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Lampiran 1: Lulus Ujian Khusus EPS-TOPIK CBT ke-1 Tahun 2014 Pengumuman Nomor : Peng.146/PEN-PPP/IV/2014


No PKNo RG no Name Industry
1 0122014C90200002 90200002 DARKO SUSILO Manufacturing
2 0122014C90200004 90200004 YOGI ARIADI Manufacturing
3 0122014C90200005 90200005 EKO WAHYUDI Manufacturing
4 0122014C90200007 90200007 HARIYONO Manufacturing
5 0122014C90200010 90200010 OPI DIANA ASTUTI Manufacturing
6 0122014C90200022 90200022 YASELAN Manufacturing
7 0122014C90200028 90200028 YURIANTO Manufacturing
8 0122014C90200029 90200029 EKO PRIYANTO Manufacturing
9 0122014C90200030 90200030 SUWARNO Manufacturing
10 0122014C90200034 90200034 YUNI KHOEROH Manufacturing
11 0122014C90200040 90200040 DULKONI Manufacturing
12 0122014C90200046 90200046 KUSNADI Manufacturing
13 0122014C90200048 90200048 DERI ISKANDAR Manufacturing
14 0122014C90200052 90200052 ACHMAD ZAINI Manufacturing
15 0122014C90200057 90200057 NANANG MUALIM Manufacturing
16 0122014C90200068 90200068 EDI IRWANTO Manufacturing
17 0122014C90200071 90200071 KUSPRIYANTO Manufacturing
18 0122014C90200074 90200074 WAHYUDI Manufacturing
19 0122014C90200082 90200082 ISRON PAMUJI Manufacturing
20 0122014C90200083 90200083 KUSNADI Manufacturing
21 0122014C90200091 90200091 LINDA PURWANTI Manufacturing
22 0122014C90200093 90200093 ADE LIA Manufacturing
23 0122014C90200106 90200106 SUMAWATI TJU Manufacturing
24 0122014C90200115 90200115 DRIYAN RIYANI Manufacturing
25 0122014C90200118 90200118 YURO AHIMSA SADLY Manufacturing
26 0122014C90200120 90200120 YUNIA FITRI Manufacturing
27 0122014C90200133 90200133 HAERUL KAMAL Manufacturing
28 0122014C90200137 90200137 FEBRI EKO NOVANDA Manufacturing
29 0122014C90200138 90200138 ALLY BUWONO Manufacturing
30 0122014C90200142 90200142 ALI WARSITO Manufacturing
31 0122014C90200154 90200154 SIGIT FIRMANSAH Manufacturing
32 0122014C90200163 90200163 DULYONO Manufacturing
33 0122014C90200171 90200171 MULYONO Manufacturing
34 0122014C90200172 90200172 PRIYO NUGROHO Manufacturing
35 0122014C90200178 90200178 AGUN PRIO UTOMO Manufacturing
36 0122014C90200195 90200195 AHMAD TOHADI Manufacturing
37 0122014C90200204 90200204 MIFTAHUL HUDA Manufacturing
38 0122014C90200206 90200206 NURUL IMAN Manufacturing
39 0122014C90200210 90200210 TRI MULYANI Agriculture and Farming of Animals
40 0122014C90200212 90200212 ARIS PERATAMA Manufacturing
41 0122014C90200216 90200216 NANANG MAKMUN Manufacturing
42 0122014C90200217 90200217 YULI ASHARI PUTRA Manufacturing
43 0122014C90200218 90200218 CHAJAT NURZAMAN Manufacturing
44 0122014C90200221 90200221 RUBANGI Manufacturing
45 0122014C90200229 90200229 KHODIR Manufacturing
46 0122014C90200230 90200230 DEDI SETIAWAN Manufacturing
47 0122014C90200231 90200231 SUPARYO Manufacturing
48 0122014C90200232 90200232 ANDREAS WIBISONO Manufacturing
49 0122014C90200243 90200243 KARIH Manufacturing
50 0122014C90200246 90200246 AGUS SUHARIYANTO Manufacturing
51 0122014C90200259 90200259 TARJONO Manufacturing
52 0122014C90200264 90200264 WIJI SISWANTO Manufacturing
53 0122014C90200267 90200267 TARDI Manufacturing
54 0122014C90200268 90200268 DENI Manufacturing
55 0122014C90200275 90200275 EKO SUSANTO Manufacturing
56 0122014C90200279 90200279 NURYANTO Manufacturing
