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Lampiran 2: Hasil Kelulusan Ujian EPS-TOPIK CBT Ke 4 Tahun 2013, Nomor: 201-400

No PKNo Name Industry Nilai Total
201 0122013C90900720 GUNAWAN PRASETYO Manufacturing 108
202 0122013C90900362 HADI SAMSUL Manufacturing 112
203 0122013C90900683 HAMDANI Manufacturing 172
204 0122013C90900776 HAMZAHIYA Manufacturing 128
205 0122013C90900171 HANAN ABDUL Manufacturing 92
206 0122013C90900113 HANDAYANI Manufacturing 92
207 0122013C90900588 HARDIN Manufacturing 112
208 0122013C90900548 HARI KISWANTO Manufacturing 96
209 0122013C90900075 HARI NUGROHO Manufacturing 104
210 0122013C90900774 HARIANTO DUWI Manufacturing 112
211 0122013C90900070 HARIYANTO Manufacturing 144
212 0122013C90900771 HARIYANTO Manufacturing 112
213 0122013C90900370 HARIYONO Manufacturing 100
214 0122013C90900372 HASAN THOHARI Manufacturing 116
215 0122013C90900371 HASBUDI Manufacturing 116
216 0122013C90900811 HELMI Manufacturing 88
217 0122013C90900827 HENDRA RISHARD MUAJA Manufacturing 96
218 0122013C90900307 HENDRAWANGI Manufacturing 124
219 0122013C90900842 HENDRIK EKO PURNOMO Manufacturing 116
220 0122013C90900713 HENRY RUHAN Manufacturing 88
221 0122013C90900450 HERDIANA DEDY Manufacturing 152
222 0122013C90900050 HERI PRATIKNO Manufacturing 124
223 0122013C90900197 HERI SETIAWAN Manufacturing 104
224 0122013C90900049 HERI SUPRIYANTO Manufacturing 104
225 0122013C90900818 HERI SUTIGNA Manufacturing 100
226 0122013C90900427 HERI WAHYUDI Manufacturing 164
227 0122013C90900183 HERI YUDI HANTORO Manufacturing 128
228 0122013C90900927 HERMAN Manufacturing 96
229 0122013C90900100 HERMANTO Manufacturing 140
230 0122013C90900245 HERMAWAN Manufacturing 160
231 0122013C90900199 HERU AMIN PURNOMO Manufacturing 128
232 0122013C90900601 HERU KHOIRUL MUIZ Manufacturing 100
233 0122013C90920002 HERU KISWOYO Manufacturing 92
234 0122013C90900844 HERU SUTRISNO Manufacturing 124
235 0122013C90900926 HERYANA GUMILAR Manufacturing 88
236 0122013C90900935 HUDI Manufacturing 104
237 0122013C90900794 HUMAIDI Manufacturing 88
238 0122013C90900630 HURIANTO Manufacturing 136
239 0122013C90900644 HUSNA RIADI SOLIKIN Manufacturing 168
240 0122013C90900715 IBROHIM Manufacturing 116
241 0122013C90900151 ICHWAN Manufacturing 104
242 0122013C90900326 IMAM ANANDA Manufacturing 116
243 0122013C90900703 IMAM NASRUDIN Manufacturing 112
244 0122013C90900436 IMAM SYAFII Manufacturing 92
245 0122013C90900817 IMAM TAUFIK Manufacturing 144
246 0122013C90900459 INDRA WIYATA Manufacturing 140
247 0122013C90900635 IRHAMULLAH Manufacturing 140
248 0122013C90900612 IRVAN ADI Manufacturing 124
249 0122013C90900204 ISROUDIN Manufacturing 112
250 0122013C90900742 IWAN SAPTONO Manufacturing 140
251 0122013C90900162 IWAN SUDIRWAN Manufacturing 156
252 0122013C90900413 JAELANI Manufacturing 148
253 0122013C90900392 JAENAL Manufacturing 128
254 0122013C90900018 JAMAL MUTAKIM Manufacturing 148
255 0122013C90900876 JAPAR Manufacturing 116
256 0122013C90900890 JASAM Manufacturing 144
257 0122013C90900382 JATNIKA Manufacturing 116
258 0122013C90900490 JENDI Manufacturing 132
259 0122013C90900529 JOKO MARTANTO Manufacturing 96
260 0122013C90900397 JOKO MUSTIKO Manufacturing 148
261 0122013C90900226 JOKO NURCAHYO Manufacturing 100
262 0122013C90900905 JOKO PRASETYO Manufacturing 108
263 0122013C90900351 JOKO PURWONO Manufacturing 112
264 0122013C90900447 JUKI ISMUDI WALUYO Manufacturing 152
265 0122013C90900816 JUMADI Manufacturing 88
