GHONI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000148 10000148 INO SUTRISNO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000149 10000149 ABDUL MANAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000150 10000150 MUHAMAD QOSIM Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000151 10000151 SANUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000152 10000152 JUNAEDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000155 10000155 ROKHMAT HIDAYAT Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000156 10000156 YAYUK MULYANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000157 10000157 JUWAERIYAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000158 10000158 WARNO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000159 10000159 BANGKIT SETIAJI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000161 10000161 RUDI SUSANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000162 10000162 LUTFI ROHMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000163 10000163 MIPTAHUDIN Failed Fishing
0122011P10000164 10000164 FACHRU ROJI Passed Fishing
0122011P10000165 10000165 IMAMAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000166 10000166 SUMITRO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000167 10000167 NANANG JUNEDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000168 10000168 KHADIRIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000169 10000169 AJIS NURHOLIS Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000170 10000170 SUGINO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000171 10000171 ROHMAT Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000172 10000172 DARWONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000173 10000173 BUSTORUL ARIFIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000174 10000174 CHARSONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000175 10000175 WASMUNI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000176 10000176 ABDUL AFFAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000177 10000177 WAHYUDI SAPUTRO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000181 10000181 CARKIM Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000182 10000182 KUNTO AJI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000183 10000183 DJAENUDIN Failed Fishing
0122011P10000184 10000184 JOKO SETIYAWAN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000185 10000185 SUHENDRA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000186 10000186 SUMAJA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000187 10000187 SUPARJO Passed Fishing
0122011P10000188 10000188 ABDUL AZIS Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000189 10000189 DIAN PUSPITA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000190 10000190 MUNANDAR KHADAFI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000192 10000192 TRI WAHYONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000193 10000193 RUDI SETIO HANDOKO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000197 10000197 SUTRIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000198 10000198 ERNAYATI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000199 10000199 SUDARJA Failed Fishing
0122011P10000200 10000200 ANGGA HIDAYAT SETIAWANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000201 10000201 WAWAN WANIDAH Passed Fishing
0122011P10000203 10000203 ENDANG MULYADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000204 10000204 TAKDIR SYAHBUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000205 10000205 ZEN KANEDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000207 10000207 SUHADI EFENDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000208 10000208 SLAMET RIADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000209 10000209 MUHDIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000211 10000211 TARYONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000212 10000212 PADI BUDIYONO BIN TIPUN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000216 10000216 MARWANDI BIN MUSTIMAH Passed Fishing
0122011P10000218 10000218 TAUFIK Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000219 10000219 ISMANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000220 10000220 EXDIANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000221 10000221 RAHMAD YADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000222 10000222 FATHONI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000224 10000224 IBNU YAZID ALBUSTOMI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000225 10000225 ERMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000226 10000226 TEDI KUSASI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000227 10000227 RASIDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000228 10000228 KARDONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000229 10000229 NIZARWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000230 10000230 IDHAM KHALID Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000231 10000231 ELISABETH CYNTHA PANDOH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000234 10000234 ARIF RAHMAN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000236 10000236 AWAB ABDILLAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000237 10000237 NUNUNG Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000238 10000238 JONI SAPUTRA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000239 10000239 PUTUT IRAWANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000240 10000240 YULIANAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000241 10000241 ANTON WAHIDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000242 10000242 WAWAN YUWANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000243 10000243 NANANG WIDYATMOKO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000244 10000244 ZONDRI JAYADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000245 10000245 SOEGIYATNO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000247 10000247 BETTRIZA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000248 10000248 BUKHAERONI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000249 10000249 ABDUL SAHID Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000250 10000250 BEDI HERAWAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000253 10000253 EGI ADIAN SAPUTRA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000254 10000254 MASKUPAH WULAN SARI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000255 10000255 RIFAL ASELO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000257 10000257 HARIS BUDI SANTOSA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000258 10000258 SAERUN AKBAR Passed Fishing
0122011P10000260 10000260 MUSTOPA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000261 10000261 HERI DUNAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000262 10000262 SUPIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000264 10000264 TIAS SUBANGKIT Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000265 10000265 ANGGRAINI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000266 10000266 YATIMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000267 10000267 SETIAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000268 10000268 RETMO PUTRA ALMA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000269 10000269 ANDRA SEPTA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000270 10000270 ALFIAN NUR AMZAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000271 10000271 ADNANI Passed Fishing
0122011P10000272 10000272 NANDA IMANDIRI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000273 10000273 KASMADI GOMBLOH Failed Fishing
0122011P10000274 10000274 AMRIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000275 10000275 KOLYON NARDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000276 10000276 WIRJO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000277 10000277 BAHRUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000278 10000278 GUNTUR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000279 10000279 JILANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000280 10000280 ABDUL SOMAD Failed Fishing
0122011P10000282 10000282 DULJANA Passed Fishing
0122011P10000283 10000283 ALBANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000285 10000285 MUHAMMAD RAMDHONY Passed Fishing