57 0122014C90200283 90200283 MUHAMMAD Manufacturing
58 0122014C90200288 90200288 SUPARDI Manufacturing
59 0122014C90200294 90200294 BARUDIN Manufacturing
60 0122014C90200301 90200301 AHMAD RIFAI Manufacturing
61 0122014C90200303 90200303 SUGIYATNO Manufacturing
62 0122014C90200305 90200305 FACHRUDIN Manufacturing
63 0122014C90200306 90200306 WAHYUDI Manufacturing
64 0122014C90200312 90200312 HARI SUBAGIO Manufacturing
65 0122014C90200314 90200314 HERI WICAKSONO Manufacturing
66 0122014C90200317 90200317 BUDI HERUMAN DULHALIM Manufacturing
67 0122014C90200322 90200322 KUSMANTO Manufacturing
68 0122014C90200323 90200323 AINUR ROFIK Manufacturing
69 0122014C90200325 90200325 SUGENG RIYATNO Manufacturing
70 0122014C90200333 90200333 KARYO SUGIH MUALIF Manufacturing
71 0122014C90200334 90200334 PRIYO DWI TRISTYANTO Manufacturing
72 0122014C90200336 90200336 ACHMAD SUJONI Manufacturing
73 0122014C90200337 90200337 SUGIARTO Manufacturing
74 0122014C90200338 90200338 MISDI WIDARTO Manufacturing
75 0122014C90200341 90200341 SUPARDI Manufacturing
76 0122014C90200342 90200342 DIANA Manufacturing
77 0122014C90200343 90200343 AHMAD ARIFUDIN Manufacturing
78 0122014C90200378 90200378 JOKO WINAHYU Manufacturing
79 0122014C90200381 90200381 DEDI PURWANTO Manufacturing
80 0122014C90200384 90200384 ZUS INDARI Manufacturing
81 0122014C90200385 90200385 BONARI Manufacturing
82 0122014C90200387 90200387 AGUS SUMANTO Manufacturing
83 0122014C90200390 90200390 MAMIEK KURNIAWAN Manufacturing
84 0122014C90200391 90200391 PARLAN Manufacturing
85 0122014C90200394 90200394 AYIS GIARTO Manufacturing
86 0122014C90200408 90200408 MUHAMMAD ALBAR Manufacturing
87 0122014C90200409 90200409 AMIR MAHMUD Manufacturing
88 0122014C90200430 90200430 TUKIMAN Manufacturing
89 0122014C90200432 90200432 TEGUH ABUNATSIR EFENDI Manufacturing
90 0122014C90200435 90200435 ASEP MUHAMMAD FIRDAUS Manufacturing
91 0122014C90200440 90200440 ELI NURBIYANTO Manufacturing
92 0122014C90200450 90200450 HERI MURYANTO Manufacturing
93 0122014C90200468 90200468 MOCHAMAD MUKMIN Manufacturing
94 0122014C90200472 90200472 ARIF BUDIANTO Manufacturing
95 0122014C90200476 90200476 ANWARUDIN Manufacturing
96 0122014C90200477 90200477 ANDIK PURNOMO Manufacturing
97 0122014C90200478 90200478 AAN SUNARYO Manufacturing
98 0122014C90200486 90200486 DIES RIHAN RAHANING RAWI Manufacturing
99 0122014C90200507 90200507 PRAYITNO Manufacturing
100 0122014C90200513 90200513 MESERI Manufacturing
101 0122014C90200514 90200514 AGUS SUSILO Manufacturing
102 0122014C90200516 90200516 TAUFIK ISMANTO Manufacturing
103 0122014C90200544 90200544 JAFAR HAERUDIN Manufacturing
104 0122014C90200552 90200552 KHOIRUDDIN Manufacturing
105 0122014C90200555 90200555 MUHAMAT SLAMET Manufacturing
106 0122014C90200558 90200558 RUSDIYAT SUWITO Manufacturing
107 0122014C90200560 90200560 ERGIYANTO Manufacturing
108 0122014C90200566 90200566 WELLY BASTIAN Manufacturing
109 0122014C90200572 90200572 ARIS RUDIJANTO Manufacturing
110 0122014C90200578 90200578 BINTAR KAHARI Manufacturing
111 0122014C90200581 90200581 ENDY ARIANTO Manufacturing
112 0122014C90200588 90200588 AGUS YULIANTO Manufacturing
113 0122014C90200591 90200591 HERI HERYANTO Manufacturing
114 0122014C90200594 90200594 WAHYUDI Manufacturing
115 0122014C90200595 90200595 DONI INDRA WIRATNO Manufacturing