266 0122013C90900710 JUNAEDI Manufacturing 124
267 0122013C90900896 JUNEDI TUBANA Manufacturing 108
268 0122013C90900214 JUZAEN Manufacturing 92
269 0122013C90900903 KADIM Manufacturing 136
270 0122013C90900435 KAELANI Manufacturing 140
271 0122013C90900690 KAMARUDDIN Manufacturing 108
272 0122013C90900112 KANTUN MUDI Manufacturing 132
273 0122013C90900302 KARNASAH B CARSONO Manufacturing 116
274 0122013C90900756 KARNIDI Manufacturing 104
275 0122013C90900340 KARSONO Manufacturing 144
276 0122013C90900076 KARTONO Manufacturing 92
277 0122013C90900089 KARYADI Manufacturing 88
278 0122013C90900578 KASITO Manufacturing 112
279 0122013C90900004 KATENO Manufacturing 112
280 0122013C90900810 KHAERUL SOLEH Manufacturing 92
281 0122013C90900940 KHAIRIL Manufacturing 144
282 0122013C90900248 KHALIDI Manufacturing 100
283 0122013C90900740 KHARISUN Manufacturing 108
284 0122013C90900396 KHOTIB MUADZIN Manufacturing 96
285 0122013C90900820 KHUSNI TAMRIN Manufacturing 132
286 0122013C90900186 KIRMANTO Manufacturing 116
287 0122013C90900626 KOMARUDI Manufacturing 136
288 0122013C90900327 KRISNO HERY SUSILO Manufacturing 104
289 0122013C90900333 KUAT WIDIHARTONO Manufacturing 88
290 0122013C90900877 KUSNANDAR Manufacturing 112
291 0122013C90900856 KUSNO Manufacturing 136
292 0122013C90900502 KUSPENDI Manufacturing 148
293 0122013C90900752 KUSWANTO Manufacturing 132
294 0122013C90900946 LALA SRI GUNALAN Manufacturing 136
295 0122013C90900951 LALU HUZRIN Manufacturing 104
296 0122013C90900714 LALU WIRAHMAN Manufacturing 104
297 0122013C90900689 LENDY NOVEL SERVIUS TAMBUWUN Manufacturing 156
298 0122013C90900671 LESTIAWAN Manufacturing 108
299 0122013C90900675 LUTHER BENHARD Manufacturing 100
300 0122013C90900306 MAHBUB AL JUFRI Manufacturing 136
301 0122013C90900663 MAHFUT ABANDI Manufacturing 104
302 0122013C90900446 MAHMUD Manufacturing 108
303 0122013C90900530 MAHMUD SAIFUL MUKMININ Manufacturing 136
304 0122013C90900127 MAHSUN AHMAD Manufacturing 96
305 0122013C90900237 MAKRONI Manufacturing 132
306 0122013C90900539 MALIK JOKO Manufacturing 116
307 0122013C90900764 MAMAN SALMAN Manufacturing 100
308 0122013C90900847 MARIYANTO Manufacturing 124
309 0122013C90900621 MARJOKO Manufacturing 104
310 0122013C90900934 MARKONI Manufacturing 156
311 0122013C90900256 MARKUS SETIYAWAN Manufacturing 116
312 0122013C90900787 MARTA JAYA Manufacturing 112
313 0122013C90900748 MARYONO Manufacturing 108
314 0122013C90900225 MARYOTO Manufacturing 128
315 0122013C90900451 MASNAN SUKARI Manufacturing 108
316 0122013C90900593 MASUD Manufacturing 96
317 0122013C90900853 MASYHURI Manufacturing 108
318 0122013C90900389 MAWAN HADI SAPUTRA Manufacturing 124
319 0122013C90900103 MESTOKHIBUR AGUS Manufacturing 88
320 0122013C90900579 MICHAEL FANSI TAKALIUANG Manufacturing 100
321 0122013C90900610 MIFTAHUDIN Manufacturing 120
322 0122013C90900564 MIFTAKHUL KHOIR Manufacturing 172
323 0122013C90900191 MIJAN Manufacturing 112
324 0122013C90900168 MOCH AZIS BAIHAQI Manufacturing 120
325 0122013C90900325 MOCH SOTIK SANJAYA Manufacturing 92
326 0122013C90900115 MOH ILYAS Manufacturing 144
327 0122013C90900833 MOHAMAD ALI LUKMAN SANTOSO Manufacturing 128
328 0122013C90900763 MOHAMAD DERMAWAN Manufacturing 136
329 0122013C90900562 MOHAMAD DWI YULIANTO Manufacturing 112
330 0122013C90900699 MOHAMAD HASIM FAWAID Manufacturing 176
331 0122013C90900647 MOKHAMAD ROMDON Manufacturing 116
332 0122013C90900393 MUDIN Manufacturing 152
333 0122013C90900559 MUH MUKHID Manufacturing 120
