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0122013P10011370 10011370 KETUT BUDIARTAWAN Fishery
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0122013P10011434 10011434 MUHAMMAD NUR Fishery
0122013P10011438 10011438 JANA FIRMANSYAH Fishery
0122013P10011440 10011440 DEDE SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10011450 10011450 YUDI PRIATNA Fishery
0122013P10011462 10011462 ELI Fishery
0122013P10011494 10011494 MUKMIN Fishery
0122013P10011497 10011497 KANAM Fishery
0122013P10011507 10011507 EVAN FADILLAH Fishery
0122013P10011521 10011521 JUMARI Fishery
0122013P10011523 10011523 KARMANTO MAWI Fishery
0122013P10011526 10011526 WARSADI Fishery
0122013P10011533 10011533 RENDI Fishery
0122013P10011535 10011535 SOBIRIN WARGI Fishery
0122013P10011539 10011539 SUHERMAN Fishery
0122013P10011542 10011542 TOHID TATANG HIDAYAT Fishery
0122013P10011544 10011544 SLAMET SUSANTO Fishery
0122013P10011550 10011550 SUHADI Fishery
0122013P10011552 10011552 DURAJAK Fishery
0122013P10011557 10011557 MANAN KASAN Fishery
0122013P10011563 10011563 RIVAL RIVALDI Fishery
0122013P10011613 10011613 DAMUN Fishery
0122013P10011616 10011616 DEDE SUPRIYADI Fishery
0122013P10011620 10011620 DEDI SUGIARTO Fishery
0122013P10011624 10011624 SUNARYO Fishery
0122013P10011632 10011632 YUDI IRAWAN Fishery
0122013P10011633 10011633 YUSUF Fishery
0122013P10011639 10011639 ENDI Fishery
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0122013P10011647 10011647 ADE HOLID Fishery
0122013P10011654 10011654 ROBI NUGRAHA Fishery
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0122013P10011658 10011658 SAHUDI Fishery
0122013P10011659 10011659 SALIM Fishery
0122013P10011663 10011663 SAPINGI Fishery
0122013P10011670 10011670 SOPYAN Fishery
0122013P10011671 10011671 SRI KURNIYA Fishery
0122013P10011672 10011672 SUKIMAN Fishery
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0122013P10011680 10011680 SURYADI Fishery
0122013P10011692 10011692 WAHYOND Fishery
0122013P10011694 10011694 WAWAN SETIYAWAN Fishery
0122013P10011699 10011699 MUSTOFA Fishery
0122013P10011700 10011700 NANANG SUAEDI Fishery
0122013P10011704 10011704 NUR YUSUF Fishery
0122013P10011706 10011706 NURJAI Fishery
0122013P10011707 10011707 NUROCHMAN.T Fishery
0122013P10011711 10011711 R. ADI IWAN JAYADI Fishery
0122013P10011715 10011715 MOHAMAD IRFAN Fishery
0122013P10011730 10011730 MISTA Fishery
0122013P10011803 10011803 AHMAD FAISOL RIZAL Fishery
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0122013P10011848 10011848 RIDWAN MALIK Fishery
0122013P10011850 10011850 ANDRIO Fishery
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0122013P10011853 10011853 IING MAFTUHIN Fishery
0122013P10011855 10011855 DEDEN SUHERMAN Fishery
0122013P10011857 10011857 ARI HARSONO Fishery
0122013P10011917 10011917 MUZAYYIN QAMAR Fishery
0122013P10011919 10011919 TARMIZI Fishery
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0122013P10011946 10011946 SATRIADI Fishery
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0122013P10012357 10012357 NURHADI IRAWAN Fishery
0122013P10012381 10012381 IMAM SYAFII Fishery
0122013P10012383 10012383 DEDE HERI BUDIYANTO Fishery
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0122013P10012422 10012422 MUHAMAD UBAIDILLAH Fishery
0122013P10012423 10012423 IRYANTO Fishery
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0122013P10012633 10012633 GUS IMAN MUKSIN Fishery
0122013P10012664 10012664 JUBAEDI Fishery
0122013P10012666 10012666 RUMSIAH Fishery
0122013P10012678 10012678 SUTARNO Fishery
0122013P10012682 10012682 RASMITA Fishery
0122013P10012706 10012706 RASTAM Fishery
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0122013P10012812 10012812 KHOLID IBRAHIM Fishery
0122013P10012816 10012816 SOBIRIN Fishery
0122013P10012820 10012820 ZIXKY ANDREAN Fishery
0122013P10012822 10012822 SUDONO Fishery
0122013P10012827 10012827 SELFI APRIYANI Fishery
0122013P10012849 10012849 YULIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10012865 10012865 WAHYU Fishery
0122013P10012874 10012874 WAHYU Fishery
0122013P10012883 10012883 ASEP GUNAWAN Fishery
0122013P10012911 10012911 TONI Fishery
0122013P10012912 10012912 ERMAWAN Fishery
0122013P10013026 10013026 SUPARMAN Fishery
0122013P10013196 10013196 RUDI HARYANTO Fishery
0122013P10013205 10013205 RASIKIN Fishery
0122013P10013328 10013328 WINARSO Fishery
0122013P10013332 10013332 WARYOGI Fishery
0122013P10013439 10013439 JULIANTO Fishery
0122013P10013462 10013462 YUHANIFAH Fishery
0122013P10013471 10013471 MUHAMMAD AMIR ABDULLAH Fishery
0122013P10013473 10013473 IKHSANUDDIN Fishery
0122013P10013474 10013474 MUHAMAD ASARIP DURAHMAN Fishery
0122013P10013476 10013476 RUDIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10013538 10013538 ISMAIL Fishery
0122013P10013539 10013539 CAHYA AHMAD SAEHU Fishery
0122013P10013541 10013541 NURDIAH APRILIANI Fishery
0122013P10016004 10016004 LUKITO KARTO DWI SARTIKO Fishery
0122013P10016007 10016007 MUHAMMAD TRI PURWANT O Fishery
0122013P10016143 10016143 WAWAN SUSANTO Fishery
0122013P10016211 10016211 ADI NUGROHO Fishery
0122013P10016214 10016214 ASEP YUNIANTO Fishery
0122013P10016266 10016266 SUSIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10016274 10016274 SUHERNO Fishery
0122013P10016287 10016287 NASRODIN Fishery
0122013P10016307 10016307 MURSID Fishery
0122013P10016318 10016318 ACHMAD SUUD Fishery
0122013P10016372 10016372 ANDI ANWAR HUDA Fishery
0122013P10016375 10016375 TATAK RIYADI Fishery
0122013P10016391 10016391 ERON RUSIANA Fishery
0122013P10016460 10016460 SUBARI Fishery
0122013P10016479 10016479 PIPIT PIDIYANTORO Fishery
0122013P10016493 10016493 DIYAS DINAR HENDRATNO Fishery
0122013P10016521 10016521 TEGUH WALUYO Fishery
0122013P10016526 10016526 SHOLIKHIN Fishery
0122013P10016543 10016543 MASRUR SAPTO PAMUNGKAS Fishery
0122013P10016556 10016556 NGAIN Fishery
0122013P10016580 10016580 MUAMMAR ROSYID Fishery
0122013P10016600 10016600 PULUNG GALIH ASMORO Fishery
0122013P10016674 10016674 JUPRIKUSWANTO Fishery
0122013P10016813 10016813 SURAHMAN Fishery
0122013P10016859 10016859 ROCHMAD Fishery
0122013P10016862 10016862 SRIYADI Fishery
0122013P10016933 10016933 WIWIT SRI RAHAYU Fishery