0122011P10000286 10000286 NODI STIAWAN M Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000287 10000287 SUKARMAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000288 10000288 SAFARI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000289 10000289 ERMAYANDI GUNAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000290 10000290 DIANTORO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000291 10000291 Y GUNAWAN BENY PRASETYO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000292 10000292 EEN SUPRIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000293 10000293 KUMSIAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000295 10000295 LELLY WULANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000296 10000296 JOHARMAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000298 10000298 RETNO WIDIARTI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000300 10000300 SUTOYO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000301 10000301 F REOLE HENDIKO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000302 10000302 JAENUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000303 10000303 PARJIYO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000304 10000304 WASITO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000308 10000308 SULFI ALFINAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000309 10000309 AUDY CHRISTIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000311 10000311 SURIPTO ARI WIBOWO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000312 10000312 HARTOMO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000313 10000313 ARMON ASMADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000314 10000314 ISMAIL BAZAR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000315 10000315 KARYANA Passed Fishing
0122011P10000318 10000318 ROLI MARDIANSYAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000319 10000319 CECEP WAHYUDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000321 10000321 SUKISNO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000322 10000322 HERI DWI SAPUTRA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000323 10000323 ZARKASI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000324 10000324 WAHID ARIF SAEFUROHMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000325 10000325 ENDI SERJONI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000326 10000326 BASRI Passed Fishing
0122011P10000328 10000328 CHOLIN CAHYONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000329 10000329 TRI WIDODO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000330 10000330 SLAMET WALUYO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000331 10000331 PONI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000332 10000332 TRI HARTONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000333 10000333 AHMAD BASONDI Passed Fishing
0122011P10000335 10000335 NANA SUMANA Passed Fishing
0122011P10000336 10000336 RAMEN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000339 10000339 JUNI ADI PURWOKO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000340 10000340 HARYATI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000341 10000341 DEDI ZALDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000342 10000342 WASINGUN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000343 10000343 MUHAMMAD SYUKRONI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000344 10000344 ANGGAH MEI RISETIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000345 10000345 AYATULLAH Passed Fishing
0122011P10000346 10000346 SUPRIADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000347 10000347 AGUNG RADITYO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000348 10000348 MUHAMMAD ARIFIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000349 10000349 IMAM HARYANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000350 10000350 ANDI PRIYATNO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000351 10000351 MUDIARTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000352 10000352 AMIN YUSUP Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000353 10000353 YUNARSIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000355 10000355 IMAM PRASETYO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000356 10000356 MAMAN FATKHURAHMAN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000357 10000357 PUJIANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000359 10000359 ENDIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000360 10000360 AHMAD KHOTIB Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000363 10000363 NARSO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000364 10000364 TOTO PRAMINTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000365 10000365 SADRA HARJOYO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000366 10000366 SURYANA Failed Fishing
0122011P10000368 10000368 ARYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000370 10000370 SAFARUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000371 10000371 PAIZAL MARDIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000372 10000372 DWI MULYONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000373 10000373 EDY CANDRA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000374 10000374 SUDIYONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000375 10000375 BADARUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000376 10000376 HARIANTO KUSNADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000377 10000377 DARTONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000379 10000379 NASIRUN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000381 10000381 MASRULLAH JAMALUDIN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000383 10000383 SANDRO TOBING Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000384 10000384 RISLIANA SIGIT HARTONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000385 10000385 MUSYADDAD Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000386 10000386 ABDUL MUTHOLIB Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000390 10000390 HARTOYAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000392 10000392 SUPRIONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000393 10000393 RUDI HARTONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000394 10000394 RUDI HANDOKO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000399 10000399 MARTIN SUSANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000401 10000401 TRI SUSANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000403 10000403 AMBAR SUSILO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000406 10000406 AGUS NARIMANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000408 10000408 ARIF KURNIAWAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000411 10000411 NASIKIN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000412 10000412 ANDI WARDIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000413 10000413 WAHYUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000414 10000414 TEKI PRIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000415 10000415 DASTAR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000418 10000418 SYAEFUDDIN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000419 10000419 AGUS ARI CAHYONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000420 10000420 AGUS PURWADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000421 10000421 ERWAN TOHIDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000423 10000423 SUTRISNO Failed Fishing
0122011P10000424 10000424 ANANG DIANTOKO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000425 10000425 YAE DEWI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000426 10000426 SOFWANUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000427 10000427 ANANG IRIYANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000429 10000429 ANDIS ALSABARA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000430 10000430 ANDRI SUGIARTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000433 10000433 ARIF MUNAWAR Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000439 10000439 ARIF NOVIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000442 10000442 BINTI ASTUTIK Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000444 10000444 DANA ADI PURBOWO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000446 10000446 ANDI SUPRIADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000447 10000447 DIDIK PRAYITNO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000448 10000448 SUTANTO Passed Fishing