116 0122014C90200600 90200600 SOKHIDIN Manufacturing
117 0122014C90200601 90200601 YOYO SUWIRYO Manufacturing
118 0122014C90200604 90200604 SANUDIN Manufacturing
119 0122014C90200605 90200605 MOCHAMAD BADRIYANTO Manufacturing
120 0122014C90200612 90200612 NURHADI Manufacturing
121 0122014C90200613 90200613 SENENG Manufacturing
122 0122014C90200626 90200626 AGUS PRASOJO Manufacturing
123 0122014C90200642 90200642 SUSILO MARDIANTO Manufacturing
124 0122014C90200649 90200649 DIAN KUSWOYO Manufacturing
125 0122014C90200650 90200650 EDI SUGIYANTO Manufacturing
126 0122014C90200715 90200715 HERU SANTOSO Manufacturing
127 0122014C90200724 90200724 BUDI UTOMO Manufacturing
128 0122014C90200725 90200725 EDY DWI NURYANTO Manufacturing
129 0122014C90200727 90200727 AGUS RIYADI Manufacturing
130 0122014C90200728 90200728 SUHENDRA DEDIH Manufacturing
131 0122014C90200729 90200729 AGUS SISWANTO Manufacturing
132 0122014C90200735 90200735 INGGIL SUPANJIWA Manufacturing
133 0122014C90200742 90200742 ANANG EKO ADIWIBOWO Manufacturing
134 0122014C90200743 90200743 SUTIYO Manufacturing
135 0122014C90200749 90200749 DARNI Manufacturing
136 0122014C90200751 90200751 KIYANG Manufacturing
137 0122014C90200754 90200754 AHMAD SRI MULYADI Manufacturing
138 0122014C90200755 90200755 MIFTAHUL JANAH Manufacturing
139 0122014C90200760 90200760 EKO WIBOWO Manufacturing
140 0122014C90200763 90200763 RIYADI SHOLIHIN Manufacturing
141 0122014C90200769 90200769 AGUS SUPRIYONO Manufacturing
142 0122014C90200774 90200774 WIDODO Manufacturing
143 0122014C90200776 90200776 SUSILO UTOMO Manufacturing
144 0122014C90200777 90200777 SAMSUL ARIFIN Manufacturing
145 0122014C90200793 90200793 ARIFUDDIN Manufacturing
146 0122014C90200794 90200794 INDI DAWIL MACHNUN Manufacturing
147 0122014C90200796 90200796 SUHARTO Manufacturing
148 0122014C90200798 90200798 RAHMAT HIDAYAT Manufacturing
149 0122014C90200799 90200799 HERI SANTOSO Manufacturing
150 0122014C90200806 90200806 YUNIARTI Manufacturing
151 0122014C90200813 90200813 JACKSON THEOVIEL MERENTEK Manufacturing
152 0122014C90200817 90200817 UNTUNG HALIM TJUNG Manufacturing
153 0122014C90200839 90200839 SUKIRNO Manufacturing
154 0122014C90200840 90200840 INDRA WINARNO Manufacturing
155 0122014C90200841 90200841 DENTY DELVIANUS MEKEL Manufacturing
156 0122014C90200850 90200850 JECKSON Manufacturing
157 0122014C90200853 90200853 SOFYAN HADI MAHMURI Manufacturing
158 0122014C90200855 90200855 IMAM MUTTAQIN Manufacturing
159 0122014C90200857 90200857 ROBI SAPUTRA HALOHO Manufacturing
160 0122014C90200862 90200862 ISMED LUKMAN HARMAWI Manufacturing
161 0122014C90200868 90200868 TONY DWISAMBA ALWIANTO Manufacturing
162 0122014C90200874 90200874 DIAN PUSPITASARI Manufacturing
163 0122014C90200877 90200877 JUJU JUHANA Manufacturing
164 0122014C90200891 90200891 ARFI SUSANTO Manufacturing
165 0122014C90200897 90200897 KHOIRUL TAMAM Manufacturing
166 0122014C90200902 90200902 RONI BAKHTIAR Manufacturing
167 0122014C90200903 90200903 WARISNO Manufacturing
168 0122014C90200909 90200909 DIAR RAHARDYANSYAH Manufacturing
169 0122014C90200917 90200917 YAYANG NUR ALAMSYAH Manufacturing
170 0122014C90200923 90200923 BASIR SIDIK Manufacturing
171 0122014C90200935 90200935 RIYADI Fishing



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