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Lampiran 1: Pengumuman Pembagian Sertifikat Ujian EPS-TOPIK CBT ke 5 Tahun 2013


No  PKNo Nama TKI Tanggal Lahir Lokasi Pengambilan
1 0122013C91200216 AAS SURYA ASMARA 1983-08-29 BP3TKI BANDUNG
2 0122013C91200168 ABDUL KHUSEN 1984-10-16 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
3 0122013C91200563 ABDUL ROHMAN 1988-01-15 BP3TKI BANDUNG
4 0122013C91200743 ABDUL SALAM LAROSI 1980-05-03 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
5 0122013C91200436 ABDULLAH 1984-05-18 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
6 0122013C91200601 ACHMAD SUPRIYADI 1988-01-14 BP3TKI BANDUNG
7 0122013C91200458 ACHSAN MUHAIMIN ARIF 1988-02-05 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
8 0122013C91200549 ADAM MISLAH 1977-01-05 BP3TKI BANDUNG
9 0122013C91200342 ADE ONO CAHYONO 1986-02-11 BP3TKI BANDUNG
10 0122013C91200459 ADIB MUSTOFA 1987-06-17 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
11 0122013C91200360 AGUNG HERMAWAN 1979-03-14 BP3TKI BANDUNG
12 0122013C91200422 AGUS DIANTO 1982-02-04 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
13 0122013C91200294 AGUS HARIYANTO 1980-10-27 BP3TKI SEMARANG
14 0122013C91200223 AGUS KRISTIYONO 1980-05-16 BP3TKI SEMARANG
15 0122013C91200248 AGUS MUKIBAT 1978-08-02 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
16 0122013C91200441 AGUS PARIMIN 1985-06-09 BP3TKI SEMARANG
17 0122013C91200014 AGUS PURWANTO 1978-05-29 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
18 0122013C91200807 AGUS SUBANDIONO 1974-07-07 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
19 0122013C91200663 AGUS SUGITO 1986-09-25 BP3TKI SEMARANG
20 0122013C91200859 AHMAD HABIBI 1980-02-08 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
21 0122013C91200061 AHMAD PENDIK 1981-10-30 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
22 0122013C91200476 AHMADI 1977-03-06 BP3TKI SEMARANG
23 0122013C91200854 AHMAT RAMDHONI 1984-05-15 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
24 0122013C91200056 AJAT SUDRAJAT 1985-10-03 BP3TKI BANDUNG
25 0122013C91200605 ALI MUCHSON 1975-06-19 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
26 0122013C91200460 ALI MUHTAR 1984-06-16 BP3TKI SEMARANG
27 0122013C91200789 ALI SAMSUDIN 1978-01-17 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
28 0122013C91200722 AMIN RUSLI 1982-04-25 BP3TKI SEMARANG
29 0122013C91200220 AMRAN ZAINAL 1974-06-11 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
30 0122013C91200738 AMRUDIN 1977-09-15 BP3TKI BANDUNG
31 0122013C91200669 ANANG YUNIANTO 1978-06-22 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
32 0122013C91200513 ANDI BUDI SANTOSO 1989-05-19 LP3TKI LAMPUNG
33 0122013C91200278 ANDI MARWANTO 1981-06-05 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
34 0122013C91200156 ANDI PRIYONO 1981-04-29 BP3TKI SEMARANG
35 0122013C91200659 ANDI SISYANTO PRAKOSO 1985-03-18 BP3TKI SEMARANG
36 0122013C91200212 ANJAS SUTIAWAN 1982-04-14 BP3TKI BANDUNG
37 0122013C91200280 ANSAR 1980-07-20 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
38 0122013C91200587 ANTON MARYANTO 1983-03-04 BP3TKI SEMARANG
39 0122013C91200757 APRI WIDIYOSARI RASIN 1982-04-15 BP3TKI SEMARANG
40 0122013C91200730 ARDIANTO WIJAYA K 1989-01-25 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
41 0122013C91200579 ARI NURIANTO 1978-12-24 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
42 0122013C91200765 ARI PRIBADI 1988-10-28 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
43 0122013C91200210 ARI SEPIYUNANDA 1986-09-11 LP3TKI LAMPUNG
44 0122013C91200576 ARIF ARIANTO 1983-06-11 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