0122013P10016990 10016990 ANDRI GALUH SUPRIYADI Fishery
0122013P10017032 10017032 ALI SUPRIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10017056 10017056 BUDIYONO Fishery
0122013P10017077 10017077 JUN ARIS SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10017102 10017102 WAHIDIN Fishery
0122013P10017106 10017106 HERI REJKI SIPAHUTAR Fishery
0122013P10017145 10017145 M IMAM SUTRISNO Fishery
0122013P10017157 10017157 NURMAN PURWADI Fishery
0122013P10017174 10017174 PARUHUM HATIGORAN HUTAJULU Fishery
0122013P10017256 10017256 SAKIYO Fishery
0122013P10017304 10017304 SUHARSONO Fishery
0122013P10017306 10017306 MUH WARJIMAN Fishery
0122013P10017341 10017341 JADI MAHADI Fishery
0122013P10017424 10017424 SLAMET RIYADI Fishery
0122013P10017430 10017430 HADI PRIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10017464 10017464 DEBBY WARDANA Fishery
0122013P10017467 10017467 KUSNAEDI Fishery
0122013P10017477 10017477 TEGUH PRASTIYO Fishery
0122013P10017542 10017542 MAKSUM Fishery
0122013P10017544 10017544 EMYE GANAN SANATA DEWA Fishery
0122013P10017553 10017553 NGATEMO Fishery
0122013P10017676 10017676 SITI NURLATIFAH MUNFARIKAH Fishery
0122013P10017685 10017685 DIMAS HARIANTO Fishery
0122013P10017696 10017696 CALIK MUJIYANTORO Fishery
0122013P10017698 10017698 MUHAMAD ALIP Fishery
0122013P10017736 10017736 SUPRIADI Fishery
0122013P10017753 10017753 BCYADI Fishery
0122013P10017803 10017803 RISTIANINGSIH Fishery
0122013P10017833 10017833 KASMADI Fishery
0122013P10017836 10017836 WAHYUDIONO Fishery
0122013P10017842 10017842 AGUS SUMAWAN Fishery
0122013P10017843 10017843 AGUS DHONI ARIFAT Fishery
0122013P10017853 10017853 ZUNAIDI Fishery
0122013P10017861 10017861 SARIFUDIN Fishery
0122013P10017862 10017862 RUDIANTO Fishery
0122013P10017864 10017864 DANANG TRI WAHYUDI Fishery
0122013P10017865 10017865 PAULUS ANDI NUGROHO Fishery
0122013P10017867 10017867 ROHMAT HERIANTO Fishery
0122013P10017870 10017870 MEGA PRASETYA Fishery
0122013P10017877 10017877 RIO HARIJANTO Fishery
0122013P10017879 10017879 BAYU SURAHMANTO Fishery
0122013P10017880 10017880 MISNAWATY Fishery
0122013P10017881 10017881 MUCHTAR Fishery
0122013P10017882 10017882 JIONO Fishery
0122013P10017883 10017883 MAKRUB Fishery
0122013P10017884 10017884 MAHFUD EFENDI ARIS SUHUD Fishery
0122013P10017886 10017886 BUOY SANTOSO Fishery
0122013P10017887 10017887 HENDRIK GUNARTO Fishery
0122013P10017889 10017889 AHMAA AZIE Fishery
0122013P10017890 10017890 SUDARSONO Fishery
0122013P10017891 10017891 SUPRIATI Fishery
0122013P10017892 10017892 NUGROHO KRISTRIYANTOWIBOWO Fishery
0122013P10017893 10017893 SUJONO Fishery
0122013P10017894 10017894 MISBAHUL MUNIR Fishery
0122013P10017895 10017895 KAYADI Fishery
0122013P10017896 10017896 NURKOLIS Fishery
0122013P10017906 10017906 ARIS SISWANTO Fishery
0122013P10017907 10017907 DAVID YUSFRIYANTORO Fishery
0122013P10017918 10017918 EDI SANTOSO Fishery
0122013P10017928 10017928 JAINURI Fishery
0122013P10017943 10017943 RUDIANTO Fishery
0122013P10017957 10017957 SUPRIONO Fishery
0122013P10018011 10018011 FEBRI ADIB PRASETIYO Fishery
0122013P10018021 10018021 MUHAMMAD IRFAI Fishery
0122013P10018083 10018083 EKO SUWONDO Fishery
0122013P10018141 10018141 TRI HARYADI Fishery
0122013P10018159 10018159 AHMAD SODIKIN Fishery
0122013P10018182 10018182 SUYITNO Fishery
0122013P10018215 10018215 SOLIKHUN BADRIANTO Fishery
0122013P10018261 10018261 ALI WARDANI Fishery
0122013P10018279 10018279 ARIEF HIDAYATULOH Fishery
0122013P10018293 10018293 HARUN AL RASYID Fishery
0122013P10018307 10018307 RASIM Fishery
0122013P10018313 10018313 SLAMET HARTANTO Fishery
0122013P10018324 10018324 BUDI PRAYITNO Fishery
0122013P10018332 10018332 HOSIKIN Fishery
0122013P10018338 10018338 KERI SANTOSO Fishery
0122013P10018340 10018340 MAHFUL INTAN PANCA PURNAMA Fishery
0122013P10018357 10018357 SAEFUL AMIR Fishery
0122013P10018378 10018378 EDI SUPRAPTOHO Fishery
0122013P10019029 10019029 MUHAMMAD SHOBIRIN Fishery
0122013P10019034 10019034 ANDIK WAHYU WICAKSONO Fishery
0122013P10019036 10019036 M. NUZILA HAKIM CAHYONO Fishery
0122013P10019037 10019037 ADI CAHYONO Fishery
0122013P10019044 10019044 ABDUL WAHAB Fishery
0122013P10019088 10019088 WASIS SUGIANTO Fishery
0122013P10019097 10019097 ARTS SUSANTO Fishery
0122013P10019125 10019125 SUBARI Fishery
0122013P10019126 10019126 SUDIRO DIBYO Fishery
0122013P10019135 10019135 KUSMIYADI Fishery
0122013P10019151 10019151 ABDUL LATIF Fishery
0122013P10019154 10019154 FAOJAN Fishery
0122013P10019229 10019229 SUPRIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10019233 10019233 TONI WIHARYANTO Fishery
0122013P10019418 10019418 AGUNG SAPUTRO Fishery
0122013P10019432 10019432 DANIEL INDRA KURNIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10019447 10019447 KHANIFUDIN Fishery
0122013P10019454 10019454 MOH.SYAMSUDIN Fishery
0122013P10019483 10019483 SANAJI Fishery
0122013P10019492 10019492 JUPRI Fishery
0122013P10019496 10019496 ERIK MEI LENDRA Fishery
0122013P10019497 10019497 EDI SUWARNO Fishery
0122013P10019518 10019518 SRI KUNCORO Fishery
0122013P10019519 10019519 NUR ICHSAN Fishery
0122013P10019538 10019538 BAMBANG SUKOCO Fishery
0122013P10019540 10019540 SETIYO BUDI SANTOSO Fishery
0122013P10019544 10019544 BAYU PRASETYO AJI Fishery
0122013P10019561 10019561 ALI SUPAAT Fishery
0122013P10019573 10019573 WAHID HASIM Fishery
0122013P10019577 10019577 YANU ARIFIN Fishery
0122013P10019585 10019585 MUHAMMAD NUR HADI Fishery
0122013P10019591 10019591 RAHMAT IMAM MAHMUDI Fishery
0122013P10019599 10019599 MOHTAR SOFINGI Fishery
0122013P10019609 10019609 SOBIRIN Fishery
0122013P10019613 10019613 EKO SUTRISNO Fishery
0122013P10019622 10019622 AHMAD NUR ALI Fishery
0122013P10019660 10019660 BAMBANG SUGIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10019661 10019661 ARIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10019662 10019662 AJI ANADAYU Fishery
0122013P10019663 10019663 MUHAMMAD ARDIANTO Fishery
0122013P10019665 10019665 SUKARDI Fishery
0122013P10019667 10019667 ROHMAN ROHIM Fishery
0122013P10019669 10019669 ASHURI Fishery
0122013P10019670 10019670 ISMAIL SHOLEH Fishery
0122013P10019672 10019672 AHMAD ROCHANI Fishery