0122011P10000449 10000449 DIDIN DWI CAHYADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000450 10000450 DWI ADMOKO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000451 10000451 ASEPUDIN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000452 10000452 DWI LAKSANA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000457 10000457 EDI WAHONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000458 10000458 MOHAMMAD AFDILAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000460 10000460 EKO BUDI CAHYONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000461 10000461 DAIMANTO Passed Fishing
0122011P10000464 10000464 EMI WAHYUNI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000465 10000465 OKTORI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000468 10000468 IMAMMUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000473 10000473 ISROIL Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000474 10000474 FERY KRISTIAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000476 10000476 RUDI PURNAMA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000477 10000477 GIDEON KRISTIAN CANDRA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000479 10000479 GUNAWAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000481 10000481 SUNGKONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000482 10000482 GUNAWAN KRISDIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000483 10000483 EKON HARNADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000484 10000484 GUNTORO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000485 10000485 AOJI SATIBI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000486 10000486 WIDI CANDRA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000487 10000487 HADI PURWANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000489 10000489 HANI KRISDIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000491 10000491 DAFID Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000492 10000492 HASIM LUTFI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000497 10000497 HERUDIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000498 10000498 SUCIATI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000499 10000499 IMAM FATONI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000504 10000504 ARDI RAHMAN SIDIK Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000507 10000507 ANDRI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000508 10000508 JUMADINI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000515 10000515 YANI AFRIYANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000516 10000516 MUJIONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000518 10000518 JUSMAN EKI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000519 10000519 DEDE ZAENAL Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000521 10000521 MUHAMAD NURDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000523 10000523 DENI AKUNA SUHUD Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000524 10000524 GUNAWAN PERMANA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000525 10000525 JONI GUSTIAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000526 10000526 RISYANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000528 10000528 TARMIDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000529 10000529 IWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000531 10000531 REWENDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000534 10000534 ANGAT SUPANGAT Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000536 10000536 KURNIADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000537 10000537 JENAL MUSTOPA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000538 10000538 CIPTO ARGENTI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000540 10000540 LAN LAN SUHERLAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000542 10000542 DODI SETIADI PUTRA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000543 10000543 EFRAN SANTIAGO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000544 10000544 YUSUP Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000545 10000545 LINCEU Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000546 10000546 IYON YULIAH Passed Fishing
0122011P10000547 10000547 MOCH AGAH BENTAR Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000548 10000548 DARUNO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000549 10000549 GANI RUSGIANSYAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000550 10000550 DEDE CHANDRA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000551 10000551 UMU KULSUM Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000552 10000552 NANANG ARIFIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000553 10000553 ETIC WINANTI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000554 10000554 HENDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000556 10000556 SITI AISAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000557 10000557 MISBAHUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000559 10000559 ACE SAEPUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000560 10000560 ADE JAELANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000561 10000561 WARNOTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000562 10000562 YUDI MULYADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000563 10000563 TORI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000565 10000565 SARTONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000566 10000566 REKI AGUSTIAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000567 10000567 WAHYU SETIAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000568 10000568 MUNAIM Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000569 10000569 SUSAN SUHENDAR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000573 10000573 DEDI ARIANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000575 10000575 LINDA FITRIYANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000576 10000576 SULAIMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000578 10000578 RASUDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000579 10000579 NUR HIDAYANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000581 10000581 MUHAMMAD NUR EKHSAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000586 10000586 ACHMAD FATUROCHMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000588 10000588 RAFIK SHOLIKHAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000589 10000589 KARYONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000590 10000590 KHOIRUL ANAM Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000592 10000592 KUMBARA MAY CANDRA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000593 10000593 HARMANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000595 10000595 CHAERUL UMAM Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000596 10000596 BAETUR RIDWAN Failed Fishing
0122011P10000598 10000598 SOLIKHIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000599 10000599 MAHFUD SUPRIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000601 10000601 SUKARMI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000602 10000602 MARIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000603 10000603 ARI ISWANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000604 10000604 MISWANDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000605 10000605 ALYUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000607 10000607 MOH SHOLIHIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000608 10000608 TAJUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000610 10000610 MUSLIMATUL KHAMIDAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000611 10000611 SUCIPTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000612 10000612 NAJIB SUPANDRI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000613 10000613 SANDI DERMAWAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000614 10000614 NANANG SUPRIADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000616 10000616 HERMAN SUSILO Failed Fishing
0122011P10000617 10000617 NANDA DESTANTYO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000618 10000618 SUYATNO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000619 10000619 NUR ROHMAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000620 10000620 NURIL INDRAWATI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000621 10000621 SUPRIYADI Failed Fishing
0122011P10000622 10000622 PURWANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000623 10000623 SYARIFUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000624 10000624 PUTUT PILDA INDRAYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000625 10000625 ABDULLOH Failed Fishing