45 0122013C91200816 ARIF DIDIK SETIAWAN 1980-12-28 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
46 0122013C91200783 ARIF PRASETIYA 1986-09-25 BP3TKI SEMARANG
47 0122013C91200545 ARIG PRASETYO 1989-05-16 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
48 0122013C91200149 ARIS JULIAN HADI 1989-07-20 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
49 0122013C91200413 ARIS SUGIARTO 1985-06-02 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
50 0122013C91200638 ARIS SUTANTO 1981-11-26 BP3TKI SEMARANG
51 0122013C91200690 ARIS WIBOWO 1988-05-29 BP3TKI SEMARANG
52 0122013C91200214 ARISAL 1987-03-27 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
53 0122013C91200325 ARIYADI 1986-03-28 BP3TKI SEMARANG
54 0122013C91200751 ARJUNA 1979-08-05 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
55 0122013C91200235 ASEP ANDIANA 1986-05-15 BP3TKI BANDUNG
56 0122013C91200665 ASIM 1980-02-08 BP3TKI BANDUNG
57 0122013C91200706 ASRI LATIF 1983-10-13 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
58 0122013C91200179 ASROFI 1982-02-12 BP3TKI SEMARANG
59 0122013C91200409 BACHTIAR SUNARTO 1980-02-13 BP3TKI SEMARANG
60 0122013C91200443 BADRI 1981-05-09 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
61 0122013C91200273 BAHRUDIN 1985-01-26 BP3TKI CIRACAS
62 0122013C91200494 BAMBANG SANTONO 1987-12-23 BP3TKI SEMARANG
63 0122013C91200003 BAMBANG SUBARJO 1983-06-16 BP3TKI SEMARANG
64 0122013C91200321 BANDIANTO 1981-11-15 BP3TKI SEMARANG
65 0122013C91200608 BASTAMAN 1982-08-01 BP3TKI BANDUNG
66 0122013C91200274 BETI UTOMO 1988-01-23 BP3TKI SEMARANG
67 0122013C91200624 BUDI PRIYONO 1983-01-07 BP3TKI SEMARANG
68 0122013C91200635 BUDI PURNOMO 1987-04-14 BP3TKI SEMARANG
69 0122013C91200165 BUDI RISWANTO 1987-06-24 BP3TKI SEMARANG
70 0122013C91200028 BUDI SATRIA AGUNG 1985-09-22 BP3TKI BANDUNG
71 0122013C91200023 BUDI UTOMO 1986-09-11 BP3TKI SEMARANG
72 0122013C91200833 BUDIONO 1976-02-04 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
73 0122013C91200193 BUDIYONO 1982-03-15 BP3TKI SEMARANG
74 0122013C91200370 BURHAN 1988-03-03 BP3TKI BANDUNG
75 0122013C91200763 CAHYO UTOMO 1987-09-23 BP3TKI SEMARANG
76 0122013C91200686 CAHYONO 1977-04-03 BP3TKI BANDUNG
77 0122013C91200208 CARYONO 1987-10-06 BP3TKI BANDUNG
78 0122013C91200285 CASTIWAN 1979-05-27 BP3TKI BANDUNG
79 0122013C91200091 CHALIMI 1982-11-05 BP3TKI SEMARANG
80 0122013C91200632 CHOIRUR ROZIKIN 1980-07-01 BP3TKI SEMARANG
81 0122013C91200348 CICIP SUSANTO 1984-02-22 BP3TKI SEMARANG
82 0122013C91200778 DANIEL EVRATA 1985-11-14 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
83 0122013C91200592 DARMINTO 1984-06-04 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
84 0122013C91200355 DARSONO TARUNA JUNAERI 1977-03-02 BP3TKI BANDUNG
85 0122013C91200537 DARWIS HASRA 1984-10-06 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
86 0122013C91200455 DARYONO 1978-03-15 BP3TKI SEMARANG
87 0122013C91200600 DASJA 1987-04-14 BP3TKI BANDUNG
88 0122013C91200709 DEDE CUNANDAR 1988-01-19 BP3TKI SEMARANG
89 0122013C91200395 DEDE SUHERMAN 1977-07-14 BP3TKI BANDUNG
90 0122013C91200569 DEDE SULAEMAN 1985-03-29 BP3TKI BANDUNG
91 0122013C91200867 DEDEN RIVA SALEH 1987-11-09 BP3TKI BANDUNG
92 0122013C91200420 DEDI HARTONO 1980-07-28 BP3TKI BANDUNG
93 0122013C91200116 DEGA SANTOSO 1985-06-17 BP3TKI SEMARANG
94 0122013C91200560 DELELLYS MAHARANI 1986-09-22 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
95 0122013C91200609 DENNY SETIAWAN 1983-02-10 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
96 0122013C91200748 DENY CHRISPRIYONO 1978-09-20 BP3TKI SEMARANG
97 0122013C91200776 DENY DWY ADRIYANTO 1976-07-14 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
98 0122013C91200652 DHEDY NUR CAHYO 1980-12-23 BP3TKI SEMARANG