0122013P10019673 10019673 PRASETYO IKHSANI Fishery
0122013P10019686 10019686 OKVITA TRI SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10019688 10019688 PRIHATIN Fishery
0122013P10019701 10019701 EKO SUKARNO Fishery
0122013P10019708 10019708 SRIYADI Fishery
0122013P10019711 10019711 LEGOWO Fishery
0122013P10019713 10019713 SUGIYONO Fishery
0122013P10019716 10019716 DWI KRISDIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10019717 10019717 ARFAN ADI PRATAMA Fishery
0122013P10019718 10019718 MSOLIKHIN Fishery
0122013P10019727 10019727 ZAINI AHMAD Fishery
0122013P10019736 10019736 BUDIYONO Fishery
0122013P10019743 10019743 EDI DHARMA PUTRA Fishery
0122013P10019748 10019748 ARIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10019749 10019749 ARIYANTO MEKEN Fishery
0122013P10019751 10019751 EKSAN MAHMUDI Fishery
0122013P10019759 10019759 TRI BUDIYONO Fishery
0122013P10019778 10019778 WIYOTO Fishery
0122013P10019792 10019792 BENY FATKUROCHMAN Fishery
0122013P10019802 10019802 MUHAMMAD AKIL Fishery
0122013P10019810 10019810 HARIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10019812 10019812 ARI SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10019814 10019814 MUHAMMAD NASTAIN Fishery
0122013P10019822 10019822 SELAMET BUDIONO Fishery
0122013P10019826 10019826 PARHAMMUNI Fishery
0122013P10019832 10019832 JUMONO Fishery
0122013P10019834 10019834 NANANG AGUSTOMO Fishery
0122013P10019840 10019840 SURYADI SAPUTRA Fishery
0122013P10019867 10019867 JEPRY SAPUTRA Fishery
0122013P10019885 10019885 HADI BASKORO Fishery
0122013P10019897 10019897 SUPARNO Fishery
0122013P10019913 10019913 WIJI Fishery
0122013P10019925 10019925 KUSMANTO Fishery
0122013P10019942 10019942 SURYA ILA FAJRI Fishery
0122013P10019944 10019944 MUHAMMAD AMGGA ARIFIN Fishery
0122013P10019958 10019958 SUDARMAN Fishery
0122013P10019974 10019974 EKO BUDI UTOMO Fishery
0122013P10020003 10020003 MUHAMMAD KASAN MUNADI Fishery
0122013P10020004 10020004 MUHAMMAD ZAINUNNASIH Fishery
0122013P10020038 10020038 JOKO RAHARJO Fishery
0122013P10020040 10020040 ABDUL DAVIT Fishery
0122013P10020052 10020052 PIPIT PITA SARI Fishery
0122013P10020064 10020064 SOLIKIN ANWAR Fishery
0122013P10020115 10020115 MARDIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10020123 10020123 ADEK SAPUTRA Fishery
0122013P10020168 10020168 TURIMAN Fishery
0122013P10020220 10020220 MUHAMMAD SHODIQ Fishery
0122013P10020297 10020297 BAMBANG SUCIPTO Fishery
0122013P10020491 10020491 SRIYATNA SUBA HANDIKA Fishery
0122013P10020536 10020536 KOJI WIDOKO Fishery
0122013P10020774 10020774 ROHMAD SUSILO HAMDANI Fishery
0122013P10020932 10020932 ALIF SAMSUDIN Fishery
0122013P10020968 10020968 KARYONO Fishery
0122013P10020969 10020969 HERMANTO Fishery
0122013P10021003 10021003 SLAMET DARSONO Fishery
0122013P10021025 10021025 EKO APRIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10021208 10021208 MOH.DEDE HARIANTO Fishery
0122013P10021242 10021242 MUHAMAD ASLIKHUDIN Fishery
0122013P10021323 10021323 ULIL ALBAB Fishery
0122013P10021325 10021325 EDI PURWANTO Fishery
0122013P10021350 10021350 SARTONO Fishery
0122013P10021360 10021360 AHMAD ROSIHIN Fishery
0122013P10021417 10021417 RINA MARTALINA Fishery
0122013P10021465 10021465 WALUYO WIDODO Fishery
0122013P10021515 10021515 AHMAD NUR SAEFRUDIN Fishery
0122013P10021542 10021542 RUMAT Fishery
0122013P10021562 10021562 SAEFUL IBRAHIM Fishery
0122013P10021567 10021567 SUPARNO Fishery
0122013P10021643 10021643 JOKO SUSANTO Fishery
0122013P10021663 10021663 PAULUS LISAL MILYANTO Fishery
0122013P10021674 10021674 AGUS RIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10021682 10021682 SLAMET ROSIANTO Fishery
0122013P10021710 10021710 SWEKO SAPUTRO Fishery
0122013P10021793 10021793 FEBRI AZIZ RANA WIJAYA Fishery
0122013P10021835 10021835 MUKAMAD MUNAWIR Fishery
0122013P10021925 10021925 HARRY HARDWIANTO Fishery
0122013P10021943 10021943 ARI SUDARYANTO Fishery
0122013P10021945 10021945 YATIN WAHYUDI Fishery
0122013P10021996 10021996 IRFAN RHOMDONI Fishery
0122013P10022186 10022186 RENDY JAFFAR Fishery
0122013P10022197 10022197 SAYUDI HIDAYAT Fishery
0122013P10022235 10022235 ARIEF BUDIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10022237 10022237 ARIF YULIANTO Fishery
0122013P10022279 10022279 MUCHLAS BURHANUDIN Fishery
0122013P10022282 10022282 IRWAN SUNARKO Fishery
0122013P10022286 10022286 ERYAN BAGUS GUNTORO Fishery
0122013P10022313 10022313 PARTIWI Fishery
0122013P10022359 10022359 YUDI PRIYONO Fishery
0122013P10022377 10022377 WITAYA Fishery
0122013P10022397 10022397 DWI HARIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10022398 10022398 ALI SUDIRMAN Fishery
0122013P10022413 10022413 AMINUDIN ROSYID Fishery
0122013P10022415 10022415 ARI ISNA JULIANTO Fishery
0122013P10022417 10022417 TRI KUSWANTO Fishery
0122013P10022426 10022426 MUHAMMAD EDI YASKUR Fishery
0122013P10022440 10022440 EDY SANTOSO Fishery
0122013P10022461 10022461 PARYO Fishery
0122013P10022462 10022462 AZINAR ANAS SYAOKANY Fishery
0122013P10022471 10022471 AMAT SUBENDI Fishery
0122013P10022476 10022476 MUHTADI Fishery
0122013P10022478 10022478 MAKHFUDI Fishery
0122013P10022490 10022490 WASKITO AJI Fishery
0122013P10022491 10022491 SLAMET Fishery
0122013P10022535 10022535 AKHMAD SOIM Fishery
0122013P10022557 10022557 MUHAMAD MAGHFUR Fishery
0122013P10022585 10022585 SOPINGI Fishery
0122013P10022592 10022592 HERMANTO Fishery
0122013P10022595 10022595 WINARTO Fishery
0122013P10022608 10022608 NURUL WAHYU ZAINUDIN Fishery
0122013P10022609 10022609 PAIDIONO Fishery
0122013P10022616 10022616 ISWANTO Fishery
0122013P10022617 10022617 YULIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10022631 10022631 ANANG WAHYUDI Fishery
0122013P10022635 10022635 DARMA HENDRA Fishery
0122013P10022641 10022641 ZAINAL ARIFIN Fishery
0122013P10022642 10022642 MUKSIN ALATAS Fishery
0122013P10022645 10022645 STEVANUS EKA YOSI ANDI Fishery
0122013P10022653 10022653 ALIFIN SABAR Fishery
0122013P10022656 10022656 BENY SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10022657 10022657 ERIX NANOK ZAPUTRO Fishery
0122013P10022665 10022665 SITI MUTMAINAH Fishery
0122013P10022666 10022666 FITRI APRIANA Fishery