334 0122013C90900064 MUH NURROKHIM Manufacturing 132
335 0122013C90900010 MUHADI Manufacturing 116
336 0122013C90900262 MUHAEMIN Manufacturing 132
337 0122013C90900243 MUHAMAD ARIF HIDAYATULLAH Manufacturing 108
338 0122013C90900290 MUHAMAD ROSYID Manufacturing 108
339 0122013C90900889 MUHAMAD SAEKHONI Manufacturing 128
340 0122013C90900426 MUHAMMAD ALI Manufacturing 116
341 0122013C90900520 MUHAMMAD AZIZ MASUM Manufacturing 124
342 0122013C90900311 MUHAMMAD MAHDUM Manufacturing 100
343 0122013C90900172 MUHAMMAD MASJID Manufacturing 116
344 0122013C90900918 MUHAMMAD RUSLAN Manufacturing 88
345 0122013C90900184 MUHAMMAD SAFOWAN Manufacturing 96
346 0122013C90900639 MUHAMMAD YASIR Manufacturing 108
347 0122013C90900011 MUHSININ KHOLID Manufacturing 108
348 0122013C90900875 MUJAHIDIN Manufacturing 152
349 0122013C90900507 MUKADAM Manufacturing 92
350 0122013C90900205 MUKAMAT WAKIT Manufacturing 128
351 0122013C90900745 MUKHAMAD IKHSANUDIN Manufacturing 144
352 0122013C90900522 MUKHAMAD MUJIONO Manufacturing 108
353 0122013C90900141 MUKHOYIN NUR KOLIS Manufacturing 96
354 0122013C90900391 MULAN SUTARDI Manufacturing 160
355 0122013C90900735 MULYADI ENDI Manufacturing 116
356 0122013C90900122 MULYANA Manufacturing 124
357 0122013C90900652 MULYANTO ZAINI Manufacturing 112
358 0122013C90900160 MULYONO Manufacturing 96
359 0122013C90900091 MULYONO Manufacturing 140
360 0122013C90900404 MULYONO Manufacturing 108
361 0122013C90900479 MUNAJI Manufacturing 88
362 0122013C90900065 MUNAWAR ZAINI Manufacturing 124
363 0122013C90900757 MUNIB Manufacturing 96
364 0122013C90900684 MUSA KEKUNG Manufacturing 120
365 0122013C90900444 MUSABIQUL KHOIRI Manufacturing 104
366 0122013C90900319 MUSHAWIR FAJRI Manufacturing 132
367 0122013C90900835 MUSLIKHIN Manufacturing 136
368 0122013C90900345 MUSTADI Manufacturing 120
369 0122013C90900406 MUSTAIN Manufacturing 108
370 0122013C90900726 MUSTAKIM Manufacturing 96
371 0122013C90900169 MUSTHAFA Manufacturing 88
372 0122013C90900923 MUSTOFA SUKAWI Manufacturing 136
373 0122013C90900633 MUTHOIN Manufacturing 152
374 0122013C90900592 NANANG HUNAEFI Manufacturing 120
375 0122013C90900166 NANANG RAHARJO Manufacturing 160
376 0122013C90900638 NANANG SUDARTO BIN CARIMA Manufacturing 112
377 0122013C90900632 NARYANTO Manufacturing 132
378 0122013C90900614 NASIRUDIN Manufacturing 104
379 0122013C90900043 NEBRI CAHYONO Manufacturing 112
380 0122013C90900181 NGISOMUDIN Manufacturing 100
381 0122013C90900806 NIPAN Manufacturing 88
382 0122013C90900779 NUR AMIN Manufacturing 108
383 0122013C90900488 NUR CAHYA NASRUL ABDI Manufacturing 144
384 0122013C90900022 NUR KOMAR Manufacturing 104
385 0122013C90900581 NUR PRIYANTO Manufacturing 120
386 0122013C90900335 NUR SUYUTI Manufacturing 92
387 0122013C90900001 NURDIATMO Manufacturing 92
388 0122013C90900478 NURDIYO Manufacturing 116
389 0122013C90900947 NURHAKIM Manufacturing 96
390 0122013C90900090 NURJALI DAIM Manufacturing 88
391 0122013C90900152 NURUL AZHAR FAUZI Manufacturing 104
392 0122013C90900857 NURYADI Manufacturing 96
393 0122013C90900250 NURYANTO Manufacturing 108
394 0122013C90900047 OEM Manufacturing 100
395 0122013C90900430 OMING Manufacturing 112
396 0122013C90900019 ORLANDO DIKNO DONI Manufacturing 96
397 0122013C90900849 PALIT DONA ROYKE Manufacturing 108
398 0122013C90900772 PARNO Manufacturing 96
399 0122013C90900202 PARYANTO Manufacturing 108
400 0122013C90900242 PARYONO Manufacturing 96



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