0122011P10000626 10000626 SRI RAHAYU Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000627 10000627 RATENO EMJET Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000628 10000628 SUHARTONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000629 10000629 RIGUK BUDI SANTOSO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000630 10000630 ROMIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000631 10000631 SUNARNO Passed Fishing
0122011P10000634 10000634 RUDI SANTOSO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000636 10000636 AHMAD SIROJUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000637 10000637 RUDY EKO PRASETYO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000638 10000638 ANIS SUGIARTI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000640 10000640 SAMSUL HADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000641 10000641 SUHERI GUSANTOSO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000643 10000643 AGUS SETIAJI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000644 10000644 SISWANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000645 10000645 DIANA SOFI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000646 10000646 WARNUJI B DULKAHAR Passed Fishing
0122011P10000647 10000647 SLAMET RIADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000648 10000648 SAHRUL WUJUD Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000649 10000649 SRI UTAMI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000651 10000651 TONI NORMANSYAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000654 10000654 SUSANDI ENDRO EFENDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000655 10000655 ASEP INDRA KELANA Passed Fishing
0122011P10000656 10000656 DARMANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000657 10000657 SUTARI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000658 10000658 SUGIYATI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000659 10000659 SUWANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000663 10000663 MOHAMAD IKSAN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000665 10000665 ROSUL Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000666 10000666 DARSONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000671 10000671 HADI MOESTOFA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000672 10000672 WINARNO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000673 10000673 MUTAQIN BIN MADKASAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000675 10000675 HERMAN GOJALI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000676 10000676 DHESI RATNASARI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000677 10000677 YOHANES SUJOKO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000678 10000678 MUSLICH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000681 10000681 LATI Failed Fishing
0122011P10000683 10000683 ALIT SUPRAYOGI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000684 10000684 TEKAT SETIYONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000686 10000686 MUKHLASIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000688 10000688 JANNATI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000690 10000690 UMAMAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000693 10000693 AHMAD SUPARMAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000694 10000694 ENGKOM KOMARIAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000695 10000695 GHUFRON Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000696 10000696 HARFIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000699 10000699 NANANG KOSIM Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000701 10000701 MUNIR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000703 10000703 WANYOYO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000704 10000704 KALOYO JATI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000705 10000705 ENGKI TARNADO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000706 10000706 WAWAN WARNADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000707 10000707 SUTRISNO MULYO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000708 10000708 DASIMAN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000710 10000710 ERWIN FRIDEL KAONSENG Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000711 10000711 SISKA PRIHATINI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000712 10000712 ZAINUDDIN SYAHPUTRA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000713 10000713 TUSININGSIH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000715 10000715 MALIHATUN NUFUS Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000716 10000716 INDRA GUSNANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000723 10000723 SUWARMIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000724 10000724 YULI RAHMAWATI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000725 10000725 WARTINI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000726 10000726 SINDY MANDRINI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000728 10000728 DARWANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000731 10000731 SUHENDRIK Passed Fishing
0122011P10000733 10000733 ARIS SUHERMAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000734 10000734 AGUS SURATNO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000735 10000735 ANDRI SUHAEMI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000736 10000736 MOHAMAD SODIKIN Failed Fishing
0122011P10000738 10000738 ANDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000739 10000739 ROBEN AL IKROM Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000740 10000740 RUSHADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000741 10000741 SRI LESTARI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000742 10000742 RUBI SARTONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000743 10000743 DEDI ELZAN BUARI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000746 10000746 SUTRISNO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000747 10000747 RAIS Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000748 10000748 SUNGKONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000750 10000750 ARIS YULIATI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000752 10000752 BUDI PRASETYO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000754 10000754 AMIR MAHMUD SUBANDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000755 10000755 WAHYUDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000761 10000761 KUSMANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000763 10000763 JUHAELIYAH Failed Fishing
0122011P10000765 10000765 RUDI HARTONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000766 10000766 PAHODI Passed Fishing
0122011P10000768 10000768 HARI SAHARI Passed Fishing
0122011P10000769 10000769 SUPARDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000770 10000770 FAIZAL Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000772 10000772 JAMALUDIN ASBUKH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000773 10000773 SURANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000775 10000775 KHOERON Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000776 10000776 AMSI SIRWANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000780 10000780 MARTONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000781 10000781 ROSITA CAHYANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000782 10000782 LIYA RUDIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000784 10000784 PURWADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000785 10000785 DEDEN HAMDANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000786 10000786 WASUDIN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000787 10000787 NUR ROHMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000788 10000788 AYATLLLOH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000789 10000789 NURYASIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000790 10000790 NANANG WIDIYANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000791 10000791 AGUSTINUS GIYARTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000792 10000792 NANIK WINDIARTI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000793 10000793 YUSUP SAPUTRA Passed Fishing
0122011P10000794 10000794 MUHAMMAD MUSLIM Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000796 10000796 BUHORI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000798 10000798 URIP Passed Fishing