0122013P10022669 10022669 FITRI RAHAYUNINGRUM Fishery
0122013P10022672 10022672 DANANG TRI WAHONO Fishery
0122013P10022673 10022673 HERU SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10022674 10022674 BUDHI JUNIANTO Fishery
0122013P10022680 10022680 DIDIT MARWOTO Fishery
0122013P10022681 10022681 NUR AINI Fishery
0122013P10022685 10022685 RAHMAT ARDIANTYO PRAKOSO Fishery
0122013P10022686 10022686 ANDY SETYAWAN Fishery
0122013P10022700 10022700 WAWAN GUNADI Fishery
0122013P10022704 10022704 RIKY AGUNG SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10022707 10022707 ROCHANI Fishery
0122013P10022786 10022786 JANUR TRIYATNO Fishery
0122013P10022792 10022792 EKO NUGROHO Fishery
0122013P10022821 10022821 SONY SURYANTO Fishery
0122013P10022837 10022837 SHODIKUL HUDA Fishery
0122013P10022862 10022862 SUWITNO Fishery
0122013P10022876 10022876 SLAMET RIYADI Fishery
0122013P10022893 10022893 SUHUD RIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10022903 10022903 PARYANTO Fishery
0122013P10022959 10022959 HERY WAHYONO Fishery
0122013P10022985 10022985 IRFAN APRILIYANSAH Fishery
0122013P10022988 10022988 SAHIBUL Fishery
0122013P10022989 10022989 AGUS SULKARNAEN Fishery
0122013P10022992 10022992 ANDRI IRAWAN Fishery
0122013P10022998 10022998 RAFIKURRAHMAN Fishery
0122013P10023007 10023007 SAIFUDDIN Fishery
0122013P10023019 10023019 AGUS MASDUKI Fishery
0122013P10023046 10023046 EDI EKO WIRYANTO Fishery
0122013P10023048 10023048 RENDI MAARIFFUDIN Fishery
0122013P10023086 10023086 RESTIONO Fishery
0122013P10023104 10023104 AHMAD FARINDO Fishery
0122013P10023105 10023105 MUH ZAINAL ABIDIN Fishery
0122013P10023106 10023106 DWI SUJATMIKO Fishery
0122013P10023110 10023110 AHMAD ZAKI FUAD Fishery
0122013P10023117 10023117 MUHAMAD NUR AZIZ Fishery
0122013P10023118 10023118 MUHAMMAD ISA Fishery
0122013P10023122 10023122 ARIS SUBKI Fishery
0122013P10023123 10023123 YUDI PRIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10023124 10023124 AGUS RIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10023219 10023219 IMAM SYAIFUDDIN Fishery
0122013P10023223 10023223 TRIONO Fishery
0122013P10023230 10023230 SUROYO Fishery
0122013P10023367 10023367 MAFTUKH RATII Fishery
0122013P10023380 10023380 SIDIK SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10023381 10023381 AZHAR SUROSO Fishery
0122013P10023384 10023384 YUNI RIYADI Fishery
0122013P10023385 10023385 TRIYONO Fishery
0122013P10023387 10023387 FIRMANSYAH Fishery
0122013P10023390 10023390 YUSUP ABIDIN Fishery
0122013P10023397 10023397 RIANDANI HARYANATA Fishery
0122013P10023402 10023402 BUKHARIS Fishery
0122013P10023403 10023403 DIDI DWI PEBRIANTO Fishery
0122013P10023405 10023405 AHMAD MUHOLID Fishery
0122013P10023415 10023415 AGUS SUSWANTO Fishery
0122013P10023418 10023418 SYAMSUL HIDAYAT Fishery
0122013P10023422 10023422 MUHLISIN Fishery
0122013P10023430 10023430 M.KHOTIM FAUZANI Fishery
0122013P10023433 10023433 YAUDIN Fishery
0122013P10023439 10023439 AMIN ROIS Fishery
0122013P10023505 10023505 KHOIRUL MUSTAQIM Fishery
0122013P10023515 10023515 MUJIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10023516 10023516 SAIMURI AHMAD Fishery
0122013P10023537 10023537 ANDRI SETYAWAN Fishery
0122013P10023550 10023550 GALIH ADI SAPUTRA Fishery
0122013P10023551 10023551 EVRI PURWANTO Fishery
0122013P10023554 10023554 EKO SETYO BUDI Fishery
0122013P10023606 10023606 AGUS BUDIYONO Fishery
0122013P10023653 10023653 RAKHMAT Fishery
0122013P10023654 10023654 JANUARI TEGUH RIANTO Fishery
0122013P10023658 10023658 NASUM Fishery
0122013P10023662 10023662 ERDY PURWOKO Fishery
0122013P10023665 10023665 RIAN AJI SAPUTRA Fishery
0122013P10023686 10023686 MUKTOFA CAHYONO Fishery
0122013P10023688 10023688 SLAMET SUHENDI Fishery
0122013P10023694 10023694 SENTOT RIYADI Fishery
0122013P10023702 10023702 YULI EKO WALUYO SAPUTRO Fishery
0122013P10023707 10023707 ARIYATNO Fishery
0122013P10023709 10023709 SUHUD Fishery
0122013P10023750 10023750 SODIKUN Fishery
0122013P10023792 10023792 SUTARMAN Fishery
0122013P10023805 10023805 AHMAD SUGONDO Fishery
0122013P10023997 10023997 BAKRUN Fishery
0122013P10024020 10024020 AKHMAD SODIQ Fishery
0122013P10024108 10024108 SUKRI Fishery
0122013P10024140 10024140 MUHLISIN Fishery
0122013P10024143 10024143 WAHYUDI Fishery
0122013P10024144 10024144 YULIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10024155 10024155 AJI BUDI SAPUTRA Fishery
0122013P10024157 10024157 KHOLIK Fishery
0122013P10024163 10024163 SUPARLAN Fishery
0122013P10024168 10024168 AKUR TRI NUGROHO Fishery
0122013P10024198 10024198 TRI PAMBUDI Fishery
0122013P10024228 10024228 IRWAWAN Fishery
0122013P10024234 10024234 SUGITO Fishery
0122013P10024269 10024269 MANTO Fishery
0122013P10024274 10024274 SETYO BUDI SANTOSO Fishery
0122013P10024278 10024278 SUGIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10024280 10024280 RAGIL RAHARJO Fishery
0122013P10024282 10024282 BAMBANG SATRIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10024310 10024310 MOCH EDDY SANTOSO Fishery
0122013P10024360 10024360 HARIANTO Fishery
0122013P10024416 10024416 NUR CHABIBI Fishery
0122013P10024467 10024467 LALU MUHPATHUR RAHMAN JAELANI Fishery
0122013P10024505 10024505 MUHAMAD ZULHAM EFENDI Fishery
0122013P10024511 10024511 LUXMAN ADITIYAR Fishery
0122013P10024606 10024606 SARMIDI Fishery
0122013P10024614 10024614 SEDEWA IRAWAN Fishery
0122013P10024623 10024623 HASYIM ASNGARI Fishery
0122013P10024625 10024625 ARI SUHANDOYO Fishery
0122013P10024632 10024632 KOWI SOLIKHIN Fishery
0122013P10024637 10024637 HAMID AMINUDIN LUTFI Fishery
0122013P10024648 10024648 BAMBANG IRAWAN Fishery
0122013P10024670 10024670 FUAD HANAFI Fishery
0122013P10024679 10024679 ROJAM SIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10024685 10024685 SETYO DWI NUGROHO Fishery
0122013P10024686 10024686 TRI NURYANTO Fishery
0122013P10024869 10024869 SLAMET SUKRISNO Fishery
0122013P10024879 10024879 RETMO DWI SISYANTI Fishery
0122013P10024962 10024962 SUPRIYONO Fishery
0122013P10024971 10024971 NUR AHSIN Fishery
0122013P10024972 10024972 SUTARDI Fishery
0122013P10025019 10025019 ENDRO DWI PURWANTO Fishery
0122013P10025053 10025053 ASEP FATORI Fishery