99 0122013C91200756 DIAN ARIFIANTO 1978-04-19 BP3TKI SEMARANG
100 0122013C91200568 DIAN UDI FINDARSENO 1982-01-31 BP3TKI SEMARANG
101 0122013C91200292 DIDIK MULYONO 1986-08-06 BP3TKI SEMARANG
102 0122013C91200862 DIYAN SUPRANATA 1989-02-14 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
103 0122013C91200630 DODI EPRI SUPRIADI 1982-04-18 BP3TKI BANDUNG
104 0122013C91200073 DODI PONCO YOGO 1985-01-28 BP3TKI SEMARANG
105 0122013C91200071 DODO 1988-07-16 BP3TKI BANDUNG
106 0122013C91200399 DONI DIAN ABADI 1989-04-27 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
107 0122013C91200772 DONIE SOFIEYANTO 1988-07-04 BP3TKI SEMARANG
108 0122013C91200393 DUL HASAN 1976-10-09 BP3TKI BANDUNG
109 0122013C91200829 DWI HARI SANTOSO 1987-12-21 BP3TKI SEMARANG
110 0122013C91200086 DWI IRWAN NURCAHYO 1984-03-25 BP3TKI SEMARANG
111 0122013C91200400 DWI YUNANTO 1988-06-21 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
112 0122013C91200287 EDI 1980-06-13 BP3TKI SEMARANG
113 0122013C91200298 EDI GUNAWAN 1983-07-16 LP3TKI LAMPUNG
114 0122013C91200359 EDI KUSTASA 1983-04-09 BP3TKI BANDUNG
115 0122013C91200561 EDI MAULANA 1984-01-10 BP3TKI BANDUNG
116 0122013C91200612 EDI PRIO UTOMO 1981-04-30 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
117 0122013C91200710 EDI PURNOMO 1981-11-02 BP3TKI SEMARANG
118 0122013C91200520 EDI SUSANTO 1980-09-20 BP3TKI SEMARANG
119 0122013C91200423 EDI SUTARTO 1979-10-11 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
120 0122013C91200768 EDIK PRIYO UTOMO 1982-05-30 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
121 0122013C91200522 EDY SUSANTO 1980-01-03 BP3TKI SEMARANG
122 0122013C91200801 EKA SAPTYANTO NUGROHO 1982-09-07 BP3TKI BANJARBARU
123 0122013C91200740 EKO SANTOSO 1977-06-07 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
124 0122013C91200390 EKO SUMARMI 1985-05-05 BP3TKI SEMARANG
125 0122013C91200742 ELFI 1978-12-31 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
126 0122013C91200533 EMUL MULYADI 1988-03-08 BP3TKI BANDUNG
127 0122013C91200553 ENDA 1976-10-24 BP3TKI BANDUNG
128 0122013C91200090 ENDANG KINASIH SIHAP 1984-08-10 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
129 0122013C91200670 ENDANG UMAR 1987-02-02 BP3TKI BANDUNG
130 0122013C91200302 ENDIN ZAENAL ABIDIN 1985-05-14 BP3TKI BANDUNG
131 0122013C91200222 ENDRIK WIDIANTO 1980-12-27 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
132 0122013C91200746 ERI RUDIANTO 1979-03-26 BP3TKI SEMARANG
133 0122013C91200053 ERWIN SUSANTO 1988-05-05 BP3TKI SEMARANG
134 0122013C91200128 ETIK KUSMININGRUM 1981-10-06 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
135 0122013C91200732 FAJAR ARDHI LEVIANTO 1982-11-07 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
136 0122013C91200315 FAJAR WAHYU ROSADI 1986-03-17 BP3TKI BANDUNG
137 0122013C91200785 FAJRIRUDIN 1981-07-03 BP3TKI SEMARANG
138 0122013C91200378 FATKHUR ROHIM 1989-07-26 BP3TKI SEMARANG
139 0122013C91200100 FERI KOSWARA 1988-02-17 BP3TKI BANDUNG
140 0122013C91200204 FIFIN AHMAD WAHYUDI 1988-08-18 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
141 0122013C91200534 FIRDAUS 1989-02-23 BP3TKI SEMARANG
142 0122013C91200144 FITRIA AFRIYANI 1989-04-04 BP3TKI BANDUNG
143 0122013C91200575 GIN GIN SUGINDA 1983-05-25 BP3TKI BANDUNG
144 0122013C91200787 GIYANTO 1986-05-19 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
145 0122013C91200379 GIYATNO 1986-06-09 BP3TKI SEMARANG
146 0122013C91200694 GUNAWAN 1979-03-26 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
147 0122013C91200810 HADI ICHWAN 1986-03-27 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
148 0122013C91200741 HADI PURNOMO 1986-02-19 LP3TKI LAMPUNG