0122011P10000800 10000800 KHOTIB HAMDANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000802 10000802 MUHAMMAD ARI SANDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000803 10000803 AAN RESMANAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000805 10000805 TRIO LUKMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000806 10000806 BUDIANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000808 10000808 TAPROJI Passed Fishing
0122011P10000811 10000811 AYUB SULAEMAN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000812 10000812 SUKAMTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000814 10000814 SUKILIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000815 10000815 BADRUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000816 10000816 UJANG BADRUZZAMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000817 10000817 ALI MASLUR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000818 10000818 SURILAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000819 10000819 PUJI SANTOSO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000820 10000820 RITO ERVANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000821 10000821 TANIAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000822 10000822 ENDI SUNANDAR Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000823 10000823 RUQOYAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000824 10000824 KUSMIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000825 10000825 WIKEN SURANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000826 10000826 IDA FARIDAH BTSLAMET Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000828 10000828 WAHYONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000833 10000833 MUHAMMAD ADZIM Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000834 10000834 DIDIK PURWANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000835 10000835 MUHAMAD NASIR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000837 10000837 DWI FERI HANDRA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000838 10000838 DUROIP Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000839 10000839 JAMAL ARIFIN ADIYANTORO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000840 10000840 DIAN RISTANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000841 10000841 ABRONI Failed Fishing
0122011P10000844 10000844 NANANG SETIYONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000845 10000845 LIA VIBRIANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000846 10000846 SURATMAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000847 10000847 ANDHI WIDIYATMOKO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000848 10000848 MOH AKHSAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000851 10000851 HARUN Passed Fishing
0122011P10000853 10000853 SOLEH Failed Fishing
0122011P10000854 10000854 DORIS DWIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000855 10000855 KARMAN KAMARUDDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000856 10000856 WARDOYO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000858 10000858 MUH ZAINURI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000860 10000860 KUSNO WIDIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000861 10000861 RINTO Passed Fishing
0122011P10000864 10000864 ISWANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000865 10000865 ANUAR KADIR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000868 10000868 SUNANTO Failed Fishing
0122011P10000870 10000870 ANDRI YULIYANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000871 10000871 SUPRIYATNO Failed Fishing
0122011P10000872 10000872 KASTONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000873 10000873 TRIN HARDIANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000875 10000875 KUSNAYA TOMIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000878 10000878 ARIZON Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000881 10000881 INDARNO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000885 10000885 ALI IMRON Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000886 10000886 FAJAR SODIQ Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000890 10000890 AZIS ZAMRONI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000891 10000891 MARLANHIDAYAT Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000893 10000893 ANTON MARKOSI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000895 10000895 BUDI SETIAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000896 10000896 ZUHIRMANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000897 10000897 AMIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000898 10000898 JAPIN TORO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000902 10000902 AGUS Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000904 10000904 SISWANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000906 10000906 RUDIN Failed Fishing
0122011P10000907 10000907 ALIP ANDI HARTANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000908 10000908 DEPI WANTRI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000909 10000909 IKHSAN SUGIHARTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000910 10000910 MUHAMMAD SYAFEI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000911 10000911 NAZMUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000912 10000912 CHAIDAR ALI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000913 10000913 SUNARDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000914 10000914 ARIFIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000916 10000916 KANDEG Passed Fishing
0122011P10000918 10000918 TURYONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000921 10000921 MUHAMMAD YANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000922 10000922 DWI NURSETYANINGSIH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000925 10000925 RINO SUGIANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000926 10000926 ENDAMG IRAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000927 10000927 ROHIMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000930 10000930 MUHAMMAD RIFKI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000931 10000931 SOHABAT Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000932 10000932 DADAN DANARA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000933 10000933 HADI HIRAWAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000934 10000934 ASEP ROMANSYAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000935 10000935 KOMSATUN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000936 10000936 CASTRO Passed Fishing
0122011P10000938 10000938 AGUS SETIAWAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000939 10000939 DANI ISMAIL Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000941 10000941 DARTIO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000942 10000942 MOHAMAD NGAFIF Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000944 10000944 ZAINAL ABIDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000945 10000945 MUHAMAD ARIFIN Failed Fishing
0122011P10000946 10000946 ARNITA RASYAYANTI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000948 10000948 SYAHRUDIN BN MADUN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000949 10000949 MUHAMMAD MUKHLAS Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000953 10000953 SEPTANI RAHMAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000955 10000955 HISAM RAHMAT Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000956 10000956 APRIADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000958 10000958 KUSERI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000961 10000961 ROBANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000962 10000962 ALAMSYAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000963 10000963 NUR HAMIM Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000964 10000964 MURTINI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000965 10000965 NASA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000966 10000966 FUAD SURAKHMAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000967 10000967 AKHMAD ABDUL MUFID Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000970 10000970 DWI PRIHARTONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000971 10000971 SAMSUL TOHARI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000972 10000972 FARIS SYAIFUL AMAR Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000973 10000973 MUFID Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000975 10000975 ANDI SUTRISNO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000978 10000978 MUHAMMAD YUSUF RIFA I Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000983 10000983 SURIP Failed Fishing