0122013P10025094 10025094 HELAN MUJAJIH Fishery
0122013P10025122 10025122 EDY WAHYUDIN Fishery
0122013P10025187 10025187 MUHAMAD KAMALUDIN Fishery
0122013P10025267 10025267 ADI ISMAWANTO Fishery
0122013P10025268 10025268 DANU BINTORO Fishery
0122013P10025314 10025314 AHMAD SEKHUDIN Fishery
0122013P10025333 10025333 HERIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10025368 10025368 WARDOYO Fishery
0122013P10025372 10025372 SUSWONO Fishery
0122013P10025413 10025413 ISHARYANTO Fishery
0122013P10025444 10025444 SODIKIN Fishery
0122013P10025487 10025487 ARDINAL SONY TEJO MULYONO Fishery
0122013P10025615 10025615 SARWANTO Fishery
0122013P10025652 10025652 BAMBANG WIJUNARKO Fishery
0122013P10025654 10025654 ARDI YANTO Fishery
0122013P10025655 10025655 LAYDRI ADI RENDITA Fishery
0122013P10025658 10025658 IKHBAL NURHIDAYAT Fishery
0122013P10025662 10025662 INDRI KRISTIANA Fishery
0122013P10025730 10025730 DHIMAS PRASETYO Fishery
0122013P10025731 10025731 MUJIONO Fishery
0122013P10025746 10025746 DWI SUYATENO Fishery
0122013P10025761 10025761 AGUS CAHYONO Fishery
0122013P10025811 10025811 MUJIONO Fishery
0122013P10025826 10025826 BAYU FAHRUDIN Fishery
0122013P10025836 10025836 RENI PRATIWI Fishery
0122013P10025842 10025842 EDI SURYONO Fishery
0122013P10025847 10025847 AKHMAD GUFRON Fishery
0122013P10025848 10025848 DESI MIFTAKHUL JANNAH Fishery
0122013P10025861 10025861 YADIT KUSUMA INDRIANTO Fishery
0122013P10025866 10025866 AHMAD ANSAIL Fishery
0122013P10025887 10025887 AHMAD SYEFUL Fishery
0122013P10025918 10025918 EKO WIDODO Fishery
0122013P10025926 10025926 TEGUH BUDI KURNAWAN Fishery
0122013P10025930 10025930 M AGUNG NUGROHO Fishery
0122013P10025936 10025936 IVAN MAYLANA Fishery
0122013P10025967 10025967 BAYU GILANG MAHENDRA Fishery
0122013P10025979 10025979 HERRY APRIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10025983 10025983 HERMAN SUPRIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10025994 10025994 WIRAWAN PRIMA WIJAYA Fishery
0122013P10025995 10025995 CANDRA MARINTA REEMI Fishery
0122013P10026020 10026020 DHARU HENDRIANTO Fishery
0122013P10026036 10026036 BANGKIT PAMBUDI Fishery
0122013P10026073 10026073 ANDRIANTO ADI SAPUTRA Fishery
0122013P10026090 10026090 SUGIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10026094 10026094 SUSIYANI Fishery
0122013P10026122 10026122 MUJIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10026138 10026138 PURWADI Fishery
0122013P10026146 10026146 HARIYO SUTRISNO Fishery
0122013P10026165 10026165 YUDHA PRASETIYA Fishery
0122013P10026180 10026180 NAIMATUL MUADIN Fishery
0122013P10026219 10026219 MUHAMMAD ICSAN Fishery
0122013P10026230 10026230 UUT TRI WIBOWO Fishery
0122013P10026233 10026233 SUHARDIN Fishery
0122013P10026236 10026236 JINAR Fishery
0122013P10026256 10026256 ALI USMAN Fishery
0122013P10026264 10026264 ANTONIUS MIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10026269 10026269 RONI INDRAWAN Fishery
0122013P10026270 10026270 SUPRIADIN Fishery
0122013P10026283 10026283 YOHANES DEDY TRIYAWAN Fishery
0122013P10026289 10026289 ERMAWAN AMIN NUROKHIM Fishery
0122013P10026290 10026290 HERI INDRIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10026292 10026292 SUDARNO Fishery
0122013P10026293 10026293 WAHYU NOVIANTO Fishery
0122013P10026299 10026299 IHROM MULYOTO Fishery
0122013P10026310 10026310 RIDLO Fishery
0122013P10026312 10026312 SAMADI Fishery
0122013P10026316 10026316 DWI SAPUTRO Fishery
0122013P10026331 10026331 WARDIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10026333 10026333 EKO KARYANTO Fishery
0122013P10026343 10026343 ADI SAPUTRA Fishery
0122013P10026351 10026351 TRI WIYONO Fishery
0122013P10026357 10026357 RAHMAT SETYAWAN Fishery
0122013P10026367 10026367 BENI WAHYUDI Fishery
0122013P10026370 10026370 YATIN Fishery
0122013P10026375 10026375 YUDA SAMUDRA Fishery
0122013P10026376 10026376 DEDY SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10026404 10026404 PURWANTO Fishery
0122013P10026411 10026411 DWIJA SASMITA Fishery
0122013P10026416 10026416 SOBARI Fishery
0122013P10026420 10026420 KASMANI Fishery
0122013P10026451 10026451 SRI WIDOYO Fishery
0122013P10026480 10026480 SUPRAPTI Fishery
0122013P10026481 10026481 SUTARNO Fishery
0122013P10026505 10026505 IHTAH WULAHDARI Fishery
0122013P10026519 10026519 SUGIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10026531 10026531 MARGIYONO Fishery
0122013P10026534 10026534 SAMSUL HUDA Fishery
0122013P10026566 10026566 NANANG HERYANTO Fishery
0122013P10026571 10026571 KARMINTO Fishery
0122013P10026574 10026574 SUYANTO Fishery
0122013P10026584 10026584 SARIMAN Fishery
0122013P10026589 10026589 TRI WAHYONO Fishery
0122013P10026590 10026590 SUNYOTO Fishery
0122013P10026611 10026611 NUR KHAMIDIN Fishery
0122013P10026622 10026622 NASIKUN Fishery
0122013P10026628 10026628 MOH ABDUL SYAKUR Fishery
0122013P10026632 10026632 YOSI ASHARI Fishery
0122013P10026640 10026640 MUHAMAD KHOIRUL ANAM Fishery
0122013P10026642 10026642 DWI PRASETYC AJI Fishery
0122013P10026647 10026647 MULYONO Fishery
0122013P10026654 10026654 SIGIT ERY WINARNO Fishery
0122013P10026660 10026660 SABAR ZAELANI Fishery
0122013P10026670 10026670 MAT NURSOLIKIN Fishery
0122013P10026686 10026686 RIYADI Fishery
0122013P10026687 10026687 SUPARDI Fishery
0122013P10026688 10026688 EKO MARBIANTORO Fishery
0122013P10026689 10026689 LUUXY DWI SETIA Fishery
0122013P10026693 10026693 WARTIJO Fishery
0122013P10026696 10026696 RASIDIN NGAZIS Fishery
0122013P10026703 10026703 AJI NUGROHO Fishery
0122013P10026706 10026706 ANDI NUROHMAN Fishery
0122013P10026707 10026707 AMIN FAUZIE Fishery
0122013P10026708 10026708 EKO DWI SAPUTRO Fishery
0122013P10026733 10026733 FADLI EKA SUBAGIYO Fishery
0122013P10026736 10026736 KARMIDI Fishery
0122013P10026737 10026737 PURNO SETYADI Fishery
0122013P10026740 10026740 ANTON SUHARTANTO Fishery
0122013P10026743 10026743 RINTO DWI HERMAWAN Fishery
0122013P10026783 10026783 JOKO ARIS SUSILO Fishery
0122013P10026796 10026796 MUHAMAD ADE SUKMANA Fishery
0122013P10026828 10026828 NURYANTO Fishery
0122013P10026830 10026830 PORWANTO Fishery
0122013P10026846 10026846 NUR ROHMAN Fishery
