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Lampiran 1: Hasil Kelulusan Ujian EPS-TOPIK CBT Ke 4 Tahun 2013, Nomor: 001-200

No PKNo Name Industry Nilai Total
1 0122013C90900628 AAN GUNAWAN Manufacturing 92
2 0122013C90900232 AAN INDRA NURSANTA Manufacturing 124
3 0122013C90900672 AAN WIRAWAN Manufacturing 144
4 0122013C90900521 AANG NORMAYANA Manufacturing 148
5 0122013C90900824 ABD RAHMAN L Manufacturing 100
6 0122013C90900573 ABDUL BAITS Manufacturing 136
7 0122013C90900009 ABDUL ROFIK Manufacturing 124
8 0122013C90900400 ABDULLAH FAQIH Manufacturing 96
9 0122013C90900812 ABDUROHMAN Manufacturing 104
10 0122013C90900187 ACHMAD ROCHIM Manufacturing 120
11 0122013C90900261 ACHMAT MUSLIM Manufacturing 92
12 0122013C90900277 ACHMAT SAFIK Manufacturing 116
13 0122013C90900381 ADAM ILHAM Manufacturing 112
14 0122013C90900768 ADE REZKY Manufacturing 124
15 0122013C90900815 ADHI NUGROHO Manufacturing 124
16 0122013C90900664 ADI SANJAYA Manufacturing 96
17 0122013C90900491 ADI SUSANTO Manufacturing 112
18 0122013C90900546 ADRIS Manufacturing 128
19 0122013C90900269 AEP SUPRIATNA Manufacturing 120
20 0122013C90900208 AFIF GUFRON Manufacturing 96
21 0122013C90900222 AGUNG KURNIAWAN Manufacturing 92
22 0122013C90900929 AGUS HARIYANTO Manufacturing 160
23 0122013C90900158 AGUS IRIANSYAH Manufacturing 124
24 0122013C90900681 AGUS KHOLIK Manufacturing 96
25 0122013C90900823 AGUS MUSTAINUL HIDAYAT Manufacturing 92
26 0122013C90900388 AGUS PRIANTO Manufacturing 124
27 0122013C90900289 AGUS RIYANTO Manufacturing 132
28 0122013C90900851 AGUS RIYANTO Manufacturing 104
29 0122013C90900364 AGUS SALAM Manufacturing 96
30 0122013C90900316 AGUS SALIM Manufacturing 108
31 0122013C90900423 AGUS SALIM Manufacturing 116
32 0122013C90900510 AGUS SETIAWAN Manufacturing 104
33 0122013C90900894 AGUS SETIYONO Manufacturing 104
34 0122013C90900374 AGUS SUGITO Manufacturing 140
35 0122013C90900124 AGUS SUPRIYANTO Manufacturing 96
36 0122013C90900788 AGUS SUPRIYANTO Manufacturing 88
37 0122013C90900653 AGUS SUPRIYONO Manufacturing 112
38 0122013C90900429 AGUS SURYANA Manufacturing 128
39 0122013C90900317 AGUS TRIONO Manufacturing 104
40 0122013C90900495 AGUS TRIONO Manufacturing 112
41 0122013C90900405 AGUS WAHYUDI Manufacturing 144
42 0122013C90900550 AGUS WIDODO Manufacturing 112
43 0122013C90900515 AGUS WITARSO NGATIMAN Manufacturing 100
44 0122013C90900291 AHMAD AHROM Manufacturing 112
45 0122013C90900249 AHMAD FANANI Manufacturing 128
46 0122013C90900688 AHMAD HAMBALI Manufacturing 100
47 0122013C90900015 AHMAD HUDAN KHOIRON Manufacturing 104
48 0122013C90900138 AHMAD KHAFID Manufacturing 120
49 0122013C90900285 AHMAD KHOLIQ Manufacturing 112
50 0122013C90900200 AHMAD ROZIKIN Manufacturing 100
51 0122013C90900516 AHMAD SULKAN Manufacturing 140
52 0122013C90900198 AHMAD ZUDI Manufacturing 112
53 0122013C90900195 AKBAR LATIEF Manufacturing 116
54 0122013C90900453 AKHIRMAN MULYADI Manufacturing 124
55 0122013C90900759 AKHMAD SYAEKHU Manufacturing 116
56 0122013C90900700 AKHRORI Manufacturing 124
57 0122013C90900298 AKMAD THORIQ Manufacturing 92
58 0122013C90900221 ALEK PRAWOKO Manufacturing 88
59 0122013C90900354 ALI AKSIN RIFAI Manufacturing 124
60 0122013C90900563 ALI AMSORI Manufacturing 116
61 0122013C90900314 ALI BUDI Manufacturing 136
62 0122013C90900432 ALI MANSUR Manufacturing 144
63 0122013C90900836 ALI MUKSON Manufacturing 140
64 0122013C90900722 ALI MUNAWAR Manufacturing 148
65 0122013C90900040 ALI MUSTOPA Manufacturing 128
66 0122013C90900315 ALI SOFWAN Manufacturing 88
67 0122013C90900492 ALIK RAJU Manufacturing 124