0122011P10000984 10000984 DAYANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10000985 10000985 YUSIRMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000988 10000988 NURXHOLIS Passed Fishing
0122011P10000991 10000991 SUTIMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000993 10000993 IWAN RUHAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000994 10000994 WIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000995 10000995 MUAJI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10000998 10000998 WANJI PRONIKO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001001 10001001 TONI WIDJANARTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001002 10001002 ADI YANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001003 10001003 SURAJI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001004 10001004 AGIT SAGITA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001005 10001005 TRY SUBANDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001006 10001006 NANDANG HERDIANA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001008 10001008 AGUS SUGIARTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001010 10001010 DANIAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001011 10001011 RAFI MULYANA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001012 10001012 DARNO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001013 10001013 SUKRONI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001014 10001014 DODI TRIYADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001015 10001015 TARMUDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001016 10001016 IMAM ZAZULI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001017 10001017 HADIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001018 10001018 DANU SUJARWO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001020 10001020 JAMALUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001021 10001021 HENDI RUBIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001023 10001023 KHAERUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001025 10001025 TARTIWAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001026 10001026 ASIH PURWATI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001028 10001028 ABDUL SYUKUR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001029 10001029 KUNAWI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001031 10001031 DADIK HERMANSYAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001033 10001033 TAKWADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001034 10001034 MASBUKIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001036 10001036 TITIN SUSILAWATI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001038 10001038 MUHAMAD NURHADI Failed Fishing
0122011P10001039 10001039 NURKASAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001041 10001041 RAHMAT ERI APRILIANSA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001043 10001043 NAJMUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001045 10001045 DARSO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001048 10001048 ROSIDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001049 10001049 RIZAL RAMDHANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001051 10001051 MU MIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001053 10001053 KARMAT Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001056 10001056 AGUS PANCA PUTRA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001057 10001057 ANDI AFFANDI ST Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001058 10001058 WIHARTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001061 10001061 MULYONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001063 10001063 MA RUF Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001064 10001064 HARYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001065 10001065 IRMAN JOYO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001066 10001066 HERYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001068 10001068 TAKYUNI BIN MUHITH ASAKUR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001069 10001069 YUDI PRIYANA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001070 10001070 TINGGAL PRIHATIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001073 10001073 BUDIMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001074 10001074 MURDIYANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001075 10001075 TAHAJI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001079 10001079 RUHIMAT Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001080 10001080 ANTONI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001081 10001081 TANILAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001084 10001084 DANI HAMDANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001086 10001086 MOHAMMAD RIYANDI PRANANTA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001087 10001087 WILDAN FARHANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001088 10001088 ASPANDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001089 10001089 RISYAN ALIM Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001091 10001091 SOLEK Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001093 10001093 MUHAMMAD SAEFUL SIYAM Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001096 10001096 MASKUDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001097 10001097 DIAN SEPTIADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001098 10001098 MOHAMAD JUHRI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001100 10001100 PARID Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001101 10001101 HENDRIZON Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001102 10001102 ZULKIFLI RAMADHAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001103 10001103 VIOLIN THINA ANGGRAINI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001108 10001108 SUPARDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001109 10001109 TRI ANANTA AGUS WIBOWO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001111 10001111 WAHIDIN SULAEMAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001112 10001112 MULYONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001113 10001113 REPLIN EDIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001114 10001114 DANANG PUTRA PRABOWO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001115 10001115 JAJANG HADI SASMITO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001116 10001116 ALI KOMSIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001118 10001118 RIKI SUSANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001119 10001119 SRI MULYANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001121 10001121 SUPRIYANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001131 10001131 DADAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001132 10001132 FATCHU ROKMAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001133 10001133 ALI NURDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001137 10001137 TSABIT ABDUL QODIIRAR Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001138 10001138 WAIS Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001141 10001141 WIWIN SUNARNI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001142 10001142 CECEP KOSWAYA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001145 10001145 SYILVI NURUL AZMI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001146 10001146 IMAM SANTOSO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001148 10001148 HADI ISMANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001151 10001151 WISNU KENCANA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001153 10001153 KANAN Failed Fishing
0122011P10001154 10001154 NUR ROHMAN SAPTADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001155 10001155 LUKMAN Failed Fishing
0122011P10001156 10001156 SAHA BUDDIN SUPU Failed Fishing
0122011P10001158 10001158 WIWIN HIDAYATI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001159 10001159 SUDARMI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001160 10001160 ERNI SETYOWATI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001161 10001161 MULYADI Passed Fishing