149 0122013C91200796 HAJID 1984-08-17 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
150 0122013C91200195 HAPIT NUGROHO 1975-12-21 BP3TKI SEMARANG
151 0122013C91200371 HARDI 1982-09-22 BP3TKI SEMARANG
152 0122013C91200354 HARY CAHYO 1989-08-15 BP3TKI SEMARANG
154 0122013C91200217 HARYONO 1984-11-15 BP3TKI SEMARANG
155 0122013C91200375 HASBI 1982-07-07 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
156 0122013C91200249 HASRAN HAMID 1987-05-02 BP3TKI NUNUKAN
157 0122013C91200602 HASYIM ADNAN 1985-06-11 BP3TKI BANDUNG
158 0122013C91200051 HENDI SUGANDI 1976-03-15 BP3TKI BANDUNG
159 0122013C91200332 HENDI YATMOKO 1983-06-29 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
160 0122013C91200517 HENDRO FERDIANSYAH 1980-08-03 BP3TKI SEMARANG
161 0122013C91200640 HERI KURNIAWAN 1981-02-12 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
162 0122013C91200034 HERIYANTO 1989-07-11 BP3TKI SEMARANG
163 0122013C91200855 HERMAWAN TJARIM 1974-10-22 BP3TKI BANDUNG
164 0122013C91200528 HERU PRASUTIAWAN 1980-07-21 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
165 0122013C91200449 HERU SUSANTO 1983-07-29 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
166 0122013C91200736 HERU SUSANTO 1987-11-12 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
167 0122013C91200181 HISAM DASA 1983-05-20 BP3TKI BANDUNG
168 0122013C91200260 IKHSAN 1982-09-08 BP3TKI SEMARANG
169 0122013C91200175 IKHYADI 1981-10-11 BP3TKI BANDUNG
170 0122013C91200134 IMAM MURA 1979-04-22 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
171 0122013C91200644 IMAM SAFI I 1978-01-01 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
172 0122013C91200263 IMANG RISMAWAN 1983-08-21 BP3TKI BANDUNG
173 0122013C91200762 IMRON MAHMUDI 1975-01-12 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
174 0122013C91200389 IMRON ROSYADI 1977-12-30 BP3TKI BANDUNG
175 0122013C91200415 INDRA SISMIYANTO 1984-04-16 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
176 0122013C91200087 IRAWANTO 1984-11-04 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
177 0122013C91200482 IRFAN LATIF 1976-11-08 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
178 0122013C91200440 IRWAN SANGAN 1988-03-11 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
179 0122013C91200037 ISMULYADI 1984-12-06 BP3TKI BANDUNG
180 0122013C91200381 JAIS WAHYUDI 1986-03-27 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
181 0122013C91200755 JAMALUDDIN 1982-09-19 BP3TKI MAKASSAR
182 0122013C91200117 JAMHURI 1983-03-25 BP3TKI SEMARANG
183 0122013C91200146 JARI KUSUMA 1984-09-15 BP3TKI BANDUNG
184 0122013C91200562 JASRONI BIN RASMADI 1980-06-15 BP3TKI BANDUNG
185 0122013C91200201 JEKI SUGIYANTO 1983-04-15 BP3TKI BANDUNG
186 0122013C91200183 JENIAR TANTO HARNAKO 1988-05-30 BP3TKI SEMARANG
187 0122013C91200166 JERBIYANTO 1982-08-15 BP3TKI SEMARANG
188 0122013C91200019 JOHAN FAELANI 1985-09-13 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
189 0122013C91200299 JOHAN PRASETYO 1989-01-29 BP3TKI SEMARANG
190 0122013C91200526 JOKO SETIYONO 1978-03-08 BP3TKI SEMARANG
191 0122013C91200414 JOKO SUTRISNO 1985-01-06 BP3TKI YOGYAKARTA
192 0122013C91200467 JOKO WITOYO 1988-06-20 BP3TKI SEMARANG
193 0122013C91200444 JONO 1979-05-15 BP3TKI BANDUNG
194 0122013C91200696 JULIANTONO 1980-01-20 UPTP3TKI SURABAYA
195 0122013C91200027 JUMAEDI 1984-03-02 BP3TKI SEMARANG
196 0122013C91200133 JUNANDA 1981-04-06 BP3TKI BANDUNG
197 0122013C91200679 JUWAIDIN USMAN 1974-06-29 BP3TKI MATARAM
198 0122013C91200677 KACAH ETI MULYAWATI 1978-05-15 BP3TKI BANDUNG
199 0122013C91200492 KADMARIH SUBAGJA 1986-04-16 BP3TKI BANDUNG
200 0122013C91200271 KAHARTO 1983-04-12 BP3TKI BANDUNG



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