68 0122013C90900796 ALWAN Manufacturing 96
69 0122013C90900192 AMARUDIN JOHARIAWAN Manufacturing 140
70 0122013C90900096 AMIN FADHOLI Manufacturing 120
71 0122013C90900729 ANDI SUPARJO SULTAN ANDI HAMZAH H Manufacturing 92
72 0122013C90900087 ANDIKA RESTU WANTORO Manufacturing 152
73 0122013C90900031 ANDIYANTO Manufacturing 104
74 0122013C90900104 ANDY RIYANTO Manufacturing 144
75 0122013C90900524 ANTOK BUDI SANTOSO Manufacturing 116
76 0122013C90900452 ANTON PURNOMO Manufacturing 116
77 0122013C90900570 ANWAR Manufacturing 136
78 0122013C90900150 APRI ROCHMANTO Manufacturing 96
79 0122013C90900662 ARI ASWOYO Manufacturing 100
80 0122013C90900544 ARI RIBOWO Manufacturing 144
81 0122013C90900762 ARI SUTIONO Manufacturing 136
82 0122013C90900080 ARIF DEDI SANTOSO Manufacturing 128
83 0122013C90900321 ARIF MUSTOFA Manufacturing 160
84 0122013C90900368 ARIFIANTO Manufacturing 116
85 0122013C90900866 ARIFIN Manufacturing 88
86 0122013C90900746 ARIFIN Manufacturing 124
87 0122013C90900464 ARIS TURISMAN Manufacturing 116
88 0122013C90900283 ARIYANTO SETIAWAN Manufacturing 124
89 0122013C90900355 ARWIN JAYANTO Manufacturing 92
90 0122013C90900336 ARY KRISDIANTORO PUTRA Manufacturing 124
91 0122013C90900206 ASEP AEP SUPRIATNA Manufacturing 124
92 0122013C90900944 ASEP HARDI PERMANA Manufacturing 96
93 0122013C90900131 ASEP MUHAMAD HASAN Manufacturing 128
94 0122013C90900785 ASEP SUKARMAN Manufacturing 104
95 0122013C90900834 ASEP SUPRIYANDI Manufacturing 92
96 0122013C90900414 ASHURI Manufacturing 140
97 0122013C90900365 ASPANI Manufacturing 164
98 0122013C90900410 ASWAN TAUFIQ Manufacturing 108
99 0122013C90900773 ATO SUHARTO Manufacturing 96
100 0122013C90900902 AWAN SETIAWAN Manufacturing 140
101 0122013C90900667 AZIS RIYANTO Manufacturing 112
102 0122013C90900775 AZIS ROMADONI Manufacturing 144
103 0122013C90900309 BADRUL MUNIR Manufacturing 112
104 0122013C90900485 BAKRUDIN Manufacturing 100
105 0122013C90900741 BAMBANG SUTIKNO Manufacturing 100
106 0122013C90900380 BASIR Manufacturing 92
107 0122013C90900555 BAYU INDRA KUSUMA Manufacturing 92
108 0122013C90900159 BAYU YAMADHAGNI NARATTAMA Manufacturing 120
109 0122013C90900483 BERES ANDERSON Manufacturing 108
110 0122013C90900767 BINTORO Manufacturing 140
111 0122013C90900799 BONY MUHAMAD ZAHID Manufacturing 96
112 0122013C90900955 BUDI KURNIAWAN Manufacturing 148
113 0122013C90900549 BUDI WIYONO Manufacturing 156
114 0122013C90900137 BUDI YONO Manufacturing 104
115 0122013C90900572 BUDIANTO Manufacturing 108
116 0122013C90900577 BUNASOR Manufacturing 140
117 0122013C90900721 CAHYA BUDI HARTONO Manufacturing 100
118 0122013C90900466 CARMADI Manufacturing 124
119 0122013C90900176 CECE SUPARMAN Manufacturing 120
120 0122013C90900148 CECEP ABDULAH Manufacturing 92
121 0122013C90900538 CHOIRUL MUSONI Manufacturing 132
122 0122013C90900421 CITO HARI Manufacturing 120
123 0122013C90900673 CUSLIYAWATI Manufacturing 140
124 0122013C90900224 DANANG ISWANTO Manufacturing 132
125 0122013C90900558 DANY RISWANTO Manufacturing 120
126 0122013C90900259 DARNO Manufacturing 116
127 0122013C90900766 DARPIN BIN CALAM Manufacturing 108
128 0122013C90900839 DARSONO Manufacturing 100
129 0122013C90900719 DARSONO BIN TARMIDI Manufacturing 124
130 0122013C90900629 DARWIS Manufacturing 96
131 0122013C90900696 DARYANI Manufacturing 104
132 0122013C90900407 DARYONO Manufacturing 108
133 0122013C90900467 DAUD YUSUF Manufacturing 124
134 0122013C90900591 DEDE ARIPIN SETIADI Manufacturing 148
135 0122013C90900702 DEDI ANDIWIYANA Manufacturing 112
136 0122013C90900182 DEDI HERIYANTO Manufacturing 112