0122011P10001162 10001162 PONIDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001163 10001163 SOPIAN JAMIL Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001164 10001164 CECEP SOPARDIANA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001165 10001165 WARYONO BIN DUNIAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001166 10001166 BUSLI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001167 10001167 NOPI ANDRIANA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001168 10001168 YANTI YENI RACHMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001169 10001169 HERI HERIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001171 10001171 ZAENAL ARIFIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001174 10001174 TITIN ANDAYANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001175 10001175 MUHAMMAD ALI FADLULLAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001176 10001176 YASIR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001178 10001178 AKHMAD SEKHUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001179 10001179 MUHAMMAD ISA MUKHLIS Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001181 10001181 OGI SUSANDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001182 10001182 JARNO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001183 10001183 MUHAMAD ILYAS ANWARI Failed Fishing
0122011P10001186 10001186 YUYUN FATMAWATI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001188 10001188 HASANUDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001191 10001191 PATONI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001192 10001192 JEJEN ROHENDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001193 10001193 ANDI PRASTYONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001194 10001194 SUGIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001195 10001195 NUGRAHA EKA SUSANTA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001196 10001196 JAELANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001198 10001198 AHMAD PUJIONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001200 10001200 YAYAT RUHYAT Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001201 10001201 ADHAM ANGGARA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001202 10001202 EDY WARSITO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001203 10001203 DURAHMAN B H HARTO Failed Fishing
0122011P10001205 10001205 NURJANAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001206 10001206 SLAMET MULYADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001209 10001209 ASEP WIHANA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001210 10001210 SUSTARO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001211 10001211 AHMAD ABDUL MAJID Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001212 10001212 LIA ROLIYA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001213 10001213 PRIMADONA LAURIN ELSI SAODA MALAU Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001214 10001214 RANDY RUSTANDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001215 10001215 MULYONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001218 10001218 SADIKIN SLAMET Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001219 10001219 AJI SABANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001221 10001221 FATIHAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001223 10001223 NASORI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001224 10001224 RUDI RAMDANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001225 10001225 MUYASIR Failed Fishing
0122011P10001226 10001226 WIRYO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001227 10001227 RAHMAT Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001228 10001228 WADIAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001229 10001229 IWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001230 10001230 KAMALUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001231 10001231 WIWIN AAN ROHIANA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001232 10001232 NURROHMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001233 10001233 RUNILAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001235 10001235 GIGIH NUGRAHANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001236 10001236 HENDRIANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001237 10001237 TOMI SUSANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001238 10001238 KARYADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001239 10001239 NUNU SANUSI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001241 10001241 WANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001243 10001243 WIDI WIDODO Passed Fishing
0122011P10001244 10001244 DINDIN HAMDANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001245 10001245 KHAERUL UMAM Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001246 10001246 MELAWATI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001251 10001251 MUSLIKHUN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001253 10001253 CASMIDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001256 10001256 MUHAIMIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001258 10001258 SUTRISNO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001259 10001259 RAHMAT HENDAYANA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001262 10001262 RIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001263 10001263 EDY PURWONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001265 10001265 PRIYAN APRIYAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001266 10001266 SUTRISNO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001267 10001267 RAHMAD HERMAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001268 10001268 AHMAD MUNFARIZ Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001271 10001271 MARIFAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001273 10001273 JAENAL ARIFIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001275 10001275 AKHMAD ZAELANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001276 10001276 SUTRISNO WIDODO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001277 10001277 ALI ALIMIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001278 10001278 MUHAMAD TOHARI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001282 10001282 EVA ROBIYANTI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001283 10001283 BAGUS SANTOSO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001284 10001284 DANI IRAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001285 10001285 SAIFULLAH BIN HATIMI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001286 10001286 JUNAEDI Failed Fishing
0122011P10001288 10001288 TASLIM Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001290 10001290 AJANG NUTJAMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001292 10001292 YANTO HERYANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001293 10001293 SARNITA Passed Fishing
0122011P10001294 10001294 SANDI SATIYA DHARMA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001295 10001295 PUJIANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001296 10001296 ABDUL LUKMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001297 10001297 JALALUDIN Passed Fishing
0122011P10001298 10001298 DADAN DAENURI Failed Fishing
0122011P10001299 10001299 AGUS MULYANA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001301 10001301 BARI PERMANA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001302 10001302 ROHBY TAUBAH RIDHO Passed Fishing
0122011P10001303 10001303 PANDE MADE MANDIASA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001304 10001304 AHMAD ABDUN NASIR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001305 10001305 IRPAN PIRDADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001307 10001307 AGUS SARIPUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001310 10001310 TATA PRANATA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001311 10001311 BUDI SANTOSO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001312 10001312 YAYAN SONJAYA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001314 10001314 SANDRI SUTIAWAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001315 10001315 HENDRA KUSWANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001316 10001316 MUKAROM Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001317 10001317 MOHAMAD SOLIKIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001319 10001319 IHSAN FURQON Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001320 10001320 AEP SIHABUDIN Passed Fishing
0122011P10001321 10001321 SITI MUTMAINAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001322 10001322 UNI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001324 10001324 ANDI RIYAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001325 10001325 ASEP ALFUSAENI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001327 10001327 NUNUNG HERMANDY Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001328 10001328 EKO HERI CAHYONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001330 10001330 ANDRI SUCIPTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001331 10001331 AAN JUNAENI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001333 10001333 HARYADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001334 10001334 GANJAR GERHANA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001335 10001335 MUH AMBARI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001336 10001336 WIDAYAT Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001337 10001337 ACEP TAUFIK HENDARSYAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001338 10001338 AHMAD CHODIR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001339 10001339 ANDRI KARISMA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001340 10001340 LENI HENDAYANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001341 10001341 NUGROHO WIDI ANTONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001342 10001342 LILI SUPRIATNA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001343 10001343 RUDIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001345 10001345 INSAN DEWANI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001347 10001347 ASEP NURMAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001348 10001348 CATUR HARI MULYONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001349 10001349 AANG ALI RAHMAT Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001350 10001350 DANI SLAMET MULYADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001351 10001351 SAELANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001352 10001352 GUGUN HERMAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001353 10001353 IWAN JASWADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001354 10001354 SANDI NURPALAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001355 10001355 SUGIYARTA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001357 10001357 YERI KURNIA KUSMAWAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001359 10001359 DADAN HENDARIN Passed Fishing
0122011P10001361 10001361 INKA PAMELA SARAGIH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001363 10001363 HULI SURONO Passed Fishing
0122011P10001364 10001364 SOLEHUDIN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001367 10001367 SANSAN SANTANA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001368 10001368 AHMADYANI Passed Fishing
0122011P10001371 10001371 ABDULLOH RIDWAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001373 10001373 DARSONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001375 10001375 FERI AFANDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001376 10001376 HARIYANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001377 10001377 DIKDIK Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001378 10001378 HERI SISWANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001379 10001379 YUSUP SUTISNA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001380 10001380 TURYONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001381 10001381 SUBANDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001382 10001382 ENDUT ADITYA PRADIKA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001383 10001383 SUKISNO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001385 10001385 WENDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001386 10001386 BAYU RENGGANA Passed Fishing
0122011P10001387 10001387 RERIN SUMIATI BT JENAL ABIDIN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001388 10001388 SUPRI YANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001389 10001389 DIDAN PAHRUDIN BIN EMAN Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001393 10001393 ALI IBROHIM Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001394 10001394 FITRIANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001396 10001396 HARRIS Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001397 10001397 UNGSIATI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001398 10001398 SAREAT Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001399 10001399 AMBAR PUJIARTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001401 10001401 SRI WAHYUNI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001405 10001405 TAMSIYAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001406 10001406 YULIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001407 10001407 BAMBANG SETYOBUDI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001408 10001408 SUNARTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001409 10001409 SUDARMO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001412 10001412 SAIFUDIN ANSHORI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001413 10001413 LISHANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001414 10001414 BAMBANG SUTIYONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001415 10001415 AMIR HAMZAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001416 10001416 MISWANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001418 10001418 SUKIRMAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001420 10001420 YOYOK NUGROHO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001422 10001422 AGUS PURNOMO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001423 10001423 SANGIDUN Passed Fishing
0122011P10001425 10001425 CASMUDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001426 10001426 MARETA ZANDINI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001429 10001429 ENDRIK SANTOSO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001431 10001431 SAMSUL BAKHRI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001432 10001432 SOFYAN ARIS Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001435 10001435 LIES SAODAH CHAL SALEH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001436 10001436 SIVONDEN BOYVOL Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001437 10001437 ROY Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001438 10001438 MAWARDI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001441 10001441 ALIMUDIN FIRMANSYAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001445 10001445 SUTRIYONO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001449 10001449 CIPTO PRAMONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001452 10001452 TAMBAH WIDODO SLAMET Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001453 10001453 DONI FIRWANDI MARZUF Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001454 10001454 TATIK Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001457 10001457 RAYUS Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001458 10001458 JUWARI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001461 10001461 ACHMAD ANWAR Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001467 10001467 SAHRUL ANAM Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001469 10001469 HARIYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001471 10001471 EKO NANANG WAHYUDI Passed Fishing
0122011P10001472 10001472 BUDIONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001476 10001476 YUNI SISWATI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001477 10001477 RUSTAMAJI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001478 10001478 TATANG PERMANA Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001480 10001480 JAMARIAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001482 10001482 SUKARNAWADI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001484 10001484 SYAMSUL HADI Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001485 10001485 HADI KUSNAENI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001488 10001488 SUSANTO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001493 10001493 SAPANI Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001498 10001498 NUNUNG HUSNUL HOTIMAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001502 10001502 ANDI PRISTIONO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001504 10001504 MULYANTO Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001505 10001505 BUDI SANTOSO Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001506 10001506 LURI AMBARA Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001508 10001508 RABYAN Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001512 10001512 KIKI ANDRIANSYAH Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001513 10001513 NURALIYAH Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001515 10001515 ALI MAHTUM Passed Manufacturing
0122011P10001516 10001516 NYAYU AFIFAH POPY A Failed Manufacturing
0122011P10001518 10001518 SEKAR JAN JAM Passed Manufacturing


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