0122013P10026862 10026862 FERI KURNIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10026885 10026885 WIDADI YULI SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10026890 10026890 DAWAM ZAINUDIN Fishery
0122013P10026891 10026891 BURHAN ADHI NUGROHO Fishery
0122013P10026892 10026892 MUNAWAR Fishery
0122013P10026894 10026894 KHOIRI NUDIN Fishery
0122013P10026897 10026897 SUROTO Fishery
0122013P10026898 10026898 DWIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10026910 10026910 ACHMAD MAEMUN Fishery
0122013P10026926 10026926 HENDRI WITANTO Fishery
0122013P10026931 10026931 SUKARMAN Fishery
0122013P10026933 10026933 SUWONDD Fishery
0122013P10026946 10026946 AINUROFIK Fishery
0122013P10026948 10026948 BAMBANG PRASETIYO Fishery
0122013P10026967 10026967 BUDI PRASETIYO Fishery
0122013P10026999 10026999 DARSONO Fishery
0122013P10027000 10027000 HERU SURYO MURDIANTO Fishery
0122013P10027032 10027032 ELA PUTRA Fishery
0122013P10027059 10027059 KUSYANTO Fishery
0122013P10027062 10027062 ABDUL HAMID WIYONO Fishery
0122013P10027163 10027163 NARNO Fishery
0122013P10027169 10027169 HERU SULISTYONO Fishery
0122013P10027174 10027174 YULIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10027181 10027181 ADI SUSANTO Fishery
0122013P10027182 10027182 RUDIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10027187 10027187 YULI SETYO UTOMO Fishery
0122013P10027191 10027191 MUHAMAD WIDODO Fishery
0122013P10027217 10027217 THOHIRIN Fishery
0122013P10027227 10027227 ANWAR ANAS Fishery
0122013P10027236 10027236 KASYONO Fishery
0122013P10027238 10027238 AMIRUL MUTTAQIEN Fishery
0122013P10027246 10027246 SRIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10027256 10027256 PARTONO Fishery
0122013P10027298 10027298 M SAEFUL AMRI Fishery
0122013P10027323 10027323 HERI TRIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10027324 10027324 ABDUL MALIK Fishery
0122013P10027369 10027369 DEDY HARYANTO Fishery
0122013P10027391 10027391 MURWANTA Fishery
0122013P10027402 10027402 EKO PRABOWO Fishery
0122013P10027410 10027410 MOHAMAD ABAS AZIZI Fishery
0122013P10027414 10027414 KHARIS AKHMAD RIZAL Fishery
0122013P10027416 10027416 SABANI Fishery
0122013P10027431 10027431 SUGENG PURNOMO Fishery
0122013P10027573 10027573 M.KHOIRUL HUDA Fishery
0122013P10027640 10027640 EVAN JUNAEDI Fishery
0122013P10027641 10027641 SAMUEL CAHYO DWI UTOMO Fishery
0122013P10027642 10027642 MIFTAHUL ARIFIN Fishery
0122013P10027646 10027646 EGGWAN PUGUH SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10027647 10027647 NUR KHOLIS Fishery
0122013P10027648 10027648 EKO MONDOLIB Fishery
0122013P10027651 10027651 NANANG PRIADI Fishery
0122013P10027653 10027653 AHMAD BUDIONO Fishery
0122013P10027658 10027658 ENDI SUPRAPTO Fishery
0122013P10027674 10027674 ROMMY R RYONAGISWANTORO Fishery
0122013P10027679 10027679 REVA DWI IRAWANTO Fishery
0122013P10027713 10027713 SARIMANTO Fishery
0122013P10027818 10027818 KUSAEIN Fishery
0122013P10027820 10027820 SAHEIN Fishery
0122013P10027824 10027824 GAGAS FIRMANSAH Fishery
0122013P10027860 10027860 ADMAN Fishery
0122013P10027874 10027874 KATAN AGUS SUPRIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10027903 10027903 DEDI SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10027920 10027920 DWI NANDA NURQORI PUTRA Fishery
0122013P10027944 10027944 HERI SUTOYO Fishery
0122013P10028006 10028006 AHYONO Fishery
0122013P10028027 10028027 YASIN SULTONI Fishery
0122013P10028028 10028028 ELA YULIANTI Fishery
0122013P10028051 10028051 KHAYAT HIDAYAT Fishery
0122013P10028053 10028053 KARLI Fishery
0122013P10028055 10028055 ARIS WARDOYO Fishery
0122013P10028057 10028057 SUYATNO Fishery
0122013P10028062 10028062 ELOK YUNIARTI Fishery
0122013P10028071 10028071 WASIKUN Fishery
0122013P10028073 10028073 TEGUH ANANSYAH Fishery
0122013P10028074 10028074 TUGIMAN Fishery
0122013P10028214 10028214 KHASAN BASRI Fishery
0122013P10029106 10029106 HERI DARMAWAN Fishery
0122013P10029112 10029112 HERI SUSANTO Fishery
0122013P10029144 10029144 KHOIRUN NIKMAH Fishery
0122013P10029325 10029325 BINATIF Fishery
0122013P10029429 10029429 RAVIKA LUDVI Fishery
0122013P10029432 10029432 SUSENO SUDARMOYO Fishery
0122013P10029433 10029433 AHMAD MUDHOFAR Fishery
0122013P10029440 10029440 M NUR HUDA Fishery
0122013P10029461 10029461 MATDIONO Fishery
0122013P10029480 10029480 MULYONO Fishery
0122013P10029552 10029552 ALI SHODIK Fishery
0122013P10029707 10029707 GATOT BEKTI YUWONO Fishery
0122013P10029770 10029770 AGUS BUDI CAHYONO Fishery
0122013P10029827 10029827 ALI USMAN Fishery
0122013P10029846 10029846 TARMUJI Fishery
0122013P10029888 10029888 SUKRAM Fishery
0122013P10029904 10029904 IMAM SHOLEH Fishery
0122013P10029974 10029974 DWI HARI PRASETYO Fishery
0122013P10030077 10030077 EDY SUSILO Fishery
0122013P10030078 10030078 YANTORO Fishery
0122013P10030176 10030176 YUDIANTO Fishery
0122013P10030182 10030182 IBNU MUCHIS ROMDON Fishery
0122013P10030264 10030264 FUAT ANSORI Fishery
0122013P10030284 10030284 DENNY WAHYU KF Fishery
0122013P10030293 10030293 MOHAMAD SAMSURI Fishery
0122013P10030309 10030309 ROBIYAL Fishery
0122013P10030327 10030327 SAMSUN Fishery
0122013P10030335 10030335 SURAWAN Fishery
0122013P10030373 10030373 RUI PRASETIA MIHARJA Fishery
0122013P10030398 10030398 MIMIN BUDIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10030410 10030410 WIWIN WIDIANTO Fishery
0122013P10030428 10030428 SLANET WIDODO Fishery
0122013P10030431 10030431 KARIYONO Fishery
0122013P10030451 10030451 TEGUH PRAYITNO Fishery
0122013P10030470 10030470 RUDI NAWAWI Fishery
0122013P10030496 10030496 HERU SUPRAPTO Fishery
0122013P10030498 10030498 NUR KHAMIM Fishery
0122013P10030499 10030499 WAHYU RIYADI Fishery
0122013P10030505 10030505 TONI SAPUTRA Fishery
0122013P10030522 10030522 TRI HANDOKO Fishery
0122013P10030526 10030526 NUR WAHYUDIN Fishery
0122013P10030527 10030527 EDI WIDDDD Fishery
0122013P10030528 10030528 THOMAS TUSIWAN Fishery
0122013P10030531 10030531 EKO BUDI PRAYITNO Fishery
0122013P10030595 10030595 TRI WAHYUDI Fishery
0122013P10030613 10030613 PONISRI Fishery
0122013P10030640 10030640 CHANIF ASNGARI Fishery
0122013P10030644 10030644 DAMIRI Fishery
0122013P10030665 10030665 AGUNG SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10030705 10030705 ARIF SANTOSO Fishery
0122013P10030720 10030720 HENDRIK MARGO WIYONO Fishery
0122013P10030737 10030737 KARMANTO Fishery
0122013P10030753 10030753 SUJONO TRIYAN ATMANTO Fishery
0122013P10030771 10030771 NUGROHO DWI SAPUTRO Fishery
0122013P10030826 10030826 MAHMUD SUGIANTO Fishery
0122013P10030827 10030827 LINDA ROMANSYAH Fishery
0122013P10030890 10030890 ANDIK ASHARI Fishery
0122013P10030891 10030891 DIANTO Fishery
0122013P10030900 10030900 RIZKY FAJAR Fishery
0122013P10030942 10030942 ARI SUYONO Fishery
0122013P10030947 10030947 WIRIANTORO Fishery
0122013P10030958 10030958 MOHAMMAD KHUSNUDIN Fishery
0122013P10030986 10030986 MISDIANTO Fishery
0122013P10030990 10030990 YUDIANTO Fishery
0122013P10030994 10030994 AGUS SUNARI Fishery
0122013P10031014 10031014 DWI SETYO BUDI Fishery
0122013P10031022 10031022 HERI UTUMO Fishery
0122013P10031040 10031040 WAHONO Fishery
0122013P10031049 10031049 SUGENG HARTONO Fishery
0122013P10031053 10031053 YULIUS DENI HANDA YA NTO Fishery
0122013P10031061 10031061 FENDI SUGIARTO Fishery
0122013P10031063 10031063 AGUS SUPRIYADI Fishery
0122013P10031064 10031064 NUR FENDI Fishery
0122013P10031139 10031139 WIDODO Fishery
0122013P10031147 10031147 MUHAMMAD FERDI ABIDIN Fishery
0122013P10031161 10031161 DODI  IRAWAN BAKTI Fishery
0122013P10031166 10031166 NUBRAHA NENDRA PURNAMA Fishery
0122013P10031167 10031167 ALI MUSTAIN Fishery
0122013P10031168 10031168 FEBRI ARISSUSAMTI Fishery
0122013P10031169 10031169 NANANG QOSIM Fishery
0122013P10031178 10031178 BAMBANG SUJATMIKO Fishery
0122013P10031183 10031183 IMAM ZAINUDIN Fishery
0122013P10031184 10031184 SUTARMAJI Fishery
0122013P10031190 10031190 SLAMET AGUNG RAHAYU Fishery
0122013P10031191 10031191 MUCHAMMAD DAUN PRANOTO Fishery
0122013P10031203 10031203 ABD.LATIF Fishery
0122013P10031213 10031213 DAVID KASIYADI Fishery
0122013P10031216 10031216 RERY ADYKA W. Fishery
0122013P10031292 10031292 IRFAN EFFENDY Fishery
0122013P10031303 10031303 ZAINAL ABIDIN Fishery
0122013P10031304 10031304 BADERUL KALIM Fishery
0122013P10031307 10031307 FATHAN SYAEROFI Fishery
0122013P10031320 10031320 IZHARULHAK Fishery
0122013P10031321 10031321 MAHRUS WIBOWO Fishery
0122013P10031322 10031322 FITBAHADI Fishery
0122013P10031335 10031335 ABDUS SOMAD Fishery
0122013P10031340 10031340 MUHAMAD SAYIDUL MAJID Fishery
0122013P10031341 10031341 ANANG SISWOYO Fishery
0122013P10031360 10031360 EDY RUDYAWAN Fishery
0122013P10031403 10031403 ACHMAD NASRULLAH Fishery
0122013P10031444 10031444 AGUNG BUDI SANTOSO Fishery
0122013P10031453 10031453 BAMBANG SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10031477 10031477 BUDI MUSTOFA Fishery
0122013P10031496 10031496 MIFTAHUL HUDA Fishery
0122013P10031550 10031550 TAUFIK EKO KRISIANTO Fishery
0122013P10031552 10031552 SIGIT PRAMONO Fishery
0122013P10031556 10031556 EDY WALUYO Fishery
0122013P10031559 10031559 DIDIK PRAWITNO Fishery
0122013P10031566 10031566 TAUFIQ FARIDHO Fishery
0122013P10031631 10031631 SULHAIDI Fishery
0122013P10031637 10031637 ZULFIKAR KHADAFI Fishery
0122013P10031639 10031639 MOCH IHSAN Fishery
0122013P10031640 10031640 ALEXSIUS ARI SUSANTO Fishery
0122013P10031651 10031651 RIDUWAN Fishery
0122013P10031656 10031656 MOHAMMAD FAUROK Fishery
0122013P10031661 10031661 NASIFUL Fishery
0122013P10031665 10031665 DARMONO Fishery
0122013P10031674 10031674 WAWAN BUDIONO Fishery
0122013P10031682 10031682 AGUS WAHYUDI Fishery
0122013P10031684 10031684 ARIF WIDODO Fishery
0122013P10031685 10031685 ARIFIN AGUS WIDODO Fishery
0122013P10031686 10031686 MOHAMMAD KHOIRULFANANI Fishery
0122013P10031690 10031690 MISWAN Fishery
0122013P10031693 10031693 MARIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10031694 10031694 FATKHUR ARIFIN Fishery
0122013P10031697 10031697 ALI MUSRIFIN Fishery
0122013P10031698 10031698 RIDUWAN Fishery
0122013P10031699 10031699 A.A.GDE AGUSTINA ADIPUTRA Fishery
0122013P10031704 10031704 SUNDARU Fishery
0122013P10031711 10031711 PAULUS JOKO PRAYITNO Fishery
0122013P10031713 10031713 PURWANTO Fishery
0122013P10031715 10031715 NORYESIN Fishery
0122013P10031728 10031728 EKO MARGONO Fishery
0122013P10031729 10031729 FERRY SUSANTO Fishery
0122013P10031737 10031737 MUSTARI Fishery
0122013P10031775 10031775 SAMSUL HADI Fishery
0122013P10031780 10031780 MUNAWIR HARIS Fishery
0122013P10031784 10031784 ROWI ORIZA Fishery
0122013P10031787 10031787 SUJIMAN ANANTO Fishery
0122013P10031788 10031788 UMARDANI Fishery
0122013P10031789 10031789 UZNI ALI PAOZAN Fishery
0122013P10031793 10031793 ILHAMDAN Fishery
0122013P10031798 10031798 LALU SYEHABUL KAHFI Fishery
0122013P10031800 10031800 TAHAR MULIADI Fishery
0122013P10031811 10031811 TAUFIKURRAHMAN Fishery
0122013P10031820 10031820 AHMAD ZAI NUDIN Fishery
0122013P10031834 10031834 SLAMET NANANG RIBUDI Fishery
0122013P10031847 10031847 MUDAHAR Fishery
0122013P10031856 10031856 ASRUDIN Fishery
0122013P10031858 10031858 LALU DANU WIKARTA Fishery
0122013P10031861 10031861 SAOPI Fishery
0122013P10031862 10031862 JONI ANTO Fishery
0122013P10031863 10031863 HERYANTO Fishery
0122013P10031865 10031865 ROH ASMAYADI Fishery
0122013P10031866 10031866 LALU ZOHRI Fishery
0122013P10031867 10031867 SADIK SUPRATMAN Fishery
0122013P10031868 10031868 IKBAL Fishery
0122013P10031882 10031882 NUR FATA ANSORI SUWITO Fishery
0122013P10031885 10031885 MUSRIADI Fishery
0122013P10031886 10031886 JONI SUHERMAN Fishery
0122013P10031889 10031889 JAMALUDDIN Fishery
0122013P10031891 10031891 SOFYAN HASAN BISRY.D Fishery
0122013P10031892 10031892 AZRIN JUNI ASPARI Fishery
0122013P10031899 10031899 HUSNAN AIDI Fishery
0122013P10031905 10031905 SOHDI Fishery
0122013P10031921 10031921 RONA CIPTO NUGRAHA Fishery
0122013P10031923 10031923 EDI SUDIANA Fishery
0122013P10031924 10031924 ZAINUDDIN Fishery
0122013P10031926 10031926 YUDIT HENDRA GUNAWAN Fishery
0122013P10031928 10031928 AHMAD RIYADI Fishery
0122013P10031933 10031933 YUNANTO Fishery
0122013P10031934 10031934 RACHMAD IRWAN DIANA Fishery
0122013P10031942 10031942 RUGITO Fishery
0122013P10031950 10031950 SUPRIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10031961 10031961 BAGUS PRIANTO Fishery
0122013P10031979 10031979 ARIK TOFIK Fishery
0122013P10031981 10031981 MOCH ISMAIL Fishery
0122013P10031985 10031985 IMAM SA RONI Fishery
0122013P10031988 10031988 SAMSUDIN Fishery
0122013P10031990 10031990 WARIANTO Fishery
0122013P10032010 10032010 ZAMRONI Fishery
0122013P10032034 10032034 FARIZAL MUTAQIN Fishery
0122013P10032043 10032043 ALEX NUGROHO Fishery
0122013P10032044 10032044 RAMANDA MAULANA Fishery
0122013P10032048 10032048 DIDIK RIONO Fishery
0122013P10032049 10032049 SUGENG HARIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10032064 10032064 AGUS SYUKRON FUADI Fishery
0122013P10032076 10032076 IMAM HADI PRANOTO Fishery
0122013P10032102 10032102 MAS WANTOVERI Fishery
0122013P10032104 10032104 MUH.AGUNG NUGROHO Fishery
0122013P10032106 10032106 HANI PIDWAN Fishery
0122013P10032107 10032107 NANANG IMAM MUCHTAROM Fishery
0122013P10032111 10032111 KATEMUN Fishery
0122013P10032112 10032112 AHMAD KHUSAIRI Fishery
0122013P10032119 10032119 MIFTAKUL HUDA Fishery
0122013P10032136 10032136 ABU HANIFAH Fishery
0122013P10032140 10032140 RIDUWAN Fishery
0122013P10032145 10032145 ZENI KRISTIANTO Fishery
0122013P10032151 10032151 MUTOHAR Fishery
0122013P10032153 10032153 JAINURI Fishery
0122013P10032156 10032156 PARNUN Fishery
0122013P10032169 10032169 SISWANTO Fishery
0122013P10032178 10032178 RUDI PURNOMO Fishery
0122013P10032183 10032183 SUTARMI Fishery
0122013P10032185 10032185 PRIYO HAMBUDI Fishery
0122013P10032191 10032191 AGUS SUSENO Fishery
0122013P10032203 10032203 IMAM ANANG MUSTAKIM Fishery
0122013P10032205 10032205 MISBAHUDDIN Fishery
0122013P10032206 10032206 DADANG KUSUMA HARTANTO Fishery
0122013P10032215 10032215 AHMAD ASIP FAHRUDIN Fishery
0122013P10032226 10032226 EDI PRANOTO Fishery
0122013P10032234 10032234 WAHYU FEBRI KUSUMA Fishery
0122013P10032256 10032256 KEDEP SAPUTRA Fishery
0122013P10032269 10032269 MUHANMAD SULTONI Fishery
0122013P10032272 10032272 GALUH CANDRA PANITIS Fishery
0122013P10032274 10032274 KHASAN ALIMUNA Fishery
0122013P10032275 10032275 BAMBANG ARI WIYONO Fishery
0122013P10032312 10032312 ALI SHODIQ Fishery
0122013P10032328 10032328 TIRTO WAHYU GUMELAR Fishery
0122013P10032365 10032365 SASMINTO Fishery
0122013P10032399 10032399 HILMA FILASTA ANDRIAWAN SUSILO Fishery
0122013P10032400 10032400 MUCHAMAD ICHFANUL ANDREAS Fishery
0122013P10032403 10032403 NURFATA Fishery
0122013P10032404 10032404 SUYADI Fishery
0122013P10032409 10032409 ABDUL ROHMAN SOLEH Fishery
0122013P10032416 10032416 RONI SAPUTRA Fishery
0122013P10032422 10032422 YAYANG EKO PRASETYO Fishery
0122013P10032423 10032423 SYAMSUDIN Fishery
0122013P10032425 10032425 PURYONO Fishery
0122013P10032426 10032426 AGUS SUSANTO Fishery
0122013P10032429 10032429 ARIS SUGIANTO Fishery
0122013P10032437 10032437 GITO Fishery
0122013P10032472 10032472 SUPRIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10032478 10032478 BAMBANG SULISTIONO WIBOWO Fishery
0122013P10032479 10032479 ZAINAL ARIFIN Fishery
0122013P10032480 10032480 CICIK HARMANTO Fishery
0122013P10032482 10032482 EDY SUSANTO Fishery
0122013P10032483 10032483 MUCHTAR DAHARI Fishery
0122013P10032490 10032490 MULYADI Fishery
0122013P10032511 10032511 ALFIAN WIDODO Fishery
0122013P10032518 10032518 MASRUKIN Fishery
0122013P10032519 10032519 SOLEH Fishery
0122013P10032520 10032520 HERU SETIO PAMUNGKAS Fishery
0122013P10032542 10032542 TOHARUDIN PURNOMO Fishery
0122013P10032547 10032547 NURUL EKO WAHYUDI Fishery
0122013P10032553 10032553 APRIANTO VENDI SANTOSO Fishery
0122013P10032560 10032560 BUDI SANTOSO Fishery
0122013P10032565 10032565 HENDRI NURSUSANTO Fishery
0122013P10032568 10032568 HANIF NUROCHIM Fishery
0122013P10032583 10032583 SUPRIYONO Fishery
0122013P10032591 10032591 JEMIRIN MULYONO Fishery
0122013P10032615 10032615 NOFAN DANAR HADI Fishery
0122013P10032617 10032617 FRANSISCA YOGA UTAMA Fishery
0122013P10032620 10032620 EKO FENDI YULIANTORO Fishery
0122013P10032626 10032626 HENDRIK SETIAWAN Fishery
0122013P10032628 10032628 MOH AJI IMAM SAUQI Fishery
0122013P10032634 10032634 DIDIK MURTOPO Fishery
0122013P10032647 10032647 GIANTO Fishery
0122013P10032651 10032651 MUNIR MASHUD Fishery
0122013P10032652 10032652 MUHAMMAD MAUL Fishery
0122013P10032656 10032656 EKO FERIANTO Fishery
0122013P10032663 10032663 MOH. SYIFAK Fishery
0122013P10032676 10032676 GUNTORO Fishery
0122013P10032683 10032683 RIYADI Fishery
0122013P10032684 10032684 TRI ARIFIN Fishery
0122013P10032688 10032688 HARIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10032692 10032692 MULYADI Fishery
0122013P10032695 10032695 UNTUNG Fishery
0122013P10032703 10032703 LANGGENG WIDODO Fishery
0122013P10032714 10032714 PURWITO Fishery
0122013P10032719 10032719 SUHADI Fishery
0122013P10032722 10032722 M. ABD SALIM Fishery
0122013P10032739 10032739 IMAM SUPARIS Fishery
0122013P10032743 10032743 KHOIRUL ANWAR Fishery
0122013P10032754 10032754 KUWAT Fishery
0122013P10032786 10032786 MUHAMAD ANWARUDDIN Fishery
0122013P10032794 10032794 ZAENAL ABIDIN Fishery
0122013P10032804 10032804 NUR YASIN Fishery
0122013P10032828 10032828 BONAJI Fishery
0122013P10032884 10032884 BASUKI RACHMAD Fishery
0122013P10032929 10032929 SUGENG Fishery
0122013P10032959 10032959 SUKAMTO Fishery
0122013P10032995 10032995 RUDI PURNOMO Fishery
0122013P10033008 10033008 SUDARMONO Fishery
0122013P10033025 10033025 MARYONO Fishery
0122013P10033046 10033046 SUGIYANTO Fishery
0122013P10033126 10033126 NURHASAN Fishery
0122013P10033166 10033166 INDRA JAYA Fishery
0122013P10033294 10033294 ABIDIN Fishery
0122013P10033323 10033323 FAHRUR ROZI Fishery
0122013P10033324 10033324 ABDUL WAHAB Fishery
0122013P10033389 10033389 FEBRI PUTRA ARDIANATA Fishery
0122013P10033460 10033460 SUDARSONO Fishery
0122013P10033526 10033526 ALI IMRON Fishery
0122013P10033743 10033743 MOHAMAD BANDANAIKE Fishery
0122013P10033797 10033797 GALFRIANTO TANGAPA Fishery
0122013P10033807 10033807 BENI ARI WI BOWO Fishery
0122013P10033840 10033840 DIDIK PURNOMO Fishery
0122013P10033869 10033869 YOSO Fishery
0122013P10033880 10033880 SURATMAN Fishery
0122013P10033890 10033890 MOCHAMAD JAIWAN Fishery
0122013P10033918 10033918 ABDUL QODIR Fishery
0122013P10034038 10034038 KETUT ARIASA Fishery
0122013P10034080 10034080 EKO PRASETYO Fishery



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