137 0122013C90900032 DEDI IRAMA BIN TASKUB Manufacturing 108
138 0122013C90900568 DEDI KUMAEDI Manufacturing 116
139 0122013C90900424 DEDI PRAMONO Manufacturing 88
140 0122013C90900238 DEDI PRIYONO Manufacturing 152
141 0122013C90900255 DEDY HIDAYAT Manufacturing 136
142 0122013C90900201 DEFI KRISNA NUGROHO Manufacturing 104
143 0122013C90900622 DENI SETYAWAN Manufacturing 116
144 0122013C90900802 DERAJAT PUTRO SANYOTO Manufacturing 92
145 0122013C90900310 DIAN ANTONO Manufacturing 128
146 0122013C90900724 DIAN KAHPI Manufacturing 88
147 0122013C90900826 DIDI SUPRIYADI SULGANI Manufacturing 124
148 0122013C90900292 DIDIK SUDIYANTO Manufacturing 136
149 0122013C90900641 DILIS SETYOBUDI Manufacturing 88
150 0122013C90900718 DJUNAEDI Manufacturing 100
151 0122013C90900886 DJURATMIN Manufacturing 124
152 0122013C90900925 DODI ISKANDAR Manufacturing 96
153 0122013C90900472 DODI PRIATNA Manufacturing 140
154 0122013C90900275 DODIK MAULANA Manufacturing 92
155 0122013C90900417 DONY IRMAWAN Manufacturing 92
156 0122013C90900074 DUWI ISKANDAR Manufacturing 128
157 0122013C90900399 DWI APRILIADI Manufacturing 116
158 0122013C90900440 DWI HANDOKO Manufacturing 124
159 0122013C90900846 DWI HERNAWAN Manufacturing 100
160 0122013C90900825 DWI NURYANTO Manufacturing 116
161 0122013C90900911 DWI SETYO UTOMO Manufacturing 104
162 0122013C90900807 DWIYANTO TOAR PIJOH Manufacturing 92
163 0122013C90900318 EDI GUNAWAN Manufacturing 108
164 0122013C90900694 EDI SANTOSO Manufacturing 128
165 0122013C90900367 EDI SUMARNO Manufacturing 124
166 0122013C90900020 EDI WALUYO Manufacturing 112
167 0122013C90900881 EDY SAMYADI Manufacturing 92
168 0122013C90900133 EDY SETYAWAN Manufacturing 116
169 0122013C90900754 EKHSAN PRASTYO WIBOWO Manufacturing 112
170 0122013C90900408 EKO ARIS WARTONO Manufacturing 124
171 0122013C90900551 EKO BUDI KRISDIAWAN Manufacturing 108
172 0122013C90900860 EKO PRASETYO Manufacturing 116
173 0122013C90900123 EKO PRIYONO Manufacturing 116
174 0122013C90900084 EKO PURNOMO Manufacturing 100
175 0122013C90900095 EKO PURWANTO Manufacturing 92
176 0122013C90900873 EKO SETIAWAN Manufacturing 116
177 0122013C90900657 EKO WIBIANTO Manufacturing 176
178 0122013C90900035 EKO YUNI PRASETYO Manufacturing 156
179 0122013C90900094 ELANG PUJIANTO Manufacturing 160
180 0122013C90900126 ENCEP KURNIAWAN Manufacturing 124
181 0122013C90900674 ERBAI Manufacturing 112
182 0122013C90900386 ERVAN EFENDI Manufacturing 116
183 0122013C90900874 ESTU HARI SUBAGYO Manufacturing 96
184 0122013C90900334 ESTU YUSTIYAWAN Manufacturing 120
185 0122013C90900460 ETIK HARTANTI KRISTINA DAMAYAN MANIKIN Manufacturing 148
186 0122013C90900403 FADILAH Manufacturing 104
187 0122013C90900936 FAJAR UMAR SAHID Manufacturing 120
188 0122013C90900753 FAJRI MUSTAUFIK Manufacturing 112
189 0122013C90900725 FARID AZIS Manufacturing 132
190 0122013C90900571 FIBBER ADI PRASTOWO Manufacturing 136
191 0122013C90900590 FIKRUL HIDAYAT Manufacturing 132
192 0122013C90900613 FINA FANTI LIA MUDIANA Manufacturing 140
193 0122013C90900422 FRANKY MARANGKUP TUA L TOBING Manufacturing 116
194 0122013C90900634 FUNG FUNG ADIANTO Manufacturing 128
195 0122013C90900607 GALIH AGUNG SINTARA Manufacturing 96
196 0122013C90900623 GATOT SUNARYOTO Manufacturing 104
197 0122013C90900498 GHONI MOHAMMAD ABDUL Manufacturing 136
198 0122013C90900293 GIDION EKO KRISTIANTONO Manufacturing 136
199 0122013C90900583 GILANG TRESNA GUMELAR Manufacturing 140
200 0122013C90900887 GINANJAR BAMBANG SAPUTRO Manufacturing